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Music Evilgrapez's Music

Do you like my music?

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NOTE: Requests are open, but I am VERY busy with the Mharadium and Negativity Soundtrack, so there WILL be a delay on getting back to you.

Also, I write EDM music mostly, so please don't leave a negative poll vote or a negative response just because it isn't your style.

Featured track: Starflight (https://soundcloud.com/evilgrapez-music/starflight-1-year-on-newgrounds)
Current WIP: Space Cadet V2 (https://soundcloud.com/evilgrapez-music/should-i-continue-this-space-cadet-v2-or-something)

So, I decided to make this, because why not? I wanted to post my music on here for a while, but I didn't know this place existed. :p

My tracks are ordered from latest to oldest, so I recommend you listen to my latest original tracks first.

Here, I've put all my different things into their own spoilers, so it's less confusing for you.

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