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tModLoader Extra Gunslinger Gear

OK! So I'm doing some work on this mod; however, there are quite a few massive changes.

This includes a massive shift in the focus of the mod from just gunslingers to the ranger class as a whole, including offering more options for ranger + summoner hybrids (since I've taken to liking this subclass lately ;D ).

Because of this, I will be effectively stopping the updates for the mod as "Extra Gunslinger Gear." The future updates will be under the mod name "Ranger's Arsenal" to reflect the new, broader focus.

Some things to potentially* look forward to:
  • More infinite ammo types. I plan to add some for all vanilla ammo types and for a few of the larger mods.
  • New balancing and functions for accessories. For example, the Magical Magazine should now make ALL guns and bullets hitscan.
  • More guns, armors, and accessories.
  • No more Sun God. It was a fun experiment, but the overall sentiment from people seemed to be negative, unsurprisingly. I'll be moving the items it used to drop around to other npcs.
  • More depending on what I may think of and what you guys may suggest.

* I say potentially just to cover my butt since I am in the middle of implementing most of these, but I don't want people to get too upset if I bail out of any of these
How we get the Beskar ore now?
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