WIP Exxo Avalon - Re-Imagining the Contagion

After reading up, what are your first impressions about this idea?

  • "Excellent! A reboot to the Exxo Avalon's Contagion that suits it well."

  • "It strays a bit too far from the source material, but it's good enough to stand on its own merits."

  • "It's decent, I suppose."

  • "It needs some work, feels a bit rough overall."

  • "I heavily dislike this post. It desperately needs ironing."

  • "I'm going to wait for a bit more to be added before I make an opinion."

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Making the World Ill...
If you have a knack for modding, you may fondly remember one of tModding's classics: Exxo Avalon. Heck, even if you haven't a knack for modding, it is almost certain that you've heard of Exxo Avalon and the third world evil that it adds to the mix: The Contagion! The Contagion was a leap ahead in terms of custom biomes in its time, adding everything a new world evil would need to stand on its own.

However, if one were to look at it with today's retrospective, they may find that it's... hard to keep the rose tinted glasses on.
Yes, sadly, the Contagion is dated. It takes a lot from the Crimson and Corruption without a whole lot to call its own. One of the biggest crying shames is how Bacterium Prime is essentially just the Brain of Cthulhu, but I digress!

I'm here to breathe some life into this incredible concept and add something in design that it could really call its own. I will be going through this Contagion reboot bit-by-bit and this thread will constantly be updated as I add new parts to it. But for now! Let's take a step into this supposed re-invigorated Contagion and talk about some of the first things you'll take notice of when travelling through this infectious biome.

First Step into the Contagion

You begin to pass through a new, sickening evil. The grass is a sickly green and the trees have vile red bark and vomitous green leaves. You inspect your surroundings. It looks like you're walking in a giant petri dish...

Haplessly swinging your axe around and felling your first tree here will grant you your first two materials to work with. One is a plasmic-looking mushroom and the other is some disgusting timber.

These little mushrooms are the idle fungi dotting the Contagion. They serve no other use than to make Vomitous Powder, a pre-hardmode utility for spreading the Contagion, or for crafting the summoning item for the Contagion's new boss (or poisoned knives, apparently)...


Your bog-standard building wood. Vilewood is used for an assortment of building purposes. Vilewood walls, beds, tables, bathtubs, and armor and tools that look exactly the same as all the other wood weapons. The only difference being in the appearance of the helmets....


So, if you want to style with a Vilewood Helm, that is an option.
You now take notice of the first enemy slowly floating its way towards you. It passes through the terrain, but advances sluggishly...


"This nasty little bug is what you get when you don't separate your drinking water from your bathroom water. Namesake from the bacterial disease named Cholera, a disease that causes very unpleasant bathroom experiences, dehydration, and eventually death, the bacteria, Vibrio Cholerae, appears to be no different than the most common depiction of a bacteria cell. In a sense, Cholerit is not much different-- it is pretty standard in appearance, but plenty lethal."

Cholerit will probably be your first key-in on how Contagion enemies move: They're slow, but walls cannot stop them, phasing through them as though it were a weak cell barrier.
After panicking upon first seeing this enemy, dying to it in three seconds, getting a grip, and then killing it on your next go-around, you'll be rewarded with a couple coins and some...


Sure, it's got the consistency of snot and feels like a textural nightmare to hold, but cytoplasm has a whole range of uses. Namely, Coffin Minecarts, Battle Potions, some mech boss summoning item, and the summoning item for the aforementioned Contagion boss.
While pocketing that little morsel, you are caught off-guard by another denizen of this sickly world, which worms its way through the skies without a sense of urgency.


"This sneaky little bacterium is named after the bacterial disease called Botulism, which can be rarely found in foods like your fruits, fish, and veggies. If you let the Clostridium Botulinum sneak into your system, the toxins it produces can cause difficulty swallowing or speaking, facial weakness, and even full-blown paralysis. Yes, it's lethal. Unlike a lot of evil enemies, the Botulistic Ballistic passively floats about without a care in the world until you get too close to it, where this short, flying worm enemy will then attack with an intent to kill."
Once you've successfully fended off another one of the Contagion's pawns, you come across an opening into the Contagion's main underground structure...

