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PC Expanding on Capture the Gem


These are my thoughts on expanding the Capture the Gem aspect of Terraria.

  • New Item The CTG Rule Book - A new place-able item only available in multiplayer. When right clicked by an op, an options window appears showing the worlds current Capture the Gem options. In the server.cfg would be a config to set the oplist.txt much like the banlist works. Anyone in the oplist can access this rule book and make changes to the current rules. The following rules would be available.
      • Activate GEM - (Enabled or Disabled) When enabled, makes players currently in a colored team 'Participants of a Capture the Gem game' and become locked into GEM rules and gameplay. In this locked state, no one can change their teams, pvp mode or use teleportation items like recall potions or magic mirrors. Players will only respawn at "Team Spawn Points" (see below). No Gem Holders or Spawn points will be placeable while this is enabled so they will need to be placed beforehand.
      • Time Until Return - How long until a dropped captured gem returns to its home, if touched by a friendly player. (Instant, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, 1 min, options would be available.)
      • Points to Win - How many gems must one team capture to win a round? When a team reaches this value, a message is displayed to all players, and the round is reset automatically. (1-9 points would be availble options.)
      • Display Gem Names? - Should the gems name (see 'Gem Holders' below) appear in the message when a gem has been picked up or dropped? Turning this off would allow for games with multiple holders to be more difficult to ascertain what is going on and where, therefore increasing required team dynamics and difficulty.
      • Player Respawn - When killed while GEM is activated, how long is a players respawn time? (Instant, 2 sec, 4 sec, 6 sec, 8 sec, 10 sec, would be available options.)
      • Start Round - This would place all Gems back on their holders, teleport all players to a team spawn point, and set the team point counters to 0. This is a good way to make sure all players are at their starting point when a round starts.
    • Many more options could technically be added, like being able to disable the use of healing/buff items, or other items like light pets, and grapples. Or disabling placing/mining of any object at all and restricting the players to react to the map as it is. I have simply listed the ones I feel would open up gameplay to a point that gives Gem games runners a bit more control.
  • New Item Gem Holders - Change the recipes so that instead of crafting the Gems themselves, you craft a 1x3 platform that automatically has a gem appear floating above it. If a player of the opposite team touches the gem they obtain it in their inventory automatically. Multiple holders can be placed on a map, so multiple capture points for each team can be set up (for larger team/map matches). Each holder would have a special relation to its own gem so it knows where it's "home" is. Right clicking a Gem Holder, will allow you to name it. For example, you could call one of the gems in a player base near the peak of a mountain "Mountain", so players know which gem was captured if more than one exists for a team. The message displayed would then say "NAME captured COLOR's Mountain Gem."
  • New Item Scoreboards - A new craft-able object, with one variation for each team. A 2x2 wall mounted frame that displays the current score for that team in a number of that teams color.
  • New Item - Team Spawn Point - A new crafting recipe that has one for each color team. Multiple can be placed in a world. If killed in PVP a player will return to a random spawn point of their color that has been placed on the map.
  • New Function Rescuing The Gem - If a player of the Gems owning team touches a Gem that's been dropped by a player who captured it and been killed, then the Gem obtains an time counter above it based on the rule set in the CTG Rule Book, and will return to its Gem Holder automatically when the timer hits 0. Players who own the gem can not pick it up or carry it, but instead have to protect the fallen gem where it landed and prevent anyone else from grabbing it until it returns after the timer hits 0. If another enemy player touches it before then, they pick it up and must be killed to have it drop again.
  • New Function Capturing the Gem - If a player of an opposing team is carrying a gem and passes over one of their own Gem Holders (regardless of if their gem is present.) a message appears and says "X has captured [COLOR] Teams Gem." and the gem is returned automatically to its own holder to be captured again.

If you have any ideas to expand on my own here or improve it, please join in the conversation. I would love to see the Capture the Gem mode be expanded on.
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Seems like a good way to waste pass time on multiplayer, plus I could probably get creative with these ideas. You've got support from me.


With red coming back for the next update. I'd like to reiterate my idea here. Pvp would be a great patch theme and everything I put above would greatly improve the system.


Staff member
With red coming back for the next update. I'd like to reiterate my idea here. Pvp would be a great patch theme and everything I put above would greatly improve the system.
It's understandable that you want to get your suggestion brought back up, but in the future please try to avoid bumping threads without providing new content to the suggestion.
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