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Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness


Skeletron Prime
Finally, a driving force to create beautiful looking buildings and structures with an emphasis on not building just near the spawn point! It's great now to see the NPCs have more interaction, they were all bored for the longest time, haha. Really cool stuff, this update will be something else, I can tell.


The Destroyer
I’m so excited for this feature! I guess I’m going to have to try to move some of my builds though.


Of course, that means now.... I'm going to have to..... change.... my usual setup. blaaaah lol.

J/K, the idea is equal parts intimidating and exciting. I like my usual setup because I'm comfortable with it, but yet it also causes stagnation at the same time, so being pushed into doing something entirely different is ridiculously awesome.


Hmm, looking at the spoiler image again.....

.........Stone platforms? Were those a thing before?

.....and Stone doors, too.


This might be one of the best new additions. I'm so glad you guys are encouraging people to exeriment with the amazing building supplies the teams have created. Having non-wiring based teleporters is also a genius addition. 1.4 > 1.3 [literally]


Anybody else notice that world generated with 5 Living Trees?!

To add: also in that underground screenshot–does that mean you can grow "gem trees" by placing gemstones on stone blocks and make building matts out of them (doors, platforms)?! No more running back to the surface for more wood!
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Huh.. this is a pretty neat addition I'll really be looking forward to. Maybe I'll finally stop making a bunch of boxes with all the NPCs extremely close together, now that there's some incentive to stop that. And those Pylons? That's just the icing on the cake!
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