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Xbox One extreme visual glitch

Discussion in 'Console Bug Reports' started by Mad God, May 20, 2019.

  1. Mad God

    Mad God Terrarian

    so when i started getting rid of the crimson i got to this one area cleaned it and after i went back this happened no i cant see whats going on or really do anything if you have a way to fix this let me know
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  2. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi there @Mad God, I recommend that you send that straight to Pipeworks (the console developers) to look at. I've seen two other people mention that they are getting extreme visual glitches on Xbox One since the last update. You can link them the video as well so they can see.

    Send your bug report with as much info as possible here: <editing in newest bug report link> Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form
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  3. UndertaleSans999

    UndertaleSans999 Terrarian

    That is exactly what is happening to my world, too.
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  4. NinjarexYT

    NinjarexYT Terrarian

    Same thing with my world as well
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  5. JessieN-

    JessieN- Terrarian

    Having the same issue on PS4, I got Single Player mode to work without the glitch but when I Host in Multiplayer I still get this visual bug.

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  6. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @UndertaleSans999 and @JessieN- Thanks for adding in that you’re experiencing this as well. I know I already mentioned it to @NinjarexYT, but for you two if you haven’t already, I suggest sending in your info with as much detail as possible straight to Pipeworks (the console developers) here: <editing in newest bug report link> Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form

    You probably won’t get a reply, but they look over every report that comes in.
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  7. JessieN-

    JessieN- Terrarian

    Thank you, I did
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  8. HHackerZZ

    HHackerZZ Terrarian

    I also have this!
    I really want to know you could fix this!
    I don’t have video but I can post some pictures... 5-18-2019_10-02-11_AM-yiki2ugn.png 5-18-2019_10-02-13_AM-bzf2kd0g.png 5-18-2019_10-02-15_AM-t1bv04ju.png
    Any help is GREATLY appreciated, this is my main world... :(
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    I've tried clicking on the link, but I think the website is down...
  9. JessieN-

    JessieN- Terrarian

    I turned autosaved off and some of the messed up pieces of my world started working again. I still have about 3 sections messed up on the surface, haven't checked underground. Other than that I still have no solution :( I've been flying over the messed up parts and playing around it.

    I did make a new world to keep my stuff safe just because I'm paranoid but I travel to my main world for farming and events.
  10. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @HHackerZZ, here is the new link, it has changed since I posted it above: Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form

    Good to know that turning off auto-save makes a little bit of a difference, thanks for sharing @JessieN-.

    I know this originated as an Xbox One thread, but if any of you are playing on PS4 be sure to be making backups of the characters and worlds onto usb drives. Just the ones that you care about.