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tModLoader Endless Pouches Plus

Discussion in 'Released' started by Dercen, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Dercen

    Dercen Terrarian

    My very first mod, adds endless pouches for all bullet types. To craft one of these pouches you will need 3996 of your preferred ammo, and a crystal ball as your crafting station.



    ---1.1 update---
    *Added endless quivers for all arrow types.
    ---1.2 update---
    *Added endless rocket bags for all rocket types
    ---1.2.1 update---
    *Recompiled using tModloader for terraria
    Dont know if this will make a difference, but I
    thought I'd do it.

    *Actually updated the description

    Download 1.0 for Terraria
    Download 1.1 for Terraria
    Download 1.2 for Terraria
    Download 1.2.1 for Terraria
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
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  2. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    This seems like it could be very useful! Although, as you update it, I would add arrows, rockets, among other things. Also, perhaps an endless grenade/bomb/explosive pouch? Excited to see where it goes, and what it leads too!
  3. Invalid

    Invalid Terrarian

    Please add in endless quiver variations as well!
  4. Dercen

    Dercen Terrarian

    I decided that this mod is going to be more like a preview/demo, because ill be making endless ammo for all types of shot projectiles, and packaging them all into one file.
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  5. Bonvoyage284

    Bonvoyage284 Terrarian

    Hey i got a idea i'd like to share. I think you should make endless pouches that contain different projectiles in one like if you wanted to combine crystal bullets with inchor bullets together into one pouch and be able to shoot both bullet types using one pouch. The same can be done with quivers and rockets. Maybe you can make a Omni pouch which would be all the bullet types in one pouch.

    Also are you just gonna create endless ammo types or are you going to expand upon it with things like endless health potions or endless mana potions?

    Also keep up the good work, this mod is awesome. ;)
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  6. Dercen

    Dercen Terrarian

    Good idea, although I would have to make that a seperate mod from this one, because I want to sort things properly, but as I get better with tModloader, Id love to give this a try!
  7. Coghner

    Coghner Terrarian

    not copying your idea,but a Random Pouche should be nice (Random Arrow Pouche,Random Bullet Pouche,etc) its can fire random arrows,etc. a good craft would be 10 of all types of arrows/bullets/etc
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 10, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 10, 2016 ---
    10 is a bit low, 500 is better i think
  8. Dercen

    Dercen Terrarian

    So, ive tried all week to get random bullets working, and was running into problem after problem. Basically, when you craft the item, thats when it chooses what random ammo will shoot, and it will only shoot that kind. This is because the variable that you use to set the projectile type is called only once, and that when its crafted. Although, I actually have learned alot from this, and could possibly use this in a future update where you can craft a bag that will give you a random special projectile.
  9. Bonvoyage284

    Bonvoyage284 Terrarian

    Welp, thats kinda a bummer that you ran into that problem but im glad you were able to learn from it. I got this idea from a mod called The Zoaklen mod and in this mod was a item called the Diversified pouch which allowed weapons to shot out 4 different types of bullets in random order. I thought that since this mod was dedicated to endless pouches that it would include a pouch that shot out different types of bullets but its all good, there is no rush. Since your the coder and maker of this mod and im just a random guy on the internet, you do as you please with this cool little mod. :)

    Link to the (For those that don't know the mod im referring to)
  10. Wolverale12

    Wolverale12 Plantera

    As a suggestion do you think you could add in some endless ammo for nails, stakes, darts, candy corn, and stynger bolts?

    Also great job on the mod so far, it's really awesome to have infinite meteor shot. :)
  11. Guido65

    Guido65 Terrarian

    Is it possible to remove the arrow drops on the endless quivers? Good work on the mod but I was wondering if that was possible.
  12. Nova Solarius

    Nova Solarius Terrarian

    Say, since randomized pouches are apparently quite difficult to mod (no idea, not a modder myself), would it be possible to instead create a pouch that lets you manually switch between bullet types via a HUD element? If not, I'm fairly certain that creating a second set of pouches that can simply be recrafted into each other IS possible.
  13. Dercen

    Dercen Terrarian

    Sure, ill add them in the next update.

    I don't think I can, unless I edit the base game. Ill look into it though.

    Ill try that once I get better at C#, because this seems like a good way of doing it too.

    I've been playing a lot of Skyrim recently, so when I get bored of it I'll return to this mod.
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  14. Nova Solarius

    Nova Solarius Terrarian

    I have a strange bug. You ready for a strange bug? No? Well, too bad. I was messing around with chlorophyte gear and wound up making an endless chlorophyte quiver. Arrows, yeah? And then I take my Daedalus Stormbow and... see a hailstorm of green beams descend from the heavens. Beams that, as I found out after a bit of testing, are identical to those produced by chlorophyte bullets! This isn't just with my Stormbow either, all my other bows and repeaters fire chlorophyte bullets as well. Homing and everything! So now I have one question for you, lord/lady modder...

    What the actual **** happened to my arrows in that TARDIS-in-a-leather-bag of yours?

    Also, brilliant mod. Keeps me from having to make billions of holy arrows when I'm farming the mech bosses.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2016
  15. Nitromancer

    Nitromancer Steampunker

    Are the sprites in the video the ones the mod has currently, or are them old? Because an useful and cool small (yet big) mod like this one could use some epic sprites. Maybe you could contact @Max :3 for the chlorophyte pouch and endless quiver sprites (he made a really cool and fancy sprite work).

    Thanks for creating this mod ;)
  16. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    Could you update to tmod 9?
  17. Bradley Cook

    Bradley Cook Terrarian

    Is this mod going to be updated to 1.3.4?
  18. Timo4545

    Timo4545 Terrarian

    None of the quivers seem to work with the Daedalus Stormbow.
  19. Avenger

    Avenger Terrarian

    Is there a download for yet?
  20. Nova Solarius

    Nova Solarius Terrarian

    Get Infinity. Basically the same thing, except the chlorophyte quiver shoots arrows instead of bullets. Not sure how I feel about that.