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What would you like me to add into the game?

  1. More NPCs!

  2. More Items!

  3. More Potions!

  4. Add some furniture/Crafting stations

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    Discord Invite:

    What does this mod add to Terraria?
    -500+ New items
    -30+ New NPCs and banners to collect
    -2 Pre-Hardmode Bosses, 7 Hardmode Bosses, 2 post Moonlord Bosses
    -4 Mini bosses
    -3 New town NPCs
    -1 New event
    -An interactive boss checklist (only supports vanilla and Elements Awoken currently)
    -Lots more content coming!

    Official Trailer:

    This forum doesn't include all content in the mod and some content may be changed or removed

    Tier 1- Desert
    Desert Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the desert after the EoC has been defeated
    (From left to right and top to bottom)
    Solitary Storm- Sword that shoots a sand tornado
    Desert Blaster- A basic gun
    Sandstorm Tome- Rains sand from the sky
    Staff of the Sandstorm- Summons a baby sandstorm
    Desert Trailers- Upgrade of the lightning boots (NOT FROSTSPARK)
    Pendant of The Desert- +20% Movement speed and melee speed
    Shield of the Desert- Eye of Cthulhu shield dash and immunity to knockback
    The Grit- Desert yoyo
    Sand Sprayer- Desert themed flamethrower
    Sandstorm Stone- Summons a sandstorm
    Sandball- Sand equivalent of snowball
    Tier 2- Fire
    Fire Essence is randomly dropped from hell after Skeletron has been defeated
    (From left to right and top to bottom)
    Blazing Trisword- Shoots 3 exploding fire beams and rains fire from the sky
    Fire Storm- Pre-Hardmode Clockwork Assault Rifle
    Bonfire Pummel- Shoots a fireball that explodes into greek fire
    Fire Minion Staff- Summons a fire elemental
    Fire Treads- Desert trailers + Lava Waders
    Band of Inferno- Magma stone and Titan glove effect
    Inferno Bulwark- Immunity to on fire and allows to walk on hot blocks
    Firelash- Fire yoyo (Shoots flamethrower projectiles)
    Dragon's Breath- Intense Flamethrower
    Fire Scythe- Pre-Hardmode Death Sickle
    Fire Knives- Shoots out fire knives that explode into homing projectiles
    Tier 3- Sky
    Sky Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the sky after any mech boss has been defeated
    (From left to right and top to bottom)
    Skyfury- Shoots a 3 cloud blasts and rain comes from the sky
    Featherfall- Shoots out a feather that makes multiple feathers appear above where it hits
    Feather Storm- Fires heaps of feathers
    Happy Little Cloud Staff- Summons a Happy Little Cloud
    Skyline Whirlwind- Fire Treads + Wings
    Sky Charm- A bunch of buffs when your in the sky
    Ward of the Clouds- 10 Defence when in sky, Cloud in a bottle, +50 Wing time
    The Launcher- A yoyo that launches enemies into the sky
    Windfall- Flamethrower for sky
    Token of Time- Changes the time between day and night
    Thors Hammer- Boomerang like weapon
    Skyline Wings- Decent Wings
    Tier 4- Frost
    Frost Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the snow after Plantera has been defeated
    (From left to right and top to bottom)
    Icicle- Ice Sword, shoots 3 icicles, right click to stab and shoot rapid frost rays
    Frost Pulse- Shoots a frost pulse
    Snowflake Staff- Shoots a snowflake that acts like the magic missile
    Snowball Staff- Summons a snowball

    Frost Walkers- Skyline Whirlwind + Ice Skates
    Freeze Ray- Shoots a beam that freezes enemies completely
    Pendant of Frost- When the player is in snow, 5% increased damage

