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EoL Base Texture


this is a custom texture that makes the empress of light be a sprite without details (clothes, boots, gloves and face). i created this texture so you, that download the texture, can make your own Empress of Light resprite. and that's it...

(this is NOT a pornographic texture, and has no intention of being )

essa textura faz com que a empress of light seja um sprite sem detalhes (roupas, botas, luvas e rosto). eu criei essa textura para que você, que baixou, possa fazer seu próprio resprite da Emporess of Light. e é isso...

(essa NÃO é uma textura porno, e não tem intenção de ser)


when posting a texture using this as a base, just credit it or support the original
ao postar uma textura usando esta como base, apenas de os créditos ou apoie a original


  • EoL base Texture.zip
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first i saw the comments and im like "whats everyone talking about? if its the base texture maybe its just her body with clothes and wings?"


Official Terrarian
yes i know its useful its just for the hornies out there
u have to know this base is better than anyone who just do texture swap with a Troll texture
and u have to know RESOURCE PACK was to make Player Creativity texture and implemented it to game
if u just want to said horny this horny that u should just do that in Terraria Slimeposting cuz there was a page for :red: posting
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