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Failed install/download issue.


Does anyone have a work around for the 'unable to install/download' issue?
This is happening on a Google Nexus 7 (2013) Marshmallow 6.0.1. When the app is opened it says 'connecting to server' and then it says 'failed install/download' after which it hangs on the spinning icon screen and the app does not open.


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See my reply in one of the other threads you posted this question in.


Here as in other online forums, it's a good idea not to cross-post the same question in multiple threads. Cross-posting can result in wasted time and effort as posters in one thread try to solve issues that have already been solved in another thread.

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1. You are running out of storage
2. Bad Wifi
3. Not compatable with device (unlikely)
4. Virus
5. Malfunction

Check to see if it is right or wrong for each. Ways to test below:
1. Try to download a large app (GTA IV maybe) or you can see how much storage it takes, and if you have enough for it in your settings.
2. Check your wifi mbps (if it is 0 mbps, there is something wrong) or see if you can connect to safari and download a picture
3. Go to Google Support site and see what they have to say
4. See if it is possible to use an anti-virus on there. Or connect it to your PC and do a virus check.
5. Restart and try again.

These are just ways to test what is going on.


Thanks for all the help.

Bethany I have taken on board what you say. I'm not a forum person, this is my first shot at it, but my children are a bit gutted over this, they've spent hours and hours on the game, so I am on the hunt for a solution.

Storage - Not an issue - 4.64 Gb used out of 12.2 Gb

Wifi - good - streaming YouTube without issue.

Google Play Store is up to date.

Deleted the OBB folder and it now has no OBB folder and the same issue. It doesn't replace the folder.


I have a solution!!!!!!

It works for the 'failed install/download' and the 'couldn't find obb data' issue.

After many hours of searching and trying different things I managed to piece together various bits of information and this is how I did it: -

1. Backup using Helium, there are various ways to back up but I used a PC and transferred back and forth from that. It also made it easier to browse the folders which is very handy for the further steps.

2. Delete Terraria from your device.

3. Install Terraria again and run it, just get it to the menu screen and then close it down.

3. Browse the folders on your device and find the Android folder, in there first go in to the obb folder and rename the Terraria folder, just add something like .bk to the end of the name, go back to the Android folder then in to the data folder and rename the Terraria folder in there.

4. Restore your backup in Helium to the new tablet.

5. Try and run it, within seconds it will error, close the app down.

6. Browse the folders again and go in to the folders as before, delete any new Terraria folders, rename the old ones back to what they were called (remove the .bk if that's all you added). If I re-call correctly I think it was only in the data folder that I had a new folder created.

7. Launch Terraria again and all your old stuff is there.

It is nice to know that I can repeat this process if neccessary because the 'failed download/install' issue has happened to my Son's versions of Terraria on 3 seperate occssions now.

I sincerely hope this works for everyone else too.
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