    Frost Shield- 30 increased life, 5 defence, when in snow 30 increased life, 5 defence and +10% damage
    Glacial Blitz- Frost yoyo
    Hailgun- Late game snow cannon
    Snower- Snow flamethrower (if that makes sense)
    Frost Blade- Throws 2 boomerang like weapons
    Tier 5- Water
    Water Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the ocean after Duke Fishron has been defeated
    (From left to right and top to bottom)
    Forever Tide- Arkhalis type weapon
    Watershot- Fires watery projectiles
    True water bolt- Improved water bolt
    Bubble Staff- Summons a bubble
    Aqueous Waders- Water walking boots + Frost Walkers
    Emblem of the Ocean- Can turn the player into a merman, when in water: +20% increased damage, +10 defence
    Great Barrier Reef- Ocean enemies don't attack you, turn into a merman upon entering water
    Aqua Marine- Yoyo that leaves a trail of poisonous water
    Bubble Flood- Fires a heap of bubbles
    Rain Sigil- Summons the rain
    Chakram of the Duke- Water themed chakram
    Bubble Pack- A jetpack that propels you with killer bubbles
    Tier 6- Void
    Void Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the pillar biomes after Moon Lord has been defeated
    (From left to right and top to bottom)
    Holocaust- Shoots 3 homing void blades
    Void Blaster- Rapidly shoots homing bullets
    Void Spirit Staff- Summons a void spirit that hovers above your head
    Infinity Tome- Hex voodoo doll type item
    Boots of the Terrarian- Aqueous Waders + Master Ninja Gear
    Core of the void- 4 Increased life regen, 50% increased damage
    Somber Bulwark- The more defence you have the more life it gives you
    Eye of Annihilation- Void yoyo
    Scourge- Flamethrower
    Healing Icon- When under 300 health, the player is healed rapidly
    Calamity- Fires 2 Exploding chakrams
    Void Wings- Very good post moonlord wings

    Stinger- Shoots a poison ball that inflicts venom and poison
    Pincer- Fires a Scorpian arrow that inflicts venom and poison
    Scorpian Blade- Inflicts venom and poison

    Runs at the player and occasionally jumps at them while shooting bouncing spikey balls and teleports above the player sometimes.

    The Wasteland was once just a mere myth. Not everyone believed in the existence of this creature. However, there are a lot of sightings, increasing every day. The origin of this creature is that a mad scientist mixed the DNA of a mere human with the one from a scorpion. It was a terrifying process. But not everything worked perfectly Through some failures in the DNA mix, it got two tails and this harmless experiment became the creation of a merciless monster. The Wasteland killed the scientist and escaped his base. Now, he resides in the desert, waiting for a foolish adventurer to come around...
    Inferno Vortex- Shoots a fireball that whirls around the player
    Fire Blaster- Shoots a fire bolt that explodes into greek fire on impact
    Flare Sword- Shoots a flaming sword


    3 Stages
    Stage 1- He flys towards the player throwing spikes at the player, teleports around the player

    Stage 2 (5,000 HP)- Flys towards the player throwing spikes at the player, teleports around the player and occasionally stops to shoot fire waves

    Stage 3 (200 HP)- Fire blasts come from the sides, top and bottom of the screen

    Defeating Infernace should be relatively easy if you use the fire knives from the fire elemental set and molten armor.

    "Infernace, once a normal harpy, became a monster after a fatal mistake. One day, he ventured to the underworld, not listening to what him parents said about it. After a lot of trouble, he found it. Infernace just wanted to take a quick look at it and then tell him parents what he did, how brave he was to find the way alone. But what the harpy didn't know is that the death lurked inside. He fought against a molten creature and fell into the lava while doing so. What seemed to be the end of an innocent harpy, became the birth of a flaming monstrosity. The element of fire resided within him, giving him the power to control magma and inferno at will."
    Eye of Regaroth- A magic gauntlet that fires lots of energy orbs
    Starstruck- Shoots an energy arrow that summons 4 orbs to come in onto the hit target
    The SIlencer- Rapidly shoots energy balls, occasionally shooting 3

    Regaroth flys around shooting energy balls at the player and dashing into them, dealing immense damage to the player while also firing portals that explode into 8 energy balls.

    Regaroth, a monstrous worm of energy, is just a combination of swirling energy, forming and manifesting into a unknown creature. Not everyone knows how exactly this creature was been created. Some say, Nimbuses have combined their mighty power to form a merciless creature that would bring terror upon the humans. And others say, that this is just a god-created creature, being dutied to be one of the almighty elements. However, what everyone knows, is that this worm is highly dangerous. It's able to shock multiple people at once to death. Only a brave hero might have the key to defeat this monster.
    Ice Reaver- Rapidly shoots a sticky ice projectile, occasionally shooting 3
    Ice Wand- Teleports the player to the mouse location (OP Rod of Discord) and shoots 8 Ice beams out
    Ice Wrath- Fires an icy arrow

