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tModLoader Elements Awoken (WIP)

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Empress of Light
In the meanwhile, please go check out the wiki page or Discord

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What does this mod add to Terraria?
- 900+ new items
- 50+ new monsters and banners to collect
- 13 new bosses
- 3 new mini bosses
- 3 new town NPCs
- 2 new events
- A new mode harder than Expert Mode, introducing the sanity bar
- An interactive boss checklist npc that rewards you for beating bosses
- Unique mechanics and weapons
- A lot of more content coming

Official (Very Old) Trailer:

This forum doesn't include all content in the mod, more content is found on the Wiki page.

Tier 1- Desert
Desert Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the desert after the EoC has been defeated

(From left to right and top to bottom)
Solitary Storm - Sword that shoots a sand tornado
Desert Eagle - A basic gun
Sandstorm Tome - Rains sand from the sky
Staff of the Sandstorm - Summons a baby sandstorm
Desert Trailers - Upgrade of the lightning boots (NOT FROSTSPARK)
Badge of the Desert - +20% Movement speed and melee speed
Shield of the Desert - Eye of Cthulhu shield dash and immunity to knockback. Dashing will cause a sandstorm to shoot out.
The Grit - Desert yoyo
Sand Sprayer - Desert themed flamethrower
Sandstorm Stone - Summons a sandstorm
Sandball - Sand equivalent of snowball
Arid armor - An early pre-hardmode armor with an helmet for each cass. Set bonus allows you to weakly levitate.

Tier 2- Fire
Fire Essence is randomly dropped from hell after Skeletron has been defeated

(From left to right and top to bottom)
Blazing Trisword - Shoots 3 exploding fire beams that summons a smaller projectile on emey hits.
Fire Storm - Pre-Hardmode Clockwork Assault Rifle
Bonfire Pummel - Shoots a fireball that explodes into greek fire
Fire Minion Staff - Summons a fire elemental
Fire Treads - Desert trailers + Lava Waders
Band of Inferno - Magma stone and Titan glove effect
Inferno Bulwark - Immunity to on fire and allows to walk on hot blocks
Firelash - Fire yoyo (Shoots flamethrower projectiles)
Dragon's Breath - Intense Flamethrower
Fire Scythe - Pre-Hardmode Death Sickle
Fire Knives - Shoots out fire knives that explode into homing projectiles
Tier 3- Sky
Sky Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the sky after all mech bosses are defeated

(From left to right and top to bottom)
Skyfury - Shoots a 3 cloud blasts and rain comes from the sky
Featherfall - Shoots out a feather that makes multiple feathers appear above where it hits
Starlight - Fires heaps of feathers
Happy Little Cloud Staff - Summons a Happy Little Cloud
Skyline Whirlwind - Fire Treads + Wings
Badge of the Sky - A bunch of buffs when your in the sky
Ward of the Clouds- 10 defense when in sky, cloud in a bottle effect, increased wing time
The Launcher - A yoyo that launches enemies into the sky
Windfall - Flamethrower for sky
Hourglass of Eternity - Changes the time between day and night
Storm Hammer - Boomerang like weapon
Skyline Wings - Decent Wings
Empyrean armor - A mid-hardmode armor with an helmet for each class. Set bonus causes nimbus clouds to appear around you that rain down raindrops.
Tier 4- Frost
Frost Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the snow after Plantera has been defeated

(From left to right and top to bottom)
Icicle - Ice Sword, shoots 3 icicles, right click to stab and shoot rapid frost rays
Frost Pulse - Shoots a frost pulse
Snowflake Staff - Shoots a snowflake that acts like the magic missile
Snowball Staff - Summons a snowball

Frost Walkers - Skyline Whirlwind + Ice Skates
Freeze Ray - Shoots a beam that freezes enemies completely
Pendant of Frost - When the player is in snow, 5% increased damage
Frost Shield - 30 increased life, 5 defence, when in snow 30 increased life, 5 defence and +10% damage
Glacial Blitz - Frost yoyo
Hailgun - Late game snow cannon
Snower - Snow flamethrower (don't ask us how that works.)
Frost Blade - Throws 2 boomerang like weapons
Tier 5- Water
Water Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the ocean after Duke Fishron has been defeated

