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tModLoader Endgame Mod (WIP)



Useful Links:
Discord Server


Endgame Mod aims to be a content mod that adds mechanics and other features, such as items, weapons, bosses, enemies, friendly npcs, a few structures, game balanching things and a new game mode. There will be also Lore, to know the 'backstories' of the bosses, the structures (if they are important to the plot) and the friendly npcs.

The plot is based on the eternal war between universes, and the player needs to beat the Lords of the Multiverse, a set of universes, to stop the collapse of our universe, caused by this war.
Every boss, important structure and biome of this mod is somehow related to the universe, the Lore explains why X boss is related to the cosmos.

I, the owner of the mod, am searching for talented spriters who can sprite bosses. If you're interested, join the discord server and ask.
If you want to ask something, feel free to comment and ask.

-3 Pre-Hardmode bosses
-5 Hardmode bosses
-12 Post-Moon Lord bosses
-5 structures
-a new game mode
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