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tModLoader Extra Gunslinger Gear


I wanted to thank everyone for the 200,000 downloads on this mod so far! When I originally created this, I never thought that I would get this far. Even 100 downloads seemed like more than what I deserved. I wanted to put this in a place that was obvious to see: Extra Gunslinger Gear will no longer be updated. There will be a new mod, Ranger's Arsenal, to replace it in the near future once I'm done making the changes I plan on making. If you still love the mod and want to show your support, be on the lookout for that dropping in the Mod Browser (hopefully) sometime soon!
(For now, here's the GitHub repository for the new mod if you want to check it out: Ranger's Arsenal)


By GTLugo



This mod adds new burst fire assault rifles to the game similar to the Clockwork Assault Rifle and other gear that could be useful to a gunslinger, such as (expensive) infinite ammo, new accessories, pre-hardmode armor, and more. If you know about any bugs, please report them. Feedback is always appreciated! :happy:

You can find all the content on the mod's Wiki

- Removed Cuckoo and Grandfather Assault Rifles
- Added Vertical Grip and Illegal Accessory Kit accessories
- Added Pipe Shotgun and Hallowed Spreader shotguns

- Assault rifle class complete (beginning work on shotguns)
- Added Vortex Pulse Rifle
- Added Giant Torch
- Pruned the files
- Edited sounds
- Tweaked some things
- Hotfix to change Recon Visor texture a bit
- Hotfix to adjust rarities
- Added the Outlaw armor set
- Added the Recon Visor
- Added Meteor Muzzle, Inferno Muzzle, and Blazing Scope accessories
- Removed Vortex Pulse Rifle until further notice
- Added Incendiary Bullet and its respective endless pouch
- Changed some endless pouches to make a few craftable before
defeating the Twins
- Added the Shroomite Assault Rifle
- Added the Decapitator
- Added the Vortex Pulse Rifle
- Changed the Skeleton Rifleman spawn requirement to
Post-Mechanical bosses Underground Jungle
- Added more Endless Pouches/Crates
- Edited some sprites
- Added the Pitcher's Pitfall
- Added the Rend Asunder
- Added the Skeleton Rifleman
- Balanced some aspects of the mod, such as crafting recipes for guns and pouches
- Added hardmode ore upgrades to the Clockwork Assault Rifle
- Added an Endless Chlorophyte Pouch
- Adjusted the stats on the Double Barrel Musket
- Added the Hellfire Assault Rifle

Available through the Mod Browser or on GitHub. Requires tModloader.

You can paste one of these code strips into your signature to show your support:



Thanks to:
- Blushiemagic, for creating tModloader and the mod skeleton
- Those who assist me when I ask for help :D


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Thanks! I'm already almost done with the next gun. :p

EDIT: Just trying to figure out how to recreate the Onyx Blaster effect ;)
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Thanks! Working on next update as we speak. I have figured out how to recreate the onyx blaster effect, so I can now make extra cool assault rifles! :D


Yeah, I realized I forgot to add that today! I'm working on an enemy that will drop a few items, so I'll add the Undertaker along with it in the next update!
Yo To be honest though this mod is actually really good ive been just been shredding through pre hardmode bosses with that hellfire assault rifle xd


I will be finishing one more update for tModloader v0.10.0.1, then I will update the mod to v0.10.0.2


Hey man its your big fan Hydropawah back here again with another suggestion. Is it possible if you could make a weapon that upgrades the pre hardmode assault rifles into their own Hardmode assault rifles like the Rend Asunder (thanks for adding that buddy :D) into like a super assault rifle by combing it with ichor from the crimson too. And it could shoot like 3-5 round burst that has a chance to inflict ichor or something. Anyways thanks for making this mod Tenebris. Good luck and I hope this mod gets big :D :D :D


There is currently a bug where the Pitcher's Pitfall can be crafted with the same recipe as Big Ben.
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