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Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Hiccup251, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    This mod adds an extra layer of modifiers to Weapons and Accessories. Armor can also roll these modifiers.



    V0.0.9: Fixed crash on depleting placed item stack.
    V.0.0.8: Updated to tModloader V0.9.2.1.
    V.0.0.7: Updated to tModloader V0.9.1. Magic Dice sprite edited.
    V.0.0.6: Updated to tModloader V0.9.0.2. New Magic Dice sprite by @Severynn
    V.0.0.5: Fixed bug where stackable weapons (e.g. Light Disk) were receiving modifiers, fixed Harpoon duplication, fixed accessory modifiers getting weaker on save/load, fixed Shield of Cthulu and the like displaying weapon modifier tooltips.
    V.0.0.4: Fixed rerolling modifiers also removing any prefixes.
    V.0.0.3: Fixed a couple of the new armor modifiers.
    V.0.0.2: Added several new equipment modifiers, made numerous bug fixes and improvements, added tentative multiplayer support, added Magic Dice item, adjusted Luck to be used any time modifiers are rolled.

    When you craft an item or pick a new item up, it will roll for modifiers. There's a 50% chance to roll one modifier, 25% to roll 2, 12.5% to roll 3, and 6.25% to roll 4. For each modifier, a value is then rolled to determine the strength of the modifier - this value is weighted slightly low, so you won't see the highest values as often as the lower ones. Armor and accessories share a pool of possible modifiers, but accessory modifiers have 60% the strength of armor modifiers.

    For now, Weapons and Accessories will reroll modifiers when reforged. I'm not certain if I'll keep this mechanic, and am open to feedback on it.

    Armor and accessories can roll bonuses to Luck as a modifier. Having higher luck affects the chances of rolling more modifiers on new items, and increases the strength of the modifiers rolled. Each point of luck represents a max of 1% added strength, but will usually have an effect closer to .4%. With a lot of luck and an incredibly good roll, it's possible to break the upper limit on modifier strength by up to 20%.

    Items obtained before this mod was installed can roll modifiers by dropping them and then picking them up.

    Most enemies have a 2% chance to drop Magic Dice, which can be used to reroll the modifiers on any piece of equipment. Simply select the dice in your hotbar or pick them up with your mouse, then right click the item you'd like to reroll, which will consume one die.

    +1-10% damage
    +1-10% crit chance
    +1-10% speed
    +1-20% knockback
    +1-20% velocity
    -1-15% mana cost
    -1-20% ammo consumption
    +16-30% damage, but added mana cost based on item use time (~15 mana/sec using the weapon)
    +1-15% damage during the day
    +1-15% damage during the night
    +16-30% damage, but take damage over time while holding the weapon
    Added damage based on velocity (multiplier .5x - 3.5x)
    Up to +6-30% damage based on missing health
    +1-50% chance to inflict Poison, or On Fire!, or Frostburn, or Confusion, or Cursed Inferno on hit (separate modifiers, condensed to one line for space)
    +1-20% chance to inflict Ichor on hit

    NOTE: Debuff chances will apply to any damage dealt by the player while the weapon is held.
    NOTE: Values given are for armor. Accessory modifiers are at 60% strength.

    +1-8% melee, ranged, magic, thrown, or minion damage (separate modifiers, condensed to one line for space)
    +1-8% melee, ranged, magic, or thrown crit chance (separate modifiers, condensed to one line for space)
    +1-5 light strength (emit light from the player)
    +1-20 max health
    +1-20 max mana
    +1-15% crit damage
    +1-60 frames wing time
    +1-10 Luck
    +1-50% thorns
    +1-10% mining speed (stacking multiplicatively)
    +1-20 frames immune time on hit
    +1-5% dodge chance
    Knockback immunity (rare, ~1/3 the chance of rolling compared to other modifiers)
    +1-8 fishing skill
    +1-20% damage against enemies that are at max life
    +1-15% chance to survive a lethal blow (hard cap at 80%)
    +1-6% damage redirected to mana (before defense, mana loss is 2x damage redirected)
    +1-8% defense
    +1-45 life regen/minute
    +1-10% movement speed and max run speed

    Modifiers will be colored based on their strength. In order of ascending rarity:

    Common: White
    Uncommon: Orange
    Rare: Yellow
    Legendary: Red
    Transcendent: Purple

    Items will also receive a general rarity title based on the combined strength of its modifiers, using the same system. The majority of items will be Common, but it's not too hard to find an Uncommon or Rare item. Legendary items don't pop up often at all, and Transcendent items are the stuff of fairy tales.

    Inspired by the tConfig mod Epic Loot

    WARNING: There is currently a bug with saving/loading custom data for unloaded items. If you try to save and exit while any of these items are present in the world (on the ground or in a chest) or your inventory, you may not save the game correctly. Ensure any unloaded items are completely disposed of before trying to save and exit.