(From left to right and top to bottom)
Forever Tide - Arkhalis type weapon
Watershot - Fires watery projectiles
True Water Bolt - Improved water bolt
Bubble Staff - Summons a kamikaze bubble
Aqueous Waders - Water walking boots + Frost Walkers
Emblem of the Ocean - Can turn the player into a merman, when in water: +20% increased damage, +10 defence
Great Barrier Reef - Ocean enemies don't attack you, turn into a merman upon entering water
Aqua Marine - Yoyo that leaves a trail of poisonous water
Bubble Flood - Fires a heap of bubbles
Rain Sigil - Summons the rain
Chakram of the Duke - Water themed chakram
Bubble Pack - A jetpack that propels you with killer bubbles
Tier 6- Void
Void Essence is randomly dropped from creatures in the Dawn of the Void event.

(From left to right and top to bottom)
Holocaust - Shoots 3 homing void blades
Void Blaster - Rapidly shoots homing bullets
Void Spirit Staff - Summons a void spirit that hovers above your head
Infinity Tome - Hex voodoo doll type item
Boots of the Void - Aqueous Waders + Master Ninja Gear
Idol of Darkness - Increased life regen and 25% increased damage.
Somber Bulwark - The more defence you have the more life it gives you
The Eye of Annihilation - Void yoyo that shoots lasers at enemies
Scourge - Flamethrower
Icon of Healing - When under 300 health, the player is healed rapidly
Calamity - Fires 2 Exploding chakrams

Gloomhandler armor - A damage focused armor, set-bonus causes all projectiles to have a chance to heal you slightly.


A desert pre-hardmode boss that is meant to be fought after the Eye of Cthulhu and after obtaining Arid gear.
Wiki page on his behaviour, drops etc

Being the venomous beast she is, Wasteland is the result of an experiment gone terribly wrong. Years ago, the now-deceased scientists performed tests on a special kind of scorpion, able to evolve much faster than the others of their species. The scientists vowed to make a creature so powerful, that it could perform true carnage, a genocide, to say the least. Soon, they started to inject massive amounts of energy into a brown scorpion, which was labeled "Wasteland" by them. The experiment promised good and soon enough, Wasteland grew into a furious beast, heavily evolved and way more resistant than others of it's kind. However, that was soon met with an even bigger backlash, as the energy had taken ahold of her brain and caused her to go insane. All that was heard after Wasteland's ravage was the long faded screams and the sound of bodies being torn apart. With the scientists lying dead on the ground, the creature fled into the desert and since then resides there. Whether she is neutral or not is completely left to the decision of humanity, but she will always stay dormant within her territory, killing these so foolish to enter.

A late pre-hardmode boss that is meant to be fought after Skeletron and after obtaining fire gear.

A fiery pair of father and child, known as Infernace and Furosia, are two demonic individuals serving under the command of the divine manifestation of the underworld, Volcanox. Ancient times ago, Infernace and his wife, a librarian named Cindari, took part in a war between factions, which resulted in Cindari's death at the hands of Pyroxis, one of Infernace's friends, during a raid. Haunted by such depression, he sought death within the lakes the divinity flared in. In a last-ditch effort, the divinity, known as Volcanox, had liberated his well being and had appointed him to monitor and guard the creatures that lived peacefully within the underworld, imbuing the demon with a fraction of the divinity's very own power.

All Cindari left behind was the remnant of her spirit, lingering in the library in which she died and a child named Furosia, which Volcanox had also appointed as a protector of the demonic civilizations living within the depths. Infernace and Furosia would soon aid each other when a buried volcano erupted that took the lives of thousands of creatures and forced thousands more to adapt. It wiped out most of the civilizations, leaving the few survivors mentally broken and hostile to anything that approached them.

Mere weeks afterwards, a dark-hearted void serpent laid waste to the underworld, finally destroying the remnants of the inhabitants. The father and the child helped Volcanox with all they had, though the two were severely injured and had to rest for many months to recover. In the aftermath, many species went extinct while the serpent had battled Volcanox, the ones which survived had been badly scarred, or taken in by the void and turned against their guardians. Severely dimished, though still powerful, Infernace and Furosia continue their duty of guarding the underworld to this day; slaying whatever may invade.

A mid-hardmode boss that meant to be fought after the mech bosses and after obtaining sky gear.

