tModLoader Extensible Inventory - Limitless, paginated inventory



Note: Requires Mod Helpers


Implements an extensible, paginated inventory for players, able to be increased endlessly.

Note: In its base form, this is a "cheat" mod, and it will always be. Limitations of use can be implemented via. config or via. the API for game modes, player abilities, special circumstances, or custom items (e.g. a backpack accessory). Ask if you need coding help with this, or to request new API functions.

Source available here. API also available.

Available config fields are defined here.


When are they going to add item collection to the other tabs without us having to keep switching tabs when the current inventory is full?


Hey Hamstar, I'm also having an issue with the crafting menu scrolling uncontrollably and can't figure out the cause. Any help is appreciated, heres my client.log.


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