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Fanmade Minecraft lore

Mr Ribbon Eel

Long ago the humans where struggling to survive. But then they discovered crafting, with this new ability they could break stone with pickaxes and break trees and soil faster, seeds now had a use, and they could build with much more material, and they could now fight back. A few years later they thought of making tools out of iron. They found a strange blue ore known as diamond, and a few years later they realize they could make stuff out of diamonds. Years later redstone contraptions are invented. Now we enter the age of magic. The humans discover golems, enchanted, brewing, and more. Structures are built. The illagers are exiled form the villagers due to being too violent. Now living in woodland mansions and outposts, Planning their text attack on the villagers. But lets ignore that and talk about the nether and end. The nether is the minecraft equivalent of hell. all souls being trapped permanently in soul sand or living on as various monsters. The end used to be the minecraft equivalent of heaven but then it was taken over by the ender dragon. All people being turned into endermen. Meanwhile in the nether, the piglins and wither skeletons are at war. The wither skeletons create a extremely powerful super weapon known as the wither. Being even more powerful then it is in game at the time. After taking over the nether, they decide to take over the overworld. The humans have no chance against it. All humans being turned into either zombies or skeletons. The wither was sealed away and made less powerful. but the people who sealed away the wither where killed in the process. And now the player arrives in this post apocalyptic world. Starting your journey.
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