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EXPLAIN! why did you delete my thread? i did nothing wrong?

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Olof Almqvist

Official Terrarian
chould you at least explain to me what i did wrong or send me a god damn pm? ( i am a bit pist and chocked cause i did nothing wrong? )

Olof Almqvist

Official Terrarian

[DOUBLEPOST=1417442851][/DOUBLEPOST]the latest mod in this section from me called "the unobtainable Weapons mod"


Let's hold up here. I don't actually remember him adding anything that is in the game, just unobtainable. I remember the soul scythe, the icemourne, the scythe, and the zapinator. Nothing that was really in the game, since those were removed.


The last post in his thread explains everything. i was wrong about that removed items can be added. We can't add any unobtainable, removed or dev items form any version of the game.

Olof Almqvist

Official Terrarian
exakt! so i did nothing basicly wrong CAUSE the were removed COMPLETELY from the game! ( i was only having the weapons in the mod as the title says)
[DOUBLEPOST=1417443590][/DOUBLEPOST]but i dont understand... how is that logic, LOGIC?? if you have a item in a game and then DELETE it 12,000% from the game completely so its not even left a singel line of code left for that item. so its gone completely and then when i make a MOD with tAPI that makes those items in the game again how can that be agains the rules, MY mod is like ANY other modders weapons mod.. like wtf?


Grandson of The Wizard
@Tunnel King Even the post you linked doesn't mention the use of Icemourne and Soul Scythe removed items. It's not like they're unobtainable - they were never in game to begin with.
Using their sprites is another thing though.

EDIT: Actually nevermind me, apparently they were in game.


This topic is pointless. If you feel a moderator acted unfairly, take it up with Loki or any moderator in a private conversation.


I agree with moderators that currently locked items (such as Steampunk Wings or S.D.M.G) are not allowed to be in mods. But for me issue with unreleased items don't make any sense. These items didn't hit vanilla Terraria so I think that you can use them with softly changed sprites. It is my opinion. I want to know statement about hypothetical items probably released in future. Does it mean I cannot make Meowmere-kind weapon (with slightly different sprite) if I can code it into mod? I want answer.
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