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Discussion in 'Items' started by Theo, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Theo

    Theo Steampunker

    We got grenades Item_168.png , bombs Item_166.png , dynamites Item_167.png , land mines Item_937.png and triggerable explosives Item_580.png , as well as the sticky versions of the first two Item_2586.png Item_235.png . However nice their selection range is, there is definitely more to be added. Let me show you my proposals.
    • Detonator.png Detonator - Sold by the Mechanic (or the Demolitionist) for 5 Item_73.png when the player acquires explosives for the first time - Left-click to make all triggerable explosives on-screen explode instantly. Right-click to detonate them with a 5-second delay.
    • sticky mine.png Sticky Mine - Crafted with 1 Item_937.png and 5 Gel.png - Fired by the Proximity Mine Launcher, sticks to anything it impacts, including enemies, NPCs and players, has a 3 second fuse and deals ~50 damage.
    • Magic Missile II.png Magic Missile II - Crafted with 1 Item_113.png , 10 Item_547.png and 10 Item_548.png - Uses 20 50 mana, its projectile on impact makes an explosion as big as a dynamite of 3x3 tiles that destroys blocks and deals ~75 ~50 damage.
    • Super Explosive Bullet.png Super Explosive Bullet - Craft 10 of them with 10 Item_1351.png and 5 15 Item_167.png - Its 3x3 5x5 tile explosion destroys blocks and deals 15 damage.
    Also, some tweaks to be done:
    • The Grenade Launcher Item_758.png has to be able to launch ACTUAL grenades Item_168.png Item_2586.png . Because, what's the point of a grenade launcher that can't launch grenades!?
    • Sticky Grenades Item_2586.png could have the ability to stick to enemies.

    What do you think? Feel free to leave ideas. Criticism is welcome. :) Sprites made by me, myself and I (apart from the pre-existing ones :p). DMG points are subject to change.
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    Last edited: Dec 7, 2014
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  2. Pumpking

    Pumpking Official Terrarian

    Support! I would probably use these, even though I don't use explosives much.
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  3. Theo

    Theo Steampunker

    Thanks! :) What do you think of my custom sprites?
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  4. Pumpking

    Pumpking Official Terrarian

    They're all nice, except the Detonator and Super Explosive Bullet, they're a little too flat.
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  5. Theo

    Theo Steampunker

    I see. I'm not really good at shading, but I try to do my best. I use the vanilla sprites as templates.
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  6. FlakMaster

    FlakMaster The Destroyer

    Why are you saying for the Sticky mine/grenade to stick to targets? They're meant to detonate upon contact with an entity.
  7. JoeReturns

    JoeReturns Terrarian

    These are awesome :)

    Support! +1 :D
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  8. Trekko727

    Trekko727 Terrarian

    Ahh I will message you about grenades as soon as they come in handy in my mod.
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  9. MetoolDaddy

    MetoolDaddy Plantera

    Overpowered. You mean this is unlimited amount of flying controllable dynamite?
  10. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    The Magic Missile is pretty much the only item in the whole suggestion that would actually have a purpose.
    As for the tweaks, the Grenade Launcher shouldn´t be changed, as that change would both reduce it´s versatility (Would lose the ability to break blocks and being able to have the blast radious changed depending on the available space), and, enev if it were to be done for realism, it wouldn´t even be so, considering that those aren´t the same kind of grenades.
  11. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    Yeah, OK, sure. Saves a bit of wiring certainly, even if it only works on one item.

    It's a bloody mine. It explodes in your face when you step on it. You're not supposed to use it with a detonator, or a make it stick to enemies. Its function is staring right at your face with that sprite. I'm talking about the red bit on top.

    No real issues, even with that high damage. Balance this around mech-tier stuff by increasing the use time though. That is to say, make it as slow as Sniper Rifle or slower.

    Add this with megashark(or above) and you can kiss any form of mining goodbye(barring HM ores). Too fast, even if it's expensive. Should be available post-plantera or something at the very least. To be honest I'm inclined to reject this completely. Rockets already fill the niche as exploding weapons that destroy blocks. Guns have too high a firing rate for this kind of job.