Baby's Steps into the Infection's Heart

I honestly believe that the "ring" that the original Contagion uses is still an excellent structure that's plenty original in generation. Sure, it could be a bit rougher in appearance to look more organic (as well as having an actual opening), but overall, the layout of the Contagion's generated cave would stay the same:


Wandering around this ringlike structure, another floating creature comes from the walls to defend the treasure within.


"It always seems like the first thing that all bacteria worth their lethality will target is the lungs. The Vile Cough, while particularly modeled after the Streptococcus Pneumoniae bacteria, is one of many bacterial baddies that target the lungs, forcing your immune system to try and drown it out with mucus or pus, causing pneumonia and death in most cases."

AI wise, the Vile Cough is not far too different from a Cholerit. However, it is a smaller enemy, thus making it harder to hit and easier to die to.
You probably died to this thing at least once if you went underground. Whether it was an errant Blood Crawler or an unforeseen Devourer, you are likely to meet your fate at least once here before wising up and approaching with a bit more caution.

Using a bomb you picked up along the way, you tempt fate, break through the Vilestone, and destroy your first Pandemite Ball. What's the first item that you get from this ball of phlegm?


"Somewhat slimy, yet oddly endearing, this ball of snot will emit a faint yellow-green glow as it slowly rolls by your side, helplessly sticking to the ground and terrain around it."

The Pandemite Ball is grounded like the Crimson Heart but slow like the Shadow Ball. Putting the fact that it is probably the worst light pet of the three aside, it is a big ball of boogers that sticks to the ground and rolls at a sluggish pace, emitting light as it does.


"An earring named after the scientific term for an ear infection! How fun. The Otitis Earrings, instead of being a nuisance for your ears, is a nuisance to others, dulling nearby baddies' hearing and causing reduced enemy aggression while standing still and not making noise."

The Otitis Earrings are useful equips for whenever you need to go idle and leave the game running. Perhaps you have a mob grinder going, perhaps you're just passing the time for that perfect hour. Whatever the reason, the Otitis Earrings will make enemies far less likely to detect you while you stand still.


"A sawed off shotgun with a muzzle that oozes a viscous, green substance. Unlike its more healthy cousin, the Boomstick, The Sneeze provides tighter shots for a shotgun that's excellent for taking things one at a time."

The Sneeze is an alternative to the Boomstick that emphasizes single targets rather than crowd control. Each shot takes only one bullet and fires a far tighter spread of three bullets that make it excellent for getting your eye in on an annoying eyeball. Because of this tighter spread, it is also more effective at longer distances than other shotguns.


"The Syphilis Staff has its namesake from the slow-going bacterial infection Syphilis. This magic weapon shares the approach that its inspiration takes: the true damage doesn't come until a little while after you use it."

The Syphilis Staff is an interesting magic weapon. On use, it fires a projectile that seemingly does nothing when it hits an enemy. However, hitting the enemy with more projectiles from the Syphilis Staff will cause the damage to scale up exponentially (up to a certain cap) before it all hits the target at once shortly after you finish firing. Its incredibly slow approach is balanced by having a high amount of damage payoff.


"A rusty nail with snotty, stretchy cytoplasm connecting it to a handle. This weapon is quick, snappy, and stabby."

The Tarnished Nail is a launched flail that is meant to be another entry in relation to the unconventional melee alternatives to it like the Ball O' Hurt and the Rotted Fork. When used, it launches a rusty nail that is unaffected by gravity, shooting forward until it hits an enemy or stretches as far as it can go, where it will then swiftly return to its owner. Its fast speed and range makes it the best melee weapon out of the three.

Once you've given yourself a head start thanks to one or two of these items, you will have probably left the Contagion to move on to other things. Namely, killing King Slime and, eventually, the Eye of Cthulhu.

Once you've slain the Eye of Cthulhu, you may have gotten this Evil's ore: Pandemite.


"A hard-packed mineral made up of condensed waste from cells and animals alike, turned into a steely metal perfect for smithing."

With these materials, you are able to create the weapons (and fishing rod) for the Contagion! All of which are put in this nice little spoiler.


