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Since yesterday, December 10th, I have been unable to play multiplayer. When I try to join a game in multiplayer, it says unable to join session and to retry. If I try to host & play, it says it failed to create session.

I have tried many things to troubleshoot. I have closed the application and full reset my ps4. I saved my character and data into a flashdrive and deleted terraria and re-downloaded. Issue still occurs.

I know it's not my internet connection because everything else works and runs smoothly like talking in a game party and re-installing terraria and watching youtube videos. I even asked my brother to try running multiplayer Terraria on his PS5 and he has the issue too. I don't know what to do from here so I'm posting here in hope someone can help and tell me a solution. PLEASE.


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There isn't an issue with PS Plus at all? I have had problems playing online when the PS Plus servers have been screwy.

I just check, it is: PlayStation Network Status


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