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  1. Sockmonkey367

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    Hello everyone! Today on EZ stuff, we are gonna Destroy the Destroyer. And farm spider gear! yay farmingggggg. Here is what you need:

    1: Orchaluim or Mythril armor (see EZ Stuff: EZ Hardmode start)
    2: A good weapon EX Arkhalis, Breaker Blade, Nights Edge, Minishark, Pheonix Blaster, Clockwork Assult Rifle, Water Bolt (because of enclosed space) Nimbus Rod, Laser Rifle, Imp Staff.

    Optional section beginning

    4: Wings
    5: Campfires, Sunflowers, Heart Lanterns, Honey.

    Option section ending

    So first, take the blocks of your choice, and build up by around 30-50 blocks. Then, build a box, with walls. Also have two layers, so you can place things if you want EX campfires and honey. Connect these layers via platforms. Now, go to a spider cavern, and farm Spider Fangs, You will need AT LEAST 52 per person. This makes the Spider Armor set, and a Spider Staff. If you want to make the battle even quicker, get the Queen Spider Staff, too. Including the Queen Spider Staff, the whole set for 1 person is 76. Thanks for doing maths for me. Now, after you have gotten everything, equip your Spider Set, summon your Spiders, and summon him. Need the crafting recipe for his spawner? Well here is the recipe.

    6 Rotten Chunks OR Vertebrae
    5 Iron Bars OR Lead Bars
    6 Souls of Night.

    4 crafting recipes? Really? Yea people can have either lead or iron worlds and either corruption or crimson worlds. Also, I recommend crafting 5 so that you can farm him. Now, wait for when it is 7:30 PM in the game, and summon it in your box. Now, let your spiders kill it. Congratulations! You have Destroyed the Destroyer. Now, I will see you later. BYE!

    I'm posting this during school because i have free time so BYE
  2. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    how On earth do you kill the probes fast enough?
    Also, how do people dodge the destroyer’s head in a box?(280 damage a pop isn’t fun).
  3. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Brain of Cthulhu

    1: There are many weapons you can use, which can kill them fast enough. NGL i might have used the True Night's Edge, because i was on Old Gen, which had frankensteins and swamp things drop broken hero swords

    2: You can have 2 layers, being connected from a platform, and drop down. Also, you can then add on damage! NOICE Wow im surprised you came here after i answered all of this person's questions Yea i just had to
  4. poi

    poi Steampunker

    I just used an onyx blaster with crystal bullets combined with golden shower. For the probes, a clockwork assault rifle works fine.
  5. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Brain of Cthulhu

    Thanks for the tip!
  6. Daedus Stormbow and those star arrows.
    Nuff said
  7. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Brain of Cthulhu

    people might think the Hallowed mimic is to hard
    plus this is from my old gen experience Same with mine Oh hey Bopp Hey
  8. sharkman0101

    sharkman0101 The Destroyer

    Actually, the Hallowed Mimic isn't that tough. Gather some Souls of Light and make the Keys of Light to summon the Hallowed Mimic in favorable conditions, such as an above ground arena.