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    Those pixels are your player's face. :)
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    Actually... I've got a theory for you: (old) Linux + Intel graphics.

    First setting up on my laptop (i5-3230M) and while resizing the window on the main menu I got a momentary flash that, obviously I couldn't catch details, but it looked remarkably similar to the "texture streak" screenshot. It was there for only a split second, BUT, on my laptop I'm running very fresh Mesa drivers out of a PPA (because I'm developing some stuff that leans on Vulkan and want a more mature/complete implementation). It's possible the stock Ubuntu drivers, or something even older, had problems that made the artifact persist onscreen. Other games have had issues with Intel graphics that seemed to be tied to corrupted textures.

    Spin up Ubuntu 14.04 on a system relying on Intel ondie and see how the game behaves there.
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    When wearing the Lamia tail, boot textures such as Hermes Boots or Frostpark boots will appear on top of the tail, with the textures merged.
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    I don't think that's a bug, more like an oversight...
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    unmmm yeah is this just me

    every time i click W,A,S,D as button mash it does this
    got any leads on how to stop it

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    I just found this after trying to figure out why a logic build i was doing with my bro wasn't working as intended.
    The bug is the NOR logic gate doesn't output by default(more specifically when an off lamp above it is not provided with an active switch signal the NOR gate doesn't output an active signal; thus the NOR gate is acting as a OR gate atm instead of a NOR gate)
  7. Idk if its been mentioned before but i just saw a slime containing a Phoenix Blaster. I was playing with my friend in MP when it started to rain slime as king slime was about to spawn and first we saw a blu slime containing something weird and we killed it to see whats inside and it turned out to be a blaster. IDK what is the chance for this to happen or if this is a bug of some sort just thought id ask if anyone knows anything about that happening
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