Favorite pre hardmode weapons!


I know that this is the PC discussion, but I have also played some console. I would say that the Sharanga is the best PHM. It's a console exclusive weapong crafted by two molten bows. It can easily take you into HM. I even used it against the twins. But otherwise I like the book of skulls
Also, the first time I got the Sharanga, I got u real. With titanium ranger armour it did 80 damage! For a PHM weapon! Just imagine what it would do with shroomite, but it became obsolete by the time I got the shroomite.
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Spiky Balls and the Waterbolt are my favourite pre-hardmode weapons, as they provide great utility due to their interaction with the environment. Laying traps with these items is still useful in early hardmode, for example to traverse the hardmode crimson and ice biome.


The Destroyer
3. Fire Flower. Everything was a Goomba.
2. Vilethorn. I just love it. Too good.
1. Space Gun. You know how Yrimir is with Water Bolt? I like it that much.


Waterbolt, without a doubt, it just rocks! the space gun also comes in handy as does any Yoyo u find or craft.


Official Terrarian

1. Night's Edge
2. Muramasa
3. Cascade (or any good yo-yo)


1. Minishark
2. Boomstick (tend to like it when I tried a ranged-only run)
3. Phoenix Blaster


1. Space Gun
2. Vilethorn
3. Water Bolt

No summon weapons, because there are only three of them.

Chasm Guardian

1. Dark Lance: Easy to find (once you go to the Underworld) and helps in exploration, and also providing defensive methods as well as light. Its piercing powers are very useful. Unfortunately, during the middle of a goblin army battle... my game crashed and the Dark Lance somehow disappeared.
2. Starfury: Projectiles easily help analiate most pre-Hardmode bosses and help exploration more than the Dark Lance
3. Flamarang: I saw my friend using this weapon, and decided to try it out myself. Collected a bunch of the crap needed to make it, and it paid off. Takes care of most enemies

1. Minishark: Farming bosses becomes so easy to do with this gun. I don't regret it at all buying this.
2. Star Cannon: I got angry at Lepus. Like, REALLY angry. (The thing just kept spawning more and more of itself, and I was stuck on top of a broken balcony, just trying to kill the stupid bunny with my Starfury and Flamarang, no good), so I put my Minishark into the Star Cannon, and tried to fight Lepus again. It failed miserably, but now I have a super-powerful weapon in my hands! I probably will regret it later on, but this weapon will definitely help me through Hardmode, so regret only comes temporarily
3. Phoenix Blaster
4. Iron Bow: I used this bow to kill a Queen Bee that refused to despawn. What a stupid glitch. I wasn't even prepared for the battle. I swear, I must have died at least 5 times, and the Queen Bee just didn't despawn. It literally wasn't funny.

1. Fire Flower: I knew this was a good weapon from the start. I researched this in the wiki, and realized that this, the star cannon, and the Starfury will help make my life in Hardmode just a tinsy better.
2. Bee Gun: Saved my life several times, like the first time I was fighting Skeletron. Just kept dodging and letting the bees do their work.
3. Demon Scythe/Book of Skulls: I still don't know which is better

1. Grenades: High damage on impact. Very good.
2. Spiky Balls: Cheap and still resourceful
3. Sticky Bombs: Just because Bombs will blow up the landscape.


1. Vampire Knives (you can get them in pre-hard mode through a glitch)

2. Arkhallis (I got it first try in pc)

3. Blue Moon (I accidentally deleted my friends blue moon by killing him while he was reforging it so I like it because I love bringing it up to him).

For all the people who are angry I put the vampire knives on the list, I added a fourth one.

4. Nights Edge (never used it except for when I played Xbox One but still enjoy it).


Fire Bad
I like it when the Traveling Merchant brings me a Katana on his first visit.

Since RNG hates my guts, I have to say the Space Gun is my overall favorite.


Skeletron Prime

they're all effective and can help kill wall of flesh quickly


I really like the Medusa Head. I beat BoC so easily with it, then killed all of The Hungry during the WOF fight with it. It was even useful into hardmode.


I like my Mythical Vilethorn because it shoots through walls and Legendary Night's Edge can 1-hit-KO my enemies. Get rekt enemies.
[doublepost=1497119456,1497119029][/doublepost]If I can't have Legend Nights edge, then Heavy Fire Greatsword. I have a set that makes fast Melee speed and it sets Bee Queen on fire!


Then again Queen bees an idiot. I summoned her on accident (checked wiki, said she wasn't on N3DS) by carelessly shooting my vilethorn. She has a weird AI glitch where she stays in hive form and shoots nothing. In that case I use unpleasant harpoon for close range rapid fire.

I love to troll the bosses.

I killed all prehardmode bosses with my awesome weapons excluding Wall of Flesh, Lepus, and Turkor the Ungrateful. I haven't played during thanksgiving or Easter, and me and a buddy are going to make hellbridges and help kill each other's Wall of Flesh!
[doublepost=1497678375,1497677882][/doublepost]Plus if you think I'm all happy rainbow sunshine PPAP then get lost. Those are cute and I do love kittens but anyone who plays Terraria like I do (kill the bunnies birds and squirrels) that doesnt happen. On a lighter note, my Pink Eskimo is Kawaii. :3
I'm not all mad. But they made the cutest Terraria biome as evil as the CRIMSON. The adorable rainbow Hallow as evil as the gross, gory crimson.
I have my Corruption tolerance. I only have 1 crimson world so I'm working on that tolerance. But the music is cool.
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