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Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by therising100, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. therising100

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    Ok, this may or may not be a bug but I have a gut feeling that it is.

    So far in my world all but the first night and one other night there has been a blood moon, the second non-blood moon night wasnt a blood moon because it was the Eye of Cthulu Boss spawn event.

    Also, for the third day in a row the goblin army has spawned and it is very annoying trying to build some NPC houses and having to fight hoards of enemies at the same time.

    The only reasonable answer I can think to have a small chance to happen again and again repeatedly is there must be something wrong in the game codes.

    Thank you.
  2. Kazzymodus

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    This is possible, although it requires you to blitz through the early game at an incredible speed:
    1. Blood Moons start to appear as soon as you have at least 120 health.
    2. EoC requires at least 200 health and 10 defense to spawn.
    3. Goblin Army requires you to have smashed a Shadow Orb.
    This means that you got at least 1 Heart Crystal before your first night, at least 9 more and a full set of Lead (or Silver or better, if you started with Iron) before your second night, and smashed a Shadow/Demon Orb before your third dawn.

    So to be fair, as unlucky as these circumstances might be, I think they're pretty much offset by the luck you started with. :)
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  3. Sigma90

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    Or you're using an advanced character in a new world and smashed an Orb/Heart. In which case, you've fulfilled the preconditions outlined by Kazzymodus and the events happening is possible, albeit rare.

    Day 4: Meteor strike. :)