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PC Favo(u)rited items...


I like the feature that you're able to favorite items, and I use it a lot on my weapons, tools, and accessories. So it would be nice if accessories, hooks, mounts and pets could remain as favorited when you put them into their own slots. For instance, I have two mounts which I use a lot and I have to always swap them. It gets quite annoying when I have to always set them as favorites. Do you support this idea or do you think it's just stupid?


Brain of Cthulhu
I agree. Sometimes I'll even carry an extra set for armor (or just a helmet) and want to swap them out. It would be nice if those could remain "favorite" too. So I'd say might as well extend this to all the equipment slots. I honestly can't think of any drawback.
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Funny, I was thinking of putting together a list of "quality of life" suggestions, and this one is near the top of my list. I'm a collector, and I also have duplicates of certain accessories that have different modifiers for different purposes. I've misplaced items multiple times because I unequipped an accessory, swapped it to my main inventory, did a quick stack to nearby to free up inventory space, then realized much later that the item I needed was gone and I needed to go looking for it. I can understand why manually placing an item in a chest would remove the favorite status, but I can't think of any reason why an item should no longer be counted as a favorite if equipped (which is still technically in the player's inventory). It doesn't necessarily need to be rendered as a favorite when moved to an equipment slot, but it ought to retain the property.


Eye of Cthulhu
While they're at it, why don't they make that you can favorite items in equip slots? Complete support!
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