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Expand The Snow

Should we expand the snow biome?

  • Yes

    Votes: 10 90.9%
  • No

    Votes: 1 9.1%

  • Total voters


Honestly, the snow biome isn't too interesting. The crimson/corruption, jungle, and dungeon are used throughout the game. The crimson/corruption, jungle, and ice biome have their own chests. However the snow biome isn't too cool. It doesn't have a boss, sword required for Terra blade, original minibiomes, or special craftibles. I thought we should expand it. Now I'm not sure what all to add, but I think it should totally have an ice blade. You would need ice, snow, and a special material. Maybe give the snow biome a special ore or plant. (Like the jungle spores). Give me some suggestions for the snow biome. Hopefully the devs realize how useless the snow biome is. Expanding it would be great.


Maybe just a nitpick. But does it need to be as interesting as the rest? Even if it has a boss and all. It could still be seen as optional as it's not needed to visit for any progression. It technically is just an alternate underground.

I'd say it's as good as the desert biome is. And find it fine the way it is.


Eye of Cthulhu
Ice blade is already ingame.
Everything you add to the snow needs to have a alternate in the desert as well, as they are kinda alternates.
Does it need minibiomes? I don’t think the dungeon has mini biomes and it’s fine.
Jungle had plants because it’s a jungle, snow is the snow, it doesn’t need another plant.
There’s only two biome specific ores, which are Chlorophyte, and Hellstone. Don’t need another one.
Adding another sword to the nights edge would just be adding yet another sword you have to get.


Hopefully the devs realize how useless the snow biome is.

The snow biome is far from useless, by farming in this biome you can get frozen wings, frost armor, amarok, ice skate (which are used to craft frostspark boots), frozen turtle shell, snowball cannon , blizzard in a bottle(which can be used for Blizzard in a balloon) and scaly truffle. All of those items are decent if you can get them early on. However it's only my opinion, but I have to say that the ice mimic's drop and the Staff of the Frost Hydra are fairly underpowered.


Well, all of the major biomes have a dungeon chest. So does the snow biome, but it isn't as important as the other biomes. But I see what you guys are saying. If you were to expand the snow, might as well expand the desert. Heck, even add a desert dungeon chest. Which, now that I think about it, actually would make a lot of since. Considering the snow biome is an alternate desert. I always thought snow was supposed to be a alternate jungle. Mainly because the underground desert is newer than the jungle.


I barely get though the snow biome, everytime i have a crimson world the snow biome is always the source of it, does that happen to you
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