    Permafrost used to be a normal wizard with the power of the frost. He was a very good friend to the other creatures such as slimes and other humans. That was, before a giant darken serpent devoured a great amount of creatures of both ice and purity biomes. The Void Leviathan didn't stop at anything. Permafrost challenged the Void Leviathan, which turned out to be a fatal mistake. He lost one of his arms and retreated, wounded and lost. He was wandering inside the icy caverns, being lonely and having a low chance to survive, as he lost a great amount of blood already. One day, through a mistake, he fell to his death. Yet, a great amount of frozen energy resided within him, as he slowly began to fuse with a dark spirit and the frozen element itself. Permafrost, nothing but a hatred filled spirit of the frozen now, fell into insanity and began to freeze most of the flora and fauna of the Terrarian world.
    Aqueous's Mask (EXPERT)- The player leaves behind a trail of bubbles and has Aqueous's minions to defend the player
    Briny Buster- A double flail that leaves a trail of bubbles
    Bubble Popper- Shoots 2 projectiles that explode into bubbles on hit
    High Tide- Throws 2 chakrams that release bubbles on hit
    The Wave- Releases a wave that does insane knockback
    Ocean's Razor- Fires 3 exploding bolts of water

    3 Stages
    Stage 1- Dashes at the player and fires bolts of water and stops to throw lots of high damaging water knives

    Stage 2 (40,000 HP)- Dashes at the player fast, releasing detonating bubbles in her path and throws homing knives as well as stopping to throw high damaging water knives

    Stage 3 (20,000 HP)- 4 Aqueous minions (30,000 HP) follow you and fire water bolts at you. Dashes even faster then the player and teleports every few seconds and releases detonating bubbles in her path

    Defeating Aqueous will be a hard task at the stage you fight her. It is recommended to use homing weapons like Chlorophyte bullets in her first stage. In her second stage use piercing weapons or high attack speed weapons. In her third stage keep moving around the ocean and try and dodge her dashes as they do lots of damage. The detonating bubbles shouldn't be a problem if you keep moving.

    Aqueous, one of the mightiest warriors of the ocean, used to be a kindhearted and determined woman. She was the most loyal knight to the king of the ocean, Duke Fishron. After the fall of the previous king, Aqueous swore to protect the new king with her life. She was known as the "Knight of the Ocean" by any being in the ocean kingdom. Everyone there knew her and a lot of ocean creatures looked up to her. But things were about to change. There was the rumor that the king suddenly disappeared. She found out why. She found the dead body of her king in the deep. She saw a terrarian from wide away. Aqueous fought this terrarian, but unfortunately, she returned wounded into the ocean kingdom.

    Depressed and saddened by the fact that her king was gone forever, she broke into the shrine of the ocean. A strong mask was hidden in there, which was filled with darkened spirits and the element of water. She took it and used it, transforming her into what she is today. Over time, the throught of revenge drove her mad. She wasn't the kindhearted knight anymore. She wanted revenge and death. Death to the one, who slaughtered her king - you.
    Void Leviathan
    Cosmic Wrath- A javelin
    Blade Of The Night- Launches purple extinction balls and rains swords from the sky
    Endless Abyss Blaster- Fires a Blackhole
    Extinction Bow- Fires 3 Extinction Arrows that do high damage
    Pike Of Eternal Despair- A spear that ignores enemy immunity frames
    Reaperstorm- Rains extinction lasers from the sky
    Void Inferno- A yoyo that shoots Extinction Fire at enemies
    Void Leviathan's Aegis- 50 increased life and mana, Immunity to knockback, When under 25% life, 15 increased defence and 4 increased regen,When under 50% life, 25% increased damage and movement speed
    Amulet of Destruction (EXPERT)- Extinction lasers rain down from the sky Greatly increased life regen when under 20% life Different effects in each of the pillars

    Void Leviathan:
    Stage 1- Charges at the player and breathes void fire. Body releases Barren Souls and Void Probes. Shoots void bolts at you

    Stage 2 (HALF HP)- Speeds up, head does more damage and he takes more damage

    Armour- Normal mode- Any Luminite armour
    Expert mode- Solar armour
    Weapons- Normal mode- Last prism (or anything that is fast and pierces)
    Expert mode- Katagina with luminite bullets
    Accessories- Void Core, luminite emblem (of your choice), Boots of the Terrarian
    Method- Fly near the head (out of range of fire) and shoot the head. Dont stop moving and dash the opposite way when the head is coming.