"A classy rapier made of repulsive metal. It's well cast and incredibly precise. Though... it doesn't seem like you know how to use it properly."

The Ma'Lady is a counterpart to the Blood Butcherer and the Light's Bane. Despite being swung overhead, it's slightly faster and has slightly less damage than the Night's Edge.


"A stylish yoyo that feels disgusting to hold. The snotty substance it's attached to allows for incredible range."

Noxious is a yoyo with an extended reach and lower damage output in comparison to Malaise and even more so to the Artery.


"A dangerous bow that's just a little inconvenient to grasp. Once you get a handle for it, it's incredibly quick to use."

The Flu Shot is a bow that, unlike the Demon Bow, has a damage that's equal to the Platinum and Gold Bow, but it has one of the fastest use times of any pre-hardmode bow, equal to the Molten Fury.


"A vile rod with a snotty chunk attached to the end. To catch a fish with this is to also degrade that fish."

The Transmission is a fishing rod with a fishing power equal to the Fleshcatcher and a velocity equal to the Fisher of Souls. I don't know what else to say. It's a middle-of-the-road fishing rod.

With these weapons in tow, you are ready to take on the Contagion's boss. Smashing two more snot balls without a care for the loot will call upon it to defend its home...

Mursa has Awoken!


"Mursa is a nightmarish colony of hardy bacteria cells. Named after the MRSA Superbug, a Gram-positive strain of bacteria distinct from Staphylococcus aureus that is resistant to some of the strongest forms of penicillin available, including methicillin. Starting as a skin infection, it will work its way deeper into the body, infecting blood and organs and causing, as you would expect, complete organ failure and death."

Foreword: Numeric values are not my strong suit. As such, I will avoid providing such when describing damage, defense, etc.

Mursa is made up of two different body parts: Eyes and Bodies.

Mursa will swap between two different phases constantly throughout the battle. In its first phase, it will float towards the player together as one unit. Each eye shoots Toxin (a projectile similar in property to vile spit) and Mursa in this phase will float around the player. This phase has low health, and when its health in this phase drops to 0, it breaks apart and will activate its second phase.

In its second phase, each body part will act as a separate entity and will all individually charge for the player. Eyes have lower defense than Bodies, and Bodies move slower than Eyes. Eyes can still shoot at the player in this second phase. In this phase, each body part is capable of being killed, making this phase your opportunity to deal actual damage to the boss as a whole. Once all the body parts pass the player, they will regroup and the boss will return to its first phase.
The goal is to kill all of the bosses body parts in its second phase.

Expert Mode Changes

In Expert Mode, on top of having higher numbers, Eyes will shoot faster and faster depending on how little body parts are left. In its second phase, the eyes will move slower and shoot faster while the body parts will move faster and deal higher contact damage than eyes. Furthermore, Toxin will inflict poison for a very short time.

We don't need to go over Master Mode changes because refer to the foreword.

Once Mursa is defeated, meteors are allowed to spawn and the boss itself will drop a plethora of sweet loot. So lets get into that!


Assuming you like having a marginal amount of fun, you will have probably beaten Mursa on Expert Mode and collected a Mursa Treasure Bag:


To start, let's get the mask and trophy out of the way:


You got that? You got these two things ingrained in your brain? Cool and good. Let's move on.

Much like the Brain of Cthulhu and the Eater of Worlds, Mursa has a chance of dropping a pet for you to style with!


"Not all bacteria is bad! In fact, some are really useful for developing wonderful edibles for your enjoyment. Like cheese! This fondue stick still has some non-sterilized fondue on it. Maybe it'll summon a friend?"

The Fontina Stick is a pet accessory that summons a pet Lactoba, which shares an appearance to the Cholerit, despite the design being inspired from the Lactobacillus. The pet will hover passively around you and has no special animation for when it increases acceleration to catch up with you. Design below!


We will go over the Shadow Scale/Tissue sample equivalent later. For now, lets go over the Expert and Master Mode items!

Expert Mode Drop


"It still twitches in your hand. While equipped, getting hit will cause it to eject Toxin, creating a thorns effect that inflicts attacking enemies with poison."