    Download Here
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  2. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    I got a modifier that says 22% to inflict on fire, and it appears it says that under every weapon I have
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  3. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    If you drop the other weapons and pick them up again, what happens?
  4. RackJabbit

    RackJabbit Terrarian

    Very cool mod :D hope more stuff gets added. good luck
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 29, 2016, Original Post Date: Jun 29, 2016 ---
    it seems that a boomrang that has the mana use modifier i use mana??? is it supposed to be like that?
  5. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    I assume you're talking about the modifier that adds damage along with a mana cost?
  6. RackJabbit

    RackJabbit Terrarian

    yes, is it supposed to be like that cause i wana do a throwing only playthrough and i have no mana so its kinda anoyying me
  7. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    Yes, it's supposed to be like that. It's only one of ~20 modifiers, though, so it shouldn't be all that common. For now, you can reforge weapons to reroll modifiers and get rid of it if you don't want it - but it's probably a substantial damage increase if you're willing to switch to another weapon when you run low on mana.
  8. RackJabbit

    RackJabbit Terrarian

    oh, ok it makes it way better now that i know i can reroll it, thanks for the help. Very cool Mod
  9. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    Actually, I wasn't updated to the latest version of tmodloader which is causing the problem.
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  10. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Awesome mods always huh...

    No defense, regen, jump height, movement speed modifiers for armors and accesories?

    It occurs to me, what about having rare weapon modifiers for wing time, jump height, movement (mobility stats basically). It'd be pretty interesting to rarely have weapons that are actually useful to hold when just running around. Doubly so weapons that increase defense since that would give the option to switch to a defensive weapon to lower the damage of an unavoidable attack.

    Not sure having weapons with such modifiers is possible though...?

    Final note, instead of just knockback inmunity, how about ailment inmunity. Only one though and at random, naturally with knockback included amoungst them.

    Ps- a way to change the modifiers without changing the vanilla ones would offer better customization, though not necesary. Perhaps a rare consumable item like in your other mod?

    Extra: all the modifiers are positive so far, any plans for adding negative ones as well to spice things up even more?
  11. Cyanogynist

    Cyanogynist Cultist

    Damn Hiccup251, back at it again with the awesome thing modifier mods!
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  12. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    Those are all potential modifiers as well. I was reluctant to add life regen, since 1 regen (.5hp/sec) is already about as strong as it should get, but I can always implement an inner timer to give less regen than that.

    Non-offensive modifiers could potentially be on weapons, though for anything movement related I'd need to change when it checks the weapon modifiers, since right now it happens well after player movement is updated each frame.

    Ailment immunity is possible, but I feel like it's generally kind of weak and would crowd out other modifiers.

    I have methods implemented to remove/reroll on demand, doesn't have to be on reforge. Ideally, I implement some kind of reroll token consumable that you can somehow get your hands on, and probably remove the reroll that happens on reforge so that you can safely reforge items with good modifiers.

    I suppose I could do negative modifiers, but I feel like they don't really add a lot of excitement - just annoyance.
  13. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    this reminds me of a game, i dont know whats the game is. but nice mod!
  14. NightX

    NightX Terrarian

    In that case you could verify if the player has mana for the boosted damage. If the player does not have enough mana, just do the normal damage.
  15. Mechantera

    Mechantera Official Terrarian

    Wow. When you combine this with your other 2 mods it feels a lot like playing Diablo (which is good, I love that game)
  16. An NPC that will be reforging only that modifier without touching prefix would be very nice
  17. tankedup13

    tankedup13 Plantera

    i'm gonna presume this was due to my tmod not being the latest version, but ill say just incase, i gave the mod a go, and i noticed that the bonuses kept overwriting others everytime i got something new, however all the bonuses were stacking up, meaning that in the first 3 mins of gameplay, i had almost blinded myself with the light prefix, had a wooden sword dealing 11 dmg with a +20% crit chance, and a bunch of other things, just pointing it out, in-case it was an actual bug and not because my tmod wasnt updated.
  18. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    It is as you say, this is an issue with older versions of tModLoader. This mod would not work before the most recent patch, which added necessary functionality and fixed bugs regarding ItemInfo.
  19. jermeister6

    jermeister6 Terrarian

    Thats a nice idea and that would also make it so you can reforge your armor set aswell
  20. tankedup13

    tankedup13 Plantera

    oh yea, did a bit more with the mod, and noticed a bug with the working version, items with the common rarity and no modded prefixes can be thrown to reroll its prefixes if you exit and re-enter a world, therefore if i say craft a item that doesnt get a prefix, i can simply exit, re-join, throw the item, and be able to get prefixes, its only with common rarity from what ive seen so far.
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