Lightning is a powerful force of nature, capable of destroying whole biomes, or just bringing them into chaos. Thus it is not much of a surprise that many people fear it. Regaroth, considered a manifestation of lightning capable to cause an electric apocalypse, was a matter of thunder during it's creation far up in the skies, created by the waves of power drawn from an entire army of Sky Elementals, empowered by the will of the elemental god, Abraxis with the intention of creating a being guarding the upper atmospheres of the world. It soon had formed into a feathered serpent, the being now known as Regaroth.

It was only mere unfortune that such things couldn't be held forever - for Abraxis had grown insane with his menacing control over the elements. Since then, the guardian had no master, nor cared about one. Eventually, Abraxis' will started to take a toll on Regaroth's mind, driving it out of control. As a result, it started to obliterate anything living with it's sheer power. These lightnings also activated the mechanical forces, biding in wait deep in the dungeon, way earlier than intended, leading them to roam the surface. While it is considered suicide, the only way to let this madness cease is to destroy it's origin...

A late-hardmode boss that is meant to be fought after Plantera and after obtaining at least ice gear and turtle armor.

The frozen depths weren't always as cruel as the human eyes were able to see. Some creatures from the past had considered it their very own utopia, a place to retreat to when the times would get rough. The beings of such place were living in great peace, along with their very own king, Permafrost, a simply unrivaled spirit of the cold. For him, these creatures were his children, his own to raise up, seeing as he was akin to them in his own past. Born from the essence of a thousand ice elementals, he had risen to greater power and ruled over his land kindhearted. Though, within the kindred spirit, there was his own despair residing, the worry of losing everything he worked towards to.

It is only the matter of unfortune, that such worry happens to come true, for a race from the depths of the void had fallen over the tundra, annihilating anything in sight. Permafrost's children were no exception, for they were destroyed within seconds. With all of his might, he tried to repell their attack, insisting to protect what's left, yet it was all for nothing. The damage was done and the spirit's pride has been broken. An internal unholy rage stirred within Permafrost. In his blindness, he absorbed the remaining souls of the void and became corrupt. An arctic wave has fallen upon the world, a call of despair - as a fallen spirit vowed to promise any creature of this world a cold and ruthless death, for his vengeance could never be satisfied.

A late-hardmode boss that is fought after Duke Fishon was been defeated and after obtaining Ocean gear.

Aqueous, truly known for being one of the mightiest warriors the terran ocean has ever seen, is only nothing but a shell of the kindhearted and determined woman she once used to be. Most loyal she was to the crown king of the ocean, the mutant known as Duke Fishron, child of the previous king, whom Aqueous had protected with all of her power, aswell keeping the promise to protect also his successor. A guardian she was, to say the least - the ocean kingdom's inhabitants felt secure under her protection and a wide amount of creatures had looked up to her. A negative fortune it was to find out that the king had disappeared, leaving no trace of himself behind. During her lookout, she found him ceased on the ocean grounds, aswell seeing one of the terrarians escaping the ocean. Blinded by her rage and despair, she tried to attack them, only to find herself return back to the kingdom wounded and lost. Deep, her heart had been broken and in an act of infuration, she had taken her own matters in her hand and took the staff of the previous king - a staff so powerful that it is known for corrupting the soul of the wielder. Despite her cruel transformation into what she is today, the thought of revenge still lasted. She was stripped of her previous self, a kind hearted knight; the thought had driven her mad and there was nothing more important than bringing down death to the one who deserved it the most - his murderer.
Void Leviathan

A post-moon lord boss that is fought after Volcanox has been defeated and after Void gear was obtained.
The Void Leviathan

No breath of life is aware of the true intention of this creature. It is a monstrous giant serpent which originated from the depths of the void, with a name feared across all of Terraria, with some acknowledging it's unnatural and dangerous might. At the very best, the only force capable of opposing the leviathan was the creature of chaos, known for some as Azana. After a seemingly infinite battle, the serpent retreated back into the void, to hibernate and gather power. As the elements began to fall, it had absorbed the remaining everlasting essences and broke through the void, charging at the chaos being once again and yet was once again overwhelmed, but instead of ending the serpent, it had spared it's kind and helped to open the rift into the void, allowing its spirits and inhabitants to roam the world, empowering unknown places and tainting the night to be when the void would most shine.