    The Void Leviathan is a being born in the depths of the void. Many people feared this beast, because of his unnatural and dangerous power. After the death of the Wall of Flesh, some dark spirits entered the Void and fed the being with dark energy. Some say he is the death himself. However, as soon the Moon Lord has been defeated, the Void became unstable, allowing even more Dark Spirits to come through. The Void Leviathan got enough power and broke through the void, taking parts of it and transforming it into even more energy, allowing it to summon probes and other minions to help him feed his eternal wrath against Terraria.
    Scourge Fighter
    Scourge Fighter Laser
    Scourge Fighter Machine Gun
    Scourge Fighter Rocket Launcher
    The Celestial
    Eye Pendant (EXPERT)
    Celestial Inferno
    Eyeball Staff
    Eye of the celestial

    The Celestial, once a spirit created by the ancient celestials, was made to keep the world in balance. It's one of many ancient forces, from which was believed that they would contain a positive power. It was a mixture of them, fused by every power of the celestials - the everflaming fire of the Solar celestial, the striking thunders of the vortex celestial, the intelligent and mind of the nebula celestial and the power to control creatures of the Stardust celestial. It was a nearly perfect creation. However, it was about to change. A mysterious elder god from the moon emerged to cause calamity upon the world. The moon lord, believed to be the brother of the ancient one, absorbed the forces of the celestials and banished them into towers of destruction, their souls getting corrupted. The celestial itself almost fell to the corruption, yet it could escape. But unfortunately, the corruption already resided within it, also corrupting the soul of the remaining celestial, making it go rogue.
    The Eye
    Temple Fragment
    The Ancient Dragon
    Dragon Heart

    The Guardian
    Fiery Core (EXPERT)
    Inferno Storm
    Temples Wrath

    -Silvestre - Amazing sprites that make up most of this mod
    -Ranipla & Genih Wat - Awesome music :)

    -@Burst - Lore for bosses
    -@ASGNeoN - Sandstorm Stone code
    -@Dan Yami - Solar Eruption code

    Support Banners
    If you want to help support Elements Awoken, copy the code into your signature




    Void Leviathan:

    - This mod is 100% free to download and play but donations are greatly appreciated
    - Donation amounts above $5.00 allows the donator a unique item
        - Items include: accessories and weapons
        - Donators may choose the effect/visuals, progression, attack method or accessory effect
    - Donation amounts above $10.00 allows the donator a unique armor set and 2 items
        - Donators may choose the stats, progression and set bonus along with any other info about the armor
    - You may donate multiple times for more than one item but you only get one armor set
    - After the donation, DM me on discord for your item/armors info

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    I could help if still needed (btw you should show pictures of what you have in the mod to keep peoples intrest)
  3. LeeTG3

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    It would be nice to see a few sprites
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  4. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

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    Item sprites should be coming soon! (tomorrow if i have time)
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  5. leqesai

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    Saw your mod on the browser and checked out the description on this page. Looks pretty cool so far.
  6. Smackydafrog

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    No ore, please. Just use an existing ore that is combined with another item to make a new bar.
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  7. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

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    very well, i was trying to decide if i should add another ore but if you a playing a mod pack, by the end of the game there are ores absolutely everywhere
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    sorry for reapeting myself but is there any help needed
  9. nerd50

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    cool mod:)
  10. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

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    Alrighty, anybody who can come up with some cool but reasonable ideas for the following items will get a shoutout in the Thanks To section:
    -Water themed yoyo (what projectile will it shoot)
    -Void Sword
    Any other cool items you can think of :D
  11. nerd50

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    make a discord for the mod
  12. LeeTG3

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    The yoyo could shoot some poisonous water, that turns into normal water when it hits the ground. The void sword sounds like it would just have a bunch of particles coming off it.
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    ill try setting that up after i release the update today (i think it will be today:confused:)
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    alrighty i set up the discord, hopefully it works
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    Where i can find Desert Ashes ?
  16. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

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    after you kill the EoC, go to the desert and kill a bunch of monsters and they should drop them occasionally
  17. GDoctorG

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    Thank u bro.
  18. How are the various ashes obtained?
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    How are the various ashes obtained?
  19. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

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    Desert Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the desert after the eye of cthulu has been defeated
    Fire Ashes are randomly dropped from hell after skeletron has been defeated
    Sky Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the sky after any mech boss has been defeated
    Frost Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the snow after plantera has been defeated
    Water Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the ocean after duke fishron has been defeated
    Void Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the pillar biomes after the moon lord has been defeated

    Ill add these to the descriptions of the elements in case anyone else wants to know
  20. JetSmall

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    seems interesting :) i will be waiting till it gets more content and will play it then (how much is still in work i would like to know like is there bosses that are WIP right now or are there bosses that are done?)