Casual Explain your avatar

Mine is just the album art for Happiness, my favorite Dance Gavin Dance album. I forgot the name of the guy who does all the art for their records but the guy's incredibly talented tbh
Mine is of an all powerful cute little fluffy blue dragon kangaroo hybrid. It can be knocked out by a stick. It was born from the last time the universe died. It eats pineapple foods including what others dread, the pineapple pizza. It can spontaneously combust with the power of 99^9999999999 supernovae, yet still be alive. It loves many things you do to dogs that dogs and humans love. It has no gender. It has a playful nature of a young child, yet can be as wise as a god if it wants to.
It's a light, isn't it just deLIGHTful.
That was awful. And I love it.

Mine is an evil variant of my past avatar:

Terraria Scott Quinn.jpg
TCF Avatar 2.jpg
I had a commission done awhile ago and it came out better than the one I once used for my avatar so I changed it.

Due to... eh... reasons, I can't provide a link to the full image, sorry.

It isn't too terribly hard to find, though, if you really wanted to see it as I tend to use the same username on most sites when I can, including the art site where I keep the few pieces of art I have.
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