The Festering Protozoa is Mursa's expert mode accessory. When equipped, enemies that hit you will take damage and receive a short poison effect, making it a permanent thorns potion in some regard.

Master Mode Drops

First things first, lets go over Mursa's Master Mode Relic!


Pretty, isn't it? I'd put it in my Master Mode trophy room that I totally have because I'm totally not bitter about how awful and un-fun Master Mode is.


"A festering mass of overgrown bacteria that has started to become its own entity. Its overtaking the petri dish it was once planted in. Summons a friend...?"

This Overgrown Petri Dish is what summons the Master Mode pet when put into your pet slot: a small colony of Mursa Microbes. It initially starts as a singular pet, floating around the player without much care in the world. Once it accelerates to catch up with you, it breaks apart and the individual pieces will begin to follow you. It will then reform into one mass once it has slowed back down.


Now, if y'all checked the spoilers, I would say that I'm going to go over the armor set and tools for this post, but if you did go over the spoilers (which, goodness, I hope you did), this post is getting pretty big and it's getting pretty late. I will go over the armor set as soon as tomorrow! Thanks for reading.
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Welcome back!

As promised, I'll be going over Mursa's boss material and explaining its uses. I think you guys will really enjoy this update!

Before we dive into it, however, I updated the main post with the previous update-- I even changed the designs of some draws that I wasn't proud of! Be sure to give the main post another gloss over to see what's been updated.

But, without further adurr, let's dive into the rest of Mursa's related items.


"An unnaturally large bundle of chromosomes. These dictate how a bacteria cell acts, and are incredibly useful for manipulating Pandemite into more complex, stronger shapes."

Nucleoids are counterparts to Tissue Samples and Shadow Scales. They are used to create the other tools and armor in the Pandemite set. All of which are put into yet another spoiler. Get used to these.


"A stylish suit of armor made to pay homage to The Three Musketeers, this armor is light and provides increased precision and luck."

Pandemite armor, ladies and gentlemen! Are you surprised by how it looks? It certainly is an interesting design direction to take for an evil based on illness and disease. Needless to say, each piece provides an increase to firing speed, while the entire set provides an increased critical strike chance bonus.


"A hammer that resembles most modern hammers in appearance."

Unlike The Breaker and the Flesh Grinder, The Nailer is more utility based, having the lowest overall damage but the shortest use time, making it effective for quickly tearing down walls.


"An axe that resembles a modern fireaxe."

Similarly to the Nailer, the Feveraxe is more utility based than its other counterparts. It has a lower damage output compared to the War Axe of the Night, but the fastest use time of the three.


"A pickaxe that feels more like a scythe."

as a change of pace, the Booger Pick has the slowest use times of the three pickaxes, but with the highest damage and knockback output, making both useful as a pickaxe and a short-ranged weapon.
I know this update is a little shorter than the previous one, but the next update will be going over pre-hardmode fishing as well as wrapping up any other loose ends in pre-hardmode before going into hardmode! So, be on the lookout for that.
Is it Necroposting if its your Forum Post?
I'm about to find out.

Hi, so that whole thing about regular updates was kinda a lie. Turns out forgetting something exists will make you also forget all the obligations attached to said thing. Who knew?

That said, I'm back to finish up Pre-Hardmode Contagion stuff!

First, let's take a gander around the environment. What can basic foraging and fishing get you?


"An angler fish infected by the microbes that infest the Contagion. Useful for brewing."

The Ailmenfish is one of the few fish-able... fish, that you can get in the Contagion. While only useful for fish dinners in pre-hardmode, it'll be more important later...


"Ever heard of a Blowfish? They're like fish water balloons filled with who-knows-what. Catch me one so I can throw it at someone!" - Angler

The Blowfish is the quest item for you to catch in the Contagion. That's it. That's its thing.


"A crate made out of a cellular wall, who knows what lies within?"

Fishing up a Contagious Crate is not something particularly exciting. Useful for if you've exhausted all of your potential loot from Pandemite Balls (to the people who genuinely run into this issue: how the Hell do you deal with the meteors?).

