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In my Expert playthrough, I've found three floating islands so far. One was a lake, and the other two had no buildings. I read on the wiki that a building-less island was a really rare occurrance, but since I've got two in the same world, I was wondering if maybe this is some kind of test? Do experts have to fish up their sky gear?!

Or am I just extremely unlucky?


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Lake islands are made to allow easy fishing in the sky, as some fish or loot can be fished from there. They indeed replace some actual floating islands, but it's probably a thing that makes finding them a bit more difficult.


I'm wondering if there is some bug occurrance about these empty floating islands.

I've made a test with some small worlds in expert (4):

-each world had between 3 and 4 islands.
-each world had at least one lake island.
-only 2 worlds had only one island with sky stuff and chest.

-every others islands was empty (but grounded, not lake ones)

I find this a little buggy for a "rare" occurrance... (vers

edit : I just made a 5th one, there was 1 stuffed island, 2 empty ones, 1 lake. This is a little bit more balanced, but still a little bit lacky in my opinion.
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I suppose it's just bad luck.
You're going to want to make an easy-access artificial sky lake anyway for your fishing quests, so....


They could have possible changed the mechanics to make the ones with the buildings just a little more rare. Just a guess.
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