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How do you find in game translations? (Read post first)

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Hey all,

I'm a German developer and i want to help you for translate your game "Terraria" from English into our German Language. If you interested in my help, you can contact me via these forum message system.

Thanks and see u soon,

#Edit: @Bohnenschote is my Buddy, so i can do my best to help him with all coding things.
Hi i play this game mostly in english because i'm a native german speaker and the transtlation is somewhat.. weird to bedelicate.
I'd like to help with german translation however i can only offer translation services since i'm a complete blank space when it comes to coding.
I'm from the Netherlands and want to start translating the game, but I have no experience with coding. I know there are some Dutch people out there that would like a translation. Is there any way I can be of assistance?
I speak Russian, and I really want to take part in translation (I'm not good at modding stuff though). I guess there may be a problem with Cyrillic fonts because vanilla Russian font is quite... bad.
not sure if this thread is dead or not...
but im currently working on a hungarian translation pack for terraria
if you are interested: https://discord.gg/8d42nnF (non-official hungarian discord server, but i manage the translation files here [join if you need them], and this is the biggest hungarian terraria server atm)
Hi do you know how to make a translation for modded game aswell ?
I have installed spirit mod and it is amazing ,but my little cousin doesn't speak english :/
Is there any chance to translate this mod ?
I have no idea how to do it but I would appreciate any advice please
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