Shaking a couple trees will net you these treats:


"What? You wanted some exotic fruit? ... Well, here's a durian."

Olives and a Durian both provide the same benefits as all other fruits: a five minute Well Fed buff. When mixed together, they can create...


"Usually, the five-second rule doesn't apply to drinks..."

A Dirty Martini is a martini made with an olive brine or juice and garnished with an olive. Where does the Durian play into this recipe? Uhhh...

As with the other drinks, the Dirty Martini will provide a Well Fed buff for 20 minutes.
And, as usual, there is a nice mosaic for you to decorate your home with, as provided by the Contagion!


"If you are either curious or a generally awful person and you stick the Painter in the Contagion biome, he will paint a pretty... pretty disgusting, canvas."

"The Infectious Colony" is this evil's painting, sold by the Painter when he's in the Contagion biome.
But what of the Contagion-specific beasts that arise when the Blood Moon comes? Well, there are two... rather unhealthy critters:


"A once docile goldfish corrupted with Contagion microbes. Now it wants blood."

Throw Vomituous Powder on a goldfish, wait for the Blood Moon, or watch it stew in the waters of the Contagion, the Diseased Goldfish is an aggressive little critter.


"Usually, deadly bacteria are kept hibernating in ice. Evidently not so in the corrupted snow of the taiga Contagion."

Similar parameters apply to the creation of a Diseased Penguin, which is similarly infested and aggressive.
In hindsight, this probably could've been tacked onto the previous update, but I was running low on steam at that point and I suppose I said "I'll get onto it later"...

Well, I suppose I technically did get back to it later. Hope you all enjoy this update! Soon, I plan on getting into the nitty gritty that is Hardmode. Here's hoping! Also, please let me know if I missed any pre-hardmode evil content; I'll try to compile the missing pieces into a post after the main bulk of my concepts!

The Spirits of Light and Dark have been Released.

And with it, a plethora of horrors have escaped the bowels of disease and decay and now amps the deadly factor of the Contagion and expedites its spread. Since many players first instinct will be to acquire a Key of Night, they may notice the Contagion's increased virulence very quickly.

Something to note is that this is a big update, and I'm just covering the stuff before you fight this evil's mimic! Please keep that in mind.

For example! Let's take a look at the hardmode Contagion enemies.


"Good old salmonella. Make jokes about contracting it after a bad Taco Bell experience, but it won't change the fact that salmonella will rip you up on the inside, leaving basically anything you expel from down under caked in blood. While it is fortunate that salmonella can mostly pass without much issue, it can still kill and, unlike the bacteria its based on, Salmonellia's mortality rate is 100%."

Salmonellia is esentially the hardmode variant of Cholerit, sharing the same AI with the difference of being able to move faster in blocks.


"Most notable for having one of the most intimidating nicknames for a disease ever, 'Lockjaw', AKA Tetanus, is a scary little number that most notably cultivates on rusty metals. Those unfortunate enough to step on a rusty nail might experience muscle spasms that can last minutes, headaches, and fever, and even with the wonders of modern medicine, the mortality rate manages to stay a concerning 10%. It's a good thing that there are vaccines for this nightmare."

Tetani Terrors are the hardmode variant of Botulistic Ballistics and, unlike those slow-sacks, actively look around for hosts to nab. Tetani Terrors will speed up the longer they chase you, meaning that it's good to take them down before they start breaking into a fully-blown bum-rush.


"While Cystic Fibrosis is not a bacterial infection, its status as a very unfun genetic disorder is not something to downplay. Capable of causing a variety of detrimental effects, the most notable one is making the body more susceptible to lung infections, inspiring the Fibric Slime's mucous body. As expected, a disorder like this can shorten the expected 72.2 average years of life to an alarming 50."

