tModLoader Fargo's Mutant Mod: Summons and Souls

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Fargowilta, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. morat136

    morat136 Terrarian

    It's possible that I'm just not seeing it in the list, but is there any way I could turn off the Midas effect in souls made with the Gold Enchantment? Money is nice and all, but I don't actually need it, and there's so much of it produced that it lags my game whenever I'm close enough to pick it up. Also, when using The Ultimate Battler from the LuiAFK mod to rapidly farm for drops, there are so many enemies dying so quickly that the amount of money on the ground is more than the game can handle. I end up reaching the hardcoded cap on how many items can exist on the ground, and even with a magnet to pick things up immediately, items will despawn before they can travel across the screen to be picked up.

    This is an absurd problem to have, and absolute peak First World Problem, but please stop giving me money.
  2. Xoleuph

    Xoleuph Golem

    some effects are a bit bugged and need you to reload the world after turning them off, at least that is what I have experienced last time.
  3. ozoahameg

    ozoahameg Terrarian

    ya i experienced this too
    here is my suggestion, if your farming using battle-cry i would suggest constantly picking up the items using magnet to avoid it reaching the maximum items dropped. just trash those excess money for now, fargo will update it soon
    my biggest problem is the damaging aura around my character which insta kills almost all mobs near me, so i make a do by crafting another sets of soul just not eternity an i swap it in case those things bother me(although making another set is very tiring took me more than 6 hours to remake them all)
  4. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime

    What about Consolaria support?
  5. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    the damaging aura has a toggle you know. its the Orichalcum Fireballs one
  6. Cellidor

    Cellidor Terrarian

    I'd just like to give a big kudos and thanks to you Fargo for keeping up with updating and adding to this mod. I fell in love with it when I first tried it out years ago and since then it's only gotten better. Easily my favorite mod, there's just something so satisfying about going on a collect-a-thon to find items.
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  7. V1R4L CoOKie

    V1R4L CoOKie Terrarian

    Hi! I'm just a little confused and i can't find the answer documented anywhere :/ Anyway whenever I wear the Shinobi Infiltrator Enchantment, everytime I take damage I get a strange bleeding effect! Basically when i take normal damage, I will continually take slightly less damage every second until that damage is 0 and stops affecting me. I say strange because I can't possibly understand what is causing it other than when I wear the Shinobi Infiltrator Enchantment. It also doesn't show up in my list of effects so it's semmingly something other than a regular debuff. Anyway if someone could simply tell me if this is a glitch or not, and perhaps how i can prevent it, that would be very appriciated :D TY
  8. ozoahameg

    ozoahameg Terrarian

    i toggled it off monsters still dies when reaching about 15 blocks from me
    and the orichalcum is for the spinning colorfull balls

    why is your mod removed from the mod browser i cant find it
    or is it only on updated tmodloader im using tmodloader v0.10.1.5
    please tell me where to update your mod i cand find it on the mod browser ad the website only downloads the fargo npc not the fargo souls
  9. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    its from thorium shade master which is a material in that enchantment, tooltip is updated with the info for next time
    yea the fireballs ARE the aura, if stuff is still dying I have no idea what the cause is
    Also it should definitely be on the browser
  10. KYAFA

    KYAFA Terrarian

    Bug report. When Masochist mode is on, and i stepping on cobweb, the character freeze, but the game is still working.
  11. Bob The_Builder

    Bob The_Builder Terrarian

    I dont know if i'am dumb but the download link only include Fargo's Mutant Mod
    So where can i find Fargo's Soul Mod pls?
  12. GamersInBlack

    GamersInBlack Official Terrarian

    Hey! came back after a while, still love the mod
    I found out about masochist mode while am a little bit into my current modded playthrough, and honestly I'd rather not start again. I've been trying to get the Mutant's Gift from making a new character and catching the Mutant with a net, to no avail. So, am wondering if I'm doing something wrong, and also if there is a way for me to spawn the item
  13. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    get cheat sheet or HEROs mod
  14. Sir Fortress

    Sir Fortress Terrarian

    hey mates I updated Fargo's soul mod and it said downgrade what do I do in this situation?
  15. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    I did another update and this should be fixed
    just get it off the mod browser
  16. Olimarrex

    Olimarrex Terrarian

    It would appear the Bulb Enchantment for this mod is bugged - whenever I equip it my character is frozen in place, vanity items stop displaying, and I cannot use or interact with anything until I take it off.

    Mod list:
    Thorium Mod,
    Fargowiltas souls
  17. Awesome imp

    Awesome imp Terrarian

    You should add caught npcs for thorium and calamity aswell for the mutant mod
  18. Airarret

    Airarret Terrarian

    Speaking of, can we disable the catching of town NPCs with a config setting?
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  19. Olimarrex

    Olimarrex Terrarian

    If there are any more details about the bulb enchantment bug / PC Info (/ credit card info :3) I need to give, please let me know.
  20. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    Hmm I will look into
    lol thank you