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    Hello! first time posting here. i had an idea for a super super rare item that gets rid of an entire crimson/corruption biome, so maybe it could detect the farthest point the crimson/corruption spreads (that one biome, not all the evil in the world, just one spot, so it's easier to rid the world of evil) and then it reverts all the evil blocks to normal blocks. it could drop very rarely from crimson/corruption mobs (and i think it should drop pre-hardmode). i don't know if this is even possible to be honest, but i have confidence that the re-logic devs can make it work! (if they even decide to put it in lol)
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    I don’t really like this concept. The current way to protect the world against the corruption is kind of garbage, and getting rid lf it is a hassle, but I don’t think an RNG item that does the work for you is the solution. Having it obtainable prehardmode is a terrible idea as well, considering the importance of those biomes at various stages of the game