In return, the serpent gathered immense strength through an ancient moon god, capable of imprisoning the god of the underworld, Volcanox into damnation. But it had acknowledged that to assume the void's control, it would have to slay more than that. It had longed for one last thing to perfect its power - the soul of a powerful, even divine warrior. Causing an endless psychosis over the land, it eventually came to know that an embryo of his origin had been taken into this dimension, gathered by a warrior whose soul might be powerful enough to strengthen the serpent. Now it just lied in wait, for the warrior to make the first step...

Scourge Fighter

A mid-hardmode boss that is fought after the mech bosses have been defeated.
Scourge Fighter

A mechanic, captive in the Dungeon had created the three mechanical instruments of destruction, commonly referred to as The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime and The Twins, and recently, word has spread. A team of martian scientists, after hearing of the destruction caused by those machines, felt a surge of inspiration and tried to replicate and upgrade such a machine, so it could help them in invading the Terrarian lands.

Unlike those mechanical.. 'creatures,' if you could call even call them that, the scientists had treated their project as a top secret super-weapon, dubbed the '064A-SCOURGE" - a machine to lay waste with its insane speed and along with that, quantum warp abilities. Its AI was intentionally made advanced, so to be able to track down enemies easily and leak their locations.

The tests were a success, and it was developed even further, to surpass its current limits. It all resulted in the 064A-SCOURGE, now referred to as the Scourge Fighter, to have been a near perfect machine, with an equally immense strength to match. It was given a base command to 'destroy any threat,' but before any more commands were added, the machine was tested in a building. But the amount of power it exerted, caused enough damage to tear a hole into a nearby wall, big enough for it to escape.

At first the martians thought to capture it, but then quickly decided otherwise, and instead, simply follow what the Scourge Fighter does with only a singular command, and hoped that this one command would be but enough, for them to take over the Terrarian lands.

A late hardmode boss meant to be fought after Golem.

Obsidious was nothing mere but a collector with an obsession with ancient artifacts. Striving through the lands to gather one, he came to realize through rumors that there had to be a mysterious crystal within an ancient, long lost temple in the depths of the underworld. To fill this obsession, he ventured deep down and eventually came to find said temple. Rummaging through the rubble, he found the crystal, covered by a thin layer of obsidian. In a haste, he obtained the crystal and escaped, finding himself immediately attacked by the restless demons of these lands. The collector decided to fight back and seemed to succeed, but such taste of victory did not last, as the demons just kept on coming. Knowing that he might be powerless against them, he tried to flee back to the surface, but failed and after another attack, fell out of balance, with the crystal's obsidian layer crushing off. Knowing he might not survive and in an attempt to spite the demons, he crushed the crystal, so that neither could have it. But it seemed that with crushing the crystal, it had revealed his power. The collector was healed, but had also changed in appearance, taking the one of a gigantic monster build out of obsidian, amalgamating with the crystal as a result. With knowing the tables had turned, the collector - now self proclaimed as "Obsidious", took his revenge and tore down all who dared to attack him. Finally escaping, he travelled across the land, for the crystal had not satisfied him, his hunger for power not stilled. He craved for immense power and just maybe, a core with said power might be enough...

The Guardian, Ancient Wyrm & The Eye

A trio of bosses meant to be fought right away after the Moon Lord has been defeated.
The Temple Keepers
The Guardian

Every flame has its beginning and so does every beginning its end. When the world was first shaped by the divine, one of the very first species known to mankind were the drakons. Once the creation had ceased, they had emerged from the vast depths of this planet, although, were they the first race to grow hostile. Obliteration was brought upon any that had dared to enter what belonged to them, their resources taken to empower their own kind. Thus one had chosen to ascend, becoming their leader and aid, known as The Guardian, an unrivaled beast that had become more than an idol to those that prayed. Sacrifices were brought to it, of little matter what it was - nothing was too sacred to be given to their omnipotent.

Alas, each race had their own battles to fight and so it happened, that they were confronted in a factional war with another race - the lihzahrds. A truly intelligent race indeed, they calculated any possible way of failure beforehand, before it happened. In answer of their failure, they unleashed an energized vessel that promptly absorbed the majority of the Guardian's power, effectively weakening the drakons. Through such pressure, the previous form of their leader had broken into two - a lengthy wyrm, empowered with its destructive nature, and a steady eye, imbued with its mind and voice. The creatures - dubbed as the Temple Keepers - and the remaining subjects, however, weren't able to track, or defy, the large golem nor it's soldiers.