Fibric Slimes are the hardmode slime variant that spawns in the Contagion, and it contains a fun suprise! Once killed, it will shoot out little minions that will flop on the ground like a fish, attempting to flip into you. They have far less health than even the slime it spawns from has, so simple awareness should be all you need to keep them at bay.
If you were unfortunate enough to have your Contagion intersect more unique biomes, you might run into one of these nasties while traversing the infected deserts:

"The corpse of an Egyptian, once sacred, now defiled by the Contagion microbe."
Sharing the same properties as the Blood and Dark mummies, the Infectious Mummy is just a Contagion themed evil mummy reskin.

As you make your rounds underground, the underground evils will make themselves known to you and the monsters within. Let's have a look at some of the Contagion cavern dwellers, shall we?


"A surgical bonesaw controlled by particularly intelligent microbes. Needless to say, you wouldn't want this thing to perform your amputations... though it might want to amputate all of your limbs regardless."

The Contagion's take on the classic, possessed evil weapon, making it statistically and behaviorally the same as the rest of the possessed weapons.


"If you are lucky, you might contract Anthrax's skin variant, which manifests as a painless black ulcer on the skin and nothing more. However, you might also be unfortunate enough to inhale or ingest the thing, which can result in all sorts of unfun symptoms. Alternatively, you can get it injected right into your veins if you're victim to a biological war tactic! Depending on what strand of Anthrax you get, mortality rates can go as low as 23% without treatment to as high as 80% even with treatment. The Anthrax Attacker similarly likes to keep things interesting."

Anthrax Attacker is a worm enemy capable of splitting into smaller worm enemies like the Eater of Worlds, but is also slow and not affected by gravity like most of the Pre-Hardmode Contagion enemies.


"H. Pylori is initially fairly innocuous, seeming to present little to no stomach-related symptoms on contraction. Look a little closer, though, and you'll notice that this thing is linked to some of the most terrible ailments known to man: Alzheimer's, coronary artery disease, Parkinson's - it's even linked to cancer. The Pyloric Perforator is a similarly innocent looking, but absolutely dreadful organism."

I won't lie to you by saying that this thing is anything less than not fun. It's slow moving, but able to spit a short stream of splashing elder bile at you once in range. Once you kill it, you'll finally acquire Elder Bile, which will come in handy soon.
If your Contagion biome intersects an ice biome, you may also find this fun lad in your frosty, cadaverous cavern adventure:

How it can see you is something of a mystery, but this Pigron is statistically identical to the rest of the Pigrons.

Finally, you may also run into this thing floating about in your contagion waters!

"A jellyfish like organism made up of many infectious nematodes, the Manno War has a bit of a reach and a bit of an unpleasant sting."

The Manno War is much like the Blood Jelly, except for the part where it's longer than most other jellyfish, giving it a very slight increased range over most other jellies.
Once you've gotten enough Souls of Night, you may have acquired enough Elder Bile to make a few items to help with your upcoming mimic fight. Some of which can include!


I suppose it's important to first preface what Elder Bile's effect is: Elder Bile decreases the damage output of any enemy it effects, and flasks can allow you to infuse your swords and whips with the stuff!


"If your body doesn't immediately reject it once it enters your mouth, it's actually got some pretty handy properties."


"A tome that, despite being freshly crafted, already feels like you dumped it in swamp water."

Indegestion fires a slower moving ball of piercing slime that, unlike Cursed Flames or Golden Shower, can pierce walls. Good for trapping larger enemies into the projectile or taking down a stack of enemies.


"It's no surprise that you can tip basically all of your ammo in this grody stuff."

While the bullets and arrows don't have many interesting properties aside from inflicting the Elder Bile debuff, the Bile Dart will make a splash on contact with an enemy or surfact, allowing it hit multiple enemies in one shot.


"You're probably far used to holding things that feel awful by now."

Bile Torches are the lightsource for this material, which will radiate a bright teal light! This can be crafted into a campfire - I just forgot to draw it.


"Don't cook marshmallows over it."

And the pure fire version of the lightsource. Moving on.
Once you've gotten set up with your equipment and have a key in hand, you're set to fight the Contagion Mimic and make your first true foray into hardmode!

