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tModLoader Elements Awoken (WIP)

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by ThatOneJuicyOrange_, Feb 3, 2017.


What would you like me to add into the game?

  1. More NPCs!

  2. More Items!

  3. More Potions!

  4. Add some furniture/Crafting stations

  1. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

    ThatOneJuicyOrange_ Skeletron Prime

    i released an update today that included 1 new post moonlord boss, with items included. I think next up im going to add in some other smaller item/armour sets and some special weapons (like EoC drops, destroyer ect drops maybe?)
  2. JetSmall

    JetSmall Terrarian

    ill say a boss idea i call it the elemental forest you can summon it with the suspicous small tree you can craft it with every element and every type of wood (except dynasty + you need 1 of the crimson or the corruption type) 5 every type of element and 10 every type of wood you can craft it with the ancient manipulator.
    it can be summoned on day and night. it changes the backround into the color of the biome you are in + it changes itself aswell in other biomes.
    attacks for the boss are these (jump attack available with every biome it jumps through blocks and it will always jump 10 blocks above the player) (forest special: it shoots 10 stingers in random directions every 3 seconds) (snow special: shoots icy lasers that do the chilled and frozen debuffs) (jungle special: it spawns powerful hornets every 6 seconds) (desert special: it shoots cacti that explodes on landing + the cacti lands on platforms aswell) (mushroom special: it spawns glowing mushroom projectiles in each direction that despawn after 30 blocks passed) the boss can only be summoned on the surface thx for reading this :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 12, 2017, Original Post Date: Mar 12, 2017 ---
    it's a tree boss
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  3. BlueWaterMelon

    BlueWaterMelon Plantera

    i had i quite simallar idea it basicly a crystal kinda boss and but there would be on for each biome
  4. JetSmall

    JetSmall Terrarian

    i forgot the crimson and corruption so here they are (crimson special: it jumps every time it hits the ground instantly) (corruption special: spawns a 5 piece EoW that have no loot)
  5. GDoctorG

    GDoctorG Terrarian

    what ? ''pillar biomes''
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 18, 2017, Original Post Date: Mar 18, 2017 ---
    Its a marble ?
  6. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

    ThatOneJuicyOrange_ Skeletron Prime

    Pillar biomes as in solar, nebula, stardust, vortex
  7. JetSmall

    JetSmall Terrarian

    thatonejuicyorange_ what did you think of my boss idea?
  8. GDoctorG

    GDoctorG Terrarian

    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 18, 2017, Original Post Date: Mar 18, 2017 ---
    Neutron Fragment where i can find them ?
  9. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    Fluffy staff summon has a glitched animation
  10. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

    ThatOneJuicyOrange_ Skeletron Prime

    crafted with all of the celestial fragments (i hope i implemented the recipe :eek:)
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 19, 2017 ---
    thanks, it should be fixed in the next update
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  11. Microsoft Sway

    Microsoft Sway Terrarian

    Just wandering what ammo the dragonsbreath weapon uses?
  12. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

    ThatOneJuicyOrange_ Skeletron Prime

    Gel, all the element flame throwers apart from the sand sprayer use gel
  13. EmeraldXLapis

    EmeraldXLapis Terrarian

    Looks great! keep up the good work!
  14. Microsoft Sway

    Microsoft Sway Terrarian

  15. Microsoft Sway

    Microsoft Sway Terrarian

    The ability to 'upgrade' other weapons made with lower tier ashes with higher tier ashes would be great
  16. it seems like this mod has a minor incompatibility with Tremor, specifically with the Alchemist from this mod replacing the Alchemist from the other when loading a world
  17. Am4gedon

    Am4gedon Terrarian

    I cant find any elements... I´m in hardmore and defeated almost all bosses and never dropped an element.
  18. Nicolaos

    Nicolaos Terrarian

    It appears that this mod doesn't seem to drop elements correctly when run on a server. I have a setup of several mods and it works fine SP but on MP there are no elements dropping.
    Also Icon of healing does not appear to work with quick heal.
    Last edited: May 9, 2017
  19. ThatOneJuicyOrange_

    ThatOneJuicyOrange_ Skeletron Prime

    Thank you i believe i fixed the bug for the essence drops

    For the icon of healing- its really buggy still (need to redo it) and i cant actually make it work with quick heal as it is not a consumable
  20. cody71200

    cody71200 Pixel Privateer

    Does this mod work for multiplayer, I want to try it out :)