They had retreated back into the depths in the hopes of reforming; with very little hope of their race rising back to power. The least they could do was to wait and pray, that many moons into the future, a powerful being may rise, so powerful that it could erase the golem and free the energy that was rightfully theirs.

A post-moon lord boss meant to be fought after the Dawn of the Void, but before the Void Leviathan.

Volcanox is the primordial manifestation of fire, ash, and magma. Coalesced from the immense thermal energy of the Underworld itself, his power far exceeds any mortal being and is easily comparable to the divine beings that shape the universe of Terraria, some of them even fearing him. He is often referred to as the heart of the Underworld itself, for his power alone retains the heat within the depths. He is responsible for many of the horrors within the underworld, such as the Wall of Flesh, and of course Infernace, his first and arguably most significant creation. His magnanimous contributions to the Underworld sparked an ancient civilization, now left in shambles due to the events that transpired.

On one fateful day, a great ancient being of terror materialized within the dimension of Terraria and the Underworld was torn asunder by its unholy force. Volcanox was forced to take action as the terrible force sought to blot out the heat and life of the Underworld. As the entity known as the Void Leviathan was an incomprehensibly powerful beast which warped reality itself, Volcanox could not take this lightly and he unleashed a superheated force that made Terraria itself quake. The godly entity of the void clashed valorously with Volcanox, but was unsuccessful and was forced to slink out of the Underworld, his conquest attempt failing.

Volcanox did not win the fight with surprising ease. Battered and drained from the demanding force required in battle, he sunk into the core of the Underworld, in a place far hotter than any mortal could survive, not to be trifled with until the defeat of his grand creations, Infernace and the Wall of Flesh. It was only after the defeat after the great lord of the moon that Volcanox sought to crush the Terrarian before they gained too much power and threatened the peace of the Underworld itself.

But he was far too late to act...

A post-moon lord boss that is meant to be fought after the Void Leviathan.

Desperate to find an end to Abraxis's reign over Terraria, a group of scientists led by a woman known as Kadya Durazana switched their efforts into technomancy, in the hopes to find the key to a strength powerful enough to oppose the elemental god. During their research, they had discovered a unique type of particle in the depths of the dark lands, nicknamed "Chaotrons". Such kind of particle was able to discharge seemingly infinite amounts of magical energy when applied with an electrical pulse. Harvesting it, they quickly discovered that it had multiple uses, from healing and travel, to energy and of course weaponry. Acknowledging its potential, they soon were used into creating weaponry able of vaporising even the strongest beings. Kadya, the leader, had bigger plans at hand; a mech suit powered by these particles, equipped with a warp core and seemingly dozens of Chaotron weapons at her disposal, capable of annihilating any and all of her enemies...except one.

Throughout the days of testing, unusual side effects had plagued the scientists - some beginning to act strange, the other falling ill. Despite such backlash, they were working hard through the blooded breath and weakness, determined to manufacture enough firepower against Abraxis. After further testing, one of them dropped dead during their research. After taking a small sample of the writhing flesh, Kadya inspected it under the microscope, facing a rather shocking result - the cells were filled with these particles, demonstrating never seen before properties, almost behaving like a pathogen. With such news at hand, Kadya stashed away all equipment built with this "virus", locking it, with an internal promise to never open it again. But such action was too late. The virus, finally acknowledged as "Chaosporidia" was out there, worse, the host had been chosen.
The Ancients
(they're bigger ingame)
A group of post-moon lord bosses fought after all bosses are defeated. They are the current final bosses of this mod.
The Ancients

Many millenia ago, when Terraria was anew, a curious energy anomaly had borne the Ancients deep underground from elemental crystals through an unholy ritual. Their very beings threatened Terraria when they emerged from the earth, as although they had terrifying combined power already, they suffered an insatiable appetite for power. During their odyssey for power, they confronted an omnipotent primordial being known only as Abraxis, who granted them incomprehensible power, but warned them of using the power against Terraria or there would be most severe consequences. A deal the Ancients could not resist.

