Favorite Terraria YouTuber?

Who is your favorite Terraria youtuber?

  • Yrimir

  • Pedguin

  • GullofDoom

  • MrTheEpicNinja

  • HappyDays

  • Others

  • ChippyGaming

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Markiplier is really good, mainly because of his personality. He's just such a cool guy that it's difficult not to like him. I'd recommend some of his horror RPG playthroughs like The Witch's House, Ib, or Mad Father as good starting points for looking into his stuff. Unfortunately, he hasn't done any Terraria, and I can't really see him doing it any time soon because it doesn't seem like his type of game. He doesn't play a lot of sandboxes besides the occasional Minecraft with friends.
Well he has played terraria in livestreams you can find them on youtube (not on his channel)
HappyDays is my favourite. He knows a lot about the game, he's family friendly and his videos are really fun/entertaining to watch! :dryadhappy:

EDIT: EthosLab and Zisteau's 1.3 co-op series was pretty good. Despite them not being *as* good as HappyDays they still were really good/entertaining.
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I really like HERO's tutorials and his epic multi-boss battles. I also really enjoy Pedguin. Never have watched Yrimir, so that's definitely on my list.
I'm honestly very saddened by the glaring lack of YouTubers who play Terraria blind. In my opinion it's miles more fun to watch someone learn the game than it is to watch someone who knows everything about it, that's just what appeals to me in a Let's Play series, it's fun to see people learn a game for the first time.
Chry. Why so?

First and foremost, she set forth some expectations once you visit her channel. With her content (having observed 5 parts of her Lazy LP from part 5 backwards), she can very well hold up her promises.

Anyways, they make me feel relaxed whenever I get into them and her laid back personality regardless of which one I choose further establishes her uniqueness as a Terraria YouTuber.

In short, she possesses a great sense of humor, wit, and makes it clear that she wants to/is having fun. She's the best! `:happy:
I watch HappyDays alot. Only because I play alot of modded Terraria and I enjoy having a voice there, and because he makes modded content :)
MappyGaming and Joe Price/DicemanX are probably tied in my books for their wonderfully technical approach to the game. My absolute favourite would have to be Ningishu, though (and she finally showed back up too!).

A lot of people seem to compare her to Yrimir - who seems to be borderline worshiped as a god of Terraria - for her high quality and recent ten-month hiatus, but honestly, I feel as if simply calling her the "next Yrimir" isn't enough recognition. As sparse as they are, the amount of effort and care in each of Ningishu's videos is phenomenal; a very prominent example would be her Summoner playthrough prologue. Aside from that, whereas Yrimir mainly uses sprite-based editing, Ningishu also draws a great deal of artwork for her videos.

She also has exceptional performance in the gameplay itself. A simple comparison would be any of her three EM Moon Lord kills and Yrimir's EM Moon Lord Melee "Guide". I have a particular issue with the latter in that while it claims that the Moon Lord can be handled by releasing all three eyes simultaneously, this is extremely difficult in practice due to having to micromanage each one's health and whittle away at the others without killing any of them, as well as handling the Leech Clots. They will always be a few seconds out of sync with each other unless you know how to wait for their cycles; even Yrimir fails to synchronize them in the video. Furthermore, his arena is extremely small and uses barriers to block the Moon Lord's lasers, the latter stripping away a large portion of the fight's difficulty.

While Ningishu also uses slightly cheesy tactics in her first battle (Titanium armour bonus, Master Ninja Gear, laser-blocking barriers, etc.), she actively recognizes and addresses them for her rematches in the next playthroughs. Furthermore, she fares significantly better with a much larger emphasis on pattern analysis and dodging than tanking the Moon Lord's attacks (while tanking is admittedly a given with a build like the one Yrimir used, the strategy is extremely questionