1. GrimKnight

    GrimKnight Terrarian

    After I beat terraria, I started trying to see how far I could get on the pumpkin moon and that ice queen event. I'd like there to be some kind of end game event that you can activate, that doesn't end until you die. The enemies get stronger every wave and such, just another thing for the player to do at the end of the game.
  2. pebcakx

    pebcakx Steampunker

    that sound amazing
  3. somerandomwizard

    somerandomwizard Skeletron Prime

    I'd be rocking that for DAYS. And if the music got progressively more epic every few waves or so... Yeah we'd all be be there
  4. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Terrarian

    hmmmmmm....what to call the new event with endless waves....Surival Day, Viking Day?, Hoard Day....meh I am done.
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  5. The TechnoMancer

    The TechnoMancer Eye of Cthulhu

    Good idea! ME LIKEY! I'd probably end up ending the event on the first wave, though. :confused:
  6. The Eye of Horus

    The Eye of Horus The Destroyer

    Could be cool. Would there be loot, or would it just be a bragging rights kind of thing?
  7. The TechnoMancer

    The TechnoMancer Eye of Cthulhu

    I'm assuming this post was directed to bored, post-Moon Lord players who have nothing challenging to do. At this point in the game, the majority of loot won't be too useful anymore. I'm also curious how to start the event.