The Ancients devised a plan out of Abraxis' sight to destroy Terraria, and unearthed a forbidden ritual that produced a hungering infection that sought to obliterate the universe and all of its life itself, planting the infection into a poor unsuspecting soul. When Abraxis found out not too long later, he was furious, robbing them of their vitality and sealing it away for eternity, its physical form only to come into fruition should several incomprehensibly powerful sources intersect.

The Ancients were left only as mere wisps of consciousness lost among an abyss, and so the wisest of the Ancients, Izaris, formulated a tactical plan. The Ancients crept from their hiding spot and, to avoid the wrath of Abraxis that would inevitably be the fall of them, warped together into the form of a meekly old Terrarian—the Storyteller—and they waited many moons until the young hero arrived. They then used the hero as a tool to slay the great primordial beasts of Terraria, alloting the Ancients each enough combined power to return to their physical forms, and additionally erasing much of the forces they failed to apprehend—and plenty more to eradicate the hero and seal the dark fate of Terraria forever, leaving them as the unquestionable gods of not only Terraria, but the universe itself, for eons until the stars died out and the universe came to a peaceful halt.


A post-moon lord event meant to be fought after, well, the Moon Lord.
Dawn of the Void

A fantasy among the individuals of the terran lands, the void was portrayed as an endless cycle; an infinite shadow of no return. Those, that were unfortunate enough to lose themselves in these cold arms of death, or fell victim to the great, haunting serpent, had masked this monotonous place, shrieking through the emptiness that had taken rule. Many had proposed that such may be forever hidden from the eyes of the terrans, a belief for a simple truth. And yet none of them knew, that they had counted their blessings too early.

As the death serpent had crushed through the shades that held this zone together, a powerful infection caused these mere wisps that had gathered started to awaken one by one. What became one wail increased a thousandfold and soon, these lost spirits had escaped their endless prison, manifesting their influence on everything that moved, burning their life force out. But the mere thought of draining the power of others strengthed their will to survive nonetheless, for the better or the worse.

In such circumstance, the armies of the void grew, their shadowstained matter growing darker by each passing second, until they were powerful enough to invade the night. Generations had lived through sleepless nights and even if they had grown rare nowadays, many can recount the horrors that they had faced during the dawn - a ravaging force that overshadowed even the corruption at it's greatest.


Shade Wyrm

An important part of the dawn's plan are these silent, but deadly beings. Originating from the void, they are a force to behold, solely for their tricking nature and their powerful maws. Even a young example is capable of striking down a large group of rodents in a blink of an eye and once they age, their capabilities exceed far beyond their previous strength.

Evolving creatures of this kind have a singluar chance to shed their scales and become what might only be known as a Void Leviathan, but as of now, sightings confirm that only one had managed to attempted such a feat and emerged successful, to the fortune of the terran world. But even without these possibilities, a small amount of them could eliminate even the Moon Lord with such seen as a large power on it's own.

As the armies of the void had ravaged through the night, these creatures carry on with their wanderings, continuing their murder even at the darkest of nights. And perhaps, very few people know that anyone could survive a head-on clash with these monsters.

A post-Azana event that can replace normal rain with a chance of 25%.
Radiant Rain

The Radiant Rain is an event arising from the universal light. Once, everything around suddenly seemed to be hanging in a white void — and these objects that have just hung in it disappear, merging into one shimmering point, making the world bloom in radiance. This is the clear sky and there was no other world besides it. Outside the celestial ether, everything is occupied by stars. The sky had gone into infinity and collided in the distance with a nebula full of an astral. It is not even clear where the sky ends and where the blending of these heavenly bodies begins.

The annals, preserved to this day from bygone eras, tell the following about the first coming of the shining monsoon: «a small white fragment flew from heaven, splitting the firmament.» And this fragment, as if by magic, began to expand and turn into a dazzling bright glow. The world has never seen such a light, all present at such time saw it at once, listening to an inaudible whisper. And suddenly, there was nothing left but this shining light, seen as indescribably beautiful. From there on, the days began to seem absurd.

«Then thousands of otherworldly stars lit up, low, as if at any moment risking falling on the heads of the huddled people.»

A million eyes followed them; hundreds of sounds merged into a roar, the ecstasy of thousands of spectators merged into a mad chorus, the radiant light burned out their souls from within. Nothing remained of them but hollow, shining shells. The world has ceased to be an idyll, the beauty in the radiance has dried up, renewed by the essential chaos.

