tModLoader Expeditions Mod - Modular Quest System

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  1. Chiseledquartz

    Chiseledquartz Terrarian

    What's the difference between a rusted box and the crate that costs 2 coupons?
  2. orian34

    orian34 Plantera

    Hardmode loot
  3. CodStyx

    CodStyx Skeletron Prime

    is this okay??? because if it is, your mod is very OP, i got a hardmode calamity weapon from the rusted box here is an img of what i got.
  4. orian34

    orian34 Plantera

    Blame calamity for not adding a proper rarity to it's items. Just trash it and go on.
  5. CodStyx

    CodStyx Skeletron Prime

    okay cool
  6. Cheepy

    Cheepy Terrarian

    LMAO LITERALLY GOT A 9999 DAMAGE 'cheat weapon' FROM A BOX
  7. S'AraisVanu

    S'AraisVanu Terrarian

    So what does "The Fate of Terraria" even do, and what are it's flavor text outcomes and what they mean? Got the Crimson and Ice ones, and haven't noticed any difference; would like to know possible outcomes and their effects.
  8. orian34

    orian34 Plantera

    For now, it's only items(and the biome keys). Later on, maybe it will have a bigger impact. Can't say much more for now.
    there's 5 keys, and 5 outcomes. The outcomes have several factors into consideration, but nothing too fancy.
  9. Riley Wirfless

    Riley Wirfless Terrarian

  10. S'AraisVanu

    S'AraisVanu Terrarian

    Intriguing. Would it be possible to have all of them active simultaneously in other ways, as trying to get all 5 active at the same time would be difficult on a single world.
  11. orian34

    orian34 Plantera

    there is one very specific balance to get all 4 of them, yes(either crimson or corruption, not both).
  12. That Homeless Guy

    That Homeless Guy Terrarian

    Probably a big ask but do you think you could make it so that it describes the photo in the picture in your inventory and secondly it would be cool to be able to place them on walls or something to display them properly.
  13. Simply Gaming

    Simply Gaming Terrarian

    I am on the quest "secret summoner" but cant seem to get it complete. i have acquired multiple summon weapons but the quest never completes. does the quest need a specific weapon to complete or am i doing something wrong.
  14. Define

    Define Terrarian

    Hey, thank you for the awesome mod, as of today i could not load the mod with the newest version of the modloader anymore (worked yesterday with the same versions for both, no changes were made on my part)

    Here is the Error Message, i hope it helps [​IMG]

    Nvm, i restarted the game, enabled the Mod again, reloaded the mods and it worked without any error, weird :/.
    Well I'm happy it still works, maybe people might have the same issue, hope it helps.
    Ty again for the awesome mod!
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  15. Roasty McToasty

    Roasty McToasty Official Terrarian

    Do I have to start a new game for this mod to work properly? I am thinking of adding this to a multiplayer play through that me and my friend started a while ago
  16. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky Skeletron Prime

    You shouldn't. It doesn't influence world creation, it just adds a placeable item that gives you access to rewards for doing certain things it recognizes. You should be able to put it right into a game. I can't really speak for how well it works with multiplayer (I don't play MP), but I don't think there'd be any serious issues.
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  17. Roasty McToasty

    Roasty McToasty Official Terrarian

    Alright, thanks for the reply
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  18. Thangpat

    Thangpat Steampunker

    Expeditions board breaks hard with UI scaling and zoom, buttons don't seem to be clickable either
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  19. Flashkirby99

    Flashkirby99 Skeletron

    Yeah this was made way before nice things like easy ui scaling was available, a new version of this mod would aim to fix this, whenever it may happen :s
  20. Alucard_I

    Alucard_I Official Terrarian

    Well, it all depends on you. Honestly, quests are cool, I love them. Would love to offer some content, if you need it, though I know you're busy. When do you think you will come back to update the mod?