... But I'll have to get into that later. This post is getting quite long and has a lot of stuff! I'm happy to get back into this, and I hope it can gain some traction again!
For now, though, I'll see you later to touch upon the mimic's content and maybe a bit more!
You heard correctly. With the emergence of an... unexpected party eying this forum, I've decided to go full Hell-for-leather and post everything else I've conceptualized, right here, right now.
Where we left off, I was starting to get into the mimic, so let's talk a little about that critter!


"A mimic born from the Contagion microbe. Contains many virulent treasures... if you can kill it before it kills you."
The Pandemite Mimic is functionally indistinguishable from the other Evil mimics. Indeed, what makes the Pandemite Mimic interesting is its drops.


"A wand that serves as a conduit for mass disease. Afflict the masses, or concentrate the entirety of your plague onto a single target."

Outbreak works in an interesting way as, while its damage is respectable, firing it at a closer group of people will spread the damage out amongst the group.


"Rebounding and piercing, the Coccus Chakram is useful as a moderate-damage, psuedo-homing tool."

The Coccus Chakram is a boomerang that, upon hitting a target, will deflect off of the first target and ricochet to the next. If there is no nearby secondary target, the chakram will instead return to the player to be thrown again.


"Multi-shot, weaponized toy. The Dart Shotgun fires multiple darts at once for spread damage."

The Dart Shotgun fires single darts in a spread of three. Other than that, it's the same as every other dart gun.


"Please, God, don't put it on."

Something of a wackier accessory in terms of design, the Mutated Stocking increases movement speed and vertical velocity, as well as increased air control.


"An elastic microbe. Whether or not it is sentient is up to you to decide as you throw it against walls and ceilings."

The obligatory hook accessory dropped from mimics. Same stats.

The Mutated Stocking (seen in the spoiler above), much like the Flesh Gloves and Putrid Scent, can be mixed with class-based accessories (in this case, Summoner) to inherit both of the two properties. Mixing the Hercules Beetle with Mutated Stocking makes this...

And mixing the Pygmy Necklace and Mutated Stocking makes this...

And, now that we are in Hardmode, the Ailmenfish now gains a new use! Mixing Ailmenfish with Deathweed can create a third alternative to the Rage and Wrath potion:

"Somehow more effective than social media echo chambers, the Hate Potion can fuel someone's vitriol towards something to the point that it physically enhances them."

The Hate Potion increases the attack speed of the drinker as an alternative way to raise DPS that can work in tandem with the other two potions.

By the way, the rest of this post is just going to cover some loose ends, which I will stick the rest of in this nice spoiler.

"Like it or not, this thing has bound itself to your mind from the moment you've touched it."

Mursa's Secondwind is the Biome Chest weapon for the Contagion. Functions like a yoyo, and will benefit from yoyo accessories, but is missing any form of string, and instead follows the cursor to any point on the screen through any blocks.


"An eel corrupted by the Contagion microbe. Show your enemies how little you respect them by slapping them with a wet, diseased eel."

An early-HM summoner whip fished in the waters of the Contagion, this whip doesn't have the longest range, but makes up for it in snotty projectiles that fire out of it an arc, dealing its damage (though admittedly not tagging enemies).

Furthermore, certain Contagion enemies in Hardmode have a rare chance of dropping the Incubation Tank, which can be used to manipulate Contagion stone into a more organic form...



"Cytoplasm and bodily fluids, spattered with necrosis and turned into a gelatinous, but sturdy block. Surprisingly not the worst thing to walk on, though the smell might make you reconsider regular use..."

... And the respective "Flesh Block" equivalent for the Contagion. Yes, there is a furniture set and no, I will not draw it. Just imagine all the Contagion Enemy designs I've shared so far, but turned into furniture.

Speaking of which, here is the final enemy I have to share for this concept, and the final piece of content I made for this redesign: The Contagion Sand Shark.

"Rare creature that appears during a sandstorm in the contagious desert. The sandy exterior hides an inside of sentient body waste."

Statistically the exact same as the rest of the sand sharks, but unique in design.

And with that, my concept for a Contagion redesign, literally years in the making for no reason, is now complete (?). There may be some other parts of the Crimson and Corruption biome that I haven't made counterparts for, so there may be a follow up, but I pray to God I won't have to make one.

Thank you all for reading!
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