Many sorcerers persisted in the manifestations of the Radiant Rain, but only a few of them kept their sanity. Others, lost their senses from the whispering of their heads, succumbed to the influence of the call beyond the periphery of the riven nebula. In an instant, the Radiant Rain stopped as abruptly as it began. Nobody understood what happened. According to rumors, the reason for it's disappearance was the intervention of enbrighted souls resting in sacred intervention beyond the horizon. Although, if this were true, damaging this wondrous intervention could make the Radiant Rain shine in the sky again and a new meeting with the blissful energy of this starlit rain would promise to be simply irreparable. Many of those who have had to go through the years filled with continuous starlit thorns hope that this will never happen again until people leave their significant mark on this planet. But, of course, counting on this is pointless.


The Radiant Master

The Radiant Masters are nothing more than living chronicles, puny and weak-willed magicians who once succumbed to the whispering revelations of the Radiant Rain. It is thanks to their efforts that the Radiant Rain headlong transforms the world, outlining its own beautiful decadence. They're emissaries of Radiant Rain, sent by it's invisible will to earth to collect the souls of those branded with the mark of the light of stars shining in the distance.

They live and exist in order to protect and support the further existence of the Radiant Rain. For them, the meaning of life becomes painstaking and at the same time extremely necessary work on collecting souls in order to amoral their energy into something to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the Radiant Rain, which is always thirsting more and more.

Those whom they have robbed of their souls, as the Radiant Rain once robbed them of themselves, become nothing more than lamenting, hollow shells of their former selves. They become for the Radiant Rain the main weapon of its endless robbery. Unlike mortals, these shells no longer believe in this mirage. They just can't resist it anymore.

Their Radiant Crowns allow them to scatter among the falling heavy stars, becoming one with them. Each curl of the fog of the Radiant Rain is a wriggling tendril of some living, seeking creature along which the Radiant Masters move between the gaping stars.

- @ThatOneJuicyOrange_ - mod creator and main developer
- @Silvestre, moonburn, Aloe, daim and Mayhamm - Amazing sprites that make up a huge part of this mod
- @Ranipla, @Genih Wat, @Universe and @charliedebnam - Soundtrack
@Burst - Lore for bosses, main post updater
- @Amadis - Proofreading, aswell some sprites

Sprite Submissions:

-@ASGNeoN - Sandstorm Stone code
-@Dan Yami - Solar Eruption code
- Lacrinimo - Radiant Rain/Radiant Master lore
- Some of the community also helped with other new lores.

Support Banners
If you want to help support Elements Awoken, copy the code into your signature (they contain old sprites, but still work as intended)











Void Leviathan:


Donation information is on the #rules_and_info channel in the discord! Come check it out if you want some dedicated items for yourself :D
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Saw your mod on the browser and checked out the description on this page. Looks pretty cool so far.


Skeletron Prime
Alrighty, anybody who can come up with some cool but reasonable ideas for the following items will get a shoutout in the Thanks To section:
-Water themed yoyo (what projectile will it shoot)
-Void Sword
Any other cool items you can think of :D


Eye of Cthulhu
Alrighty, anybody who can come up with some cool but reasonable ideas for the following items will get a shoutout in the Thanks To section:
-Water themed yoyo (what projectile will it shoot)
-Void Sword
Any other cool items you can think of :D
The yoyo could shoot some poisonous water, that turns into normal water when it hits the ground. The void sword sounds like it would just have a bunch of particles coming off it.


Skeletron Prime
How are the various ashes obtained?
[doublepost=1489257535,1489257447][/doublepost]How are the various ashes obtained?
Desert Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the desert after the eye of cthulu has been defeated
Fire Ashes are randomly dropped from hell after skeletron has been defeated
Sky Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the sky after any mech boss has been defeated
Frost Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the snow after plantera has been defeated
Water Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the ocean after duke fishron has been defeated
Void Ashes are randomly dropped from creatures in the pillar biomes after the moon lord has been defeated

Ill add these to the descriptions of the elements in case anyone else wants to know


seems interesting :) i will be waiting till it gets more content and will play it then (how much is still in work i would like to know like is there bosses that are WIP right now or are there bosses that are done?)
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