    #1 Pointless. It works fine now with rockets.
    #2 The grenades work better when they explode upon contact. Sticky Grenades are meant to be as a sort of emergency mine.
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  12. Theo

    Theo Steampunker

    Hmm... you have a point there. I'll change something then.
    That would actually be kinda good, I mean watching the enemy run around in panic while waiting to explode.
    • Thanks.
    • There is a Proximity Mine Launcher. Why wouldn't it launch mines?
    • Ok, I'll balance it.
    • Gonna fix that.
    • #1 Why WOULDN'T a god damn grenade launcher LAUNCH GRENADES? I mean, c'mon!
      #2 As I stated above:
      Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Should be sold by the Demolitionist for obvious reasons. I can see a use for this though, both for creating tunnels and pvp. Or just blowing up something I build because I felt like it. /like
    Don't the proximity mine launcher's mines already stick? Dunno, been a while since I used the thing. Perhaps the Cyborg can sell an extra ammo type then. Grenades for the PM Launcher and Grenade Launcher, both regular and sticky. Maybe even clusters.
    Turning a magic wand into a bazooka? Meh. I also don't like projectiles that destroy tiles.
    I can already see Megashark users annoy the crap out of other people by destroying the landscape in a horribly fast fashion. No thanks.
    As stated earlier, I wouldn't mind seeing the Cyborg sell special ammo for both the PM Launcher and GL. Using actual grenades? Makes just as much sense as using rockets. The launcher wouldn't get the pins out.
  14. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    Because land mines and launched mines aren´t of the same kind.
    The Grenade Launcher shouldn´t use grenades because they are hand grenades. Grenade launchers actually shoot what is more like a large shotgun shell with a single explosive slug, so it wouldn´t even be realistic.
  15. Theo

    Theo Steampunker

    I actually thought of that, I'll make it like this then.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 7, 2014 ---
    I edited the main post, balancing some stuff, check it out and tell me your opinion.
  16. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    You can do this excellently enough with picks and other explosives anyway. The only valid reason that ammo should be scrapped is because it will make mining way too fast. Its speed will excel SDC with maxed out mining bonus, even with a simple minishark I think.

    Not everything needs an injection of realism into the game. Grenades have higher damage than the rockets for one, and I'm sure that will increase the base DPS by quite a bit, possibly exceeding its current tier. Nerfing the damage won't work because grenades are good enough on its own. The mines do as well. Each already have a niche in the game, leave it at that. I reject this as strongly as I would if someone makes a suggestion to add reloading/overheating into the game.
    Did you just make it worse? Oh wait, keep the old recipe and leave out the tile destruction.

    Oh god..... WHY?! Magic weapons don't need tile destruction.
  17. stormconure

    stormconure Golem

    That detonator looks a lot like something Element Animation put in their Terraria youtube series... Anyway, yeah this stuff is really cool!
  18. Theo

    Theo Steampunker

    Regarding the feedback, why you guys who criticize don't try to tell me how can I edit this suggestion so that it meets your expectations? Just for a change. :p
  19. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    Actually, as I pointed out, it wouldn´t even be realistic, as Grenades are hand grenades, which cannot be used from a launcher.
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  20. Cthugh

    Cthugh Cultist

    The detonator could be used only for played placed explosives or could also activate natural occurring exploding traps? (I love the idea of not having to put all the wire just blow things up)

    Also, the tile destruction of the bullets can be... Spammed?
    Let me explain my self a bit here, imagine 100 of these bullets fired from a megashark or Worst... From a chain gun. In a server...
    Of course you can mine with a snowman Cannon and some rocket 2 or 4 but it's harder to spam the screen with explosions.

    The magic missile II... I will be honest, I don't like it, it feels different from the progression arc in terraria, I know there are exceptions (like the night edge that gets upgraded) but the magic missile is not that emblematic.
    I have an idea, what about... A wand, that you click somewhere in screen and one second (and a half) later it explodes and only a 3x3 area is destroyed but damage in a a bit larger area, can damage the player, have a use speed equal to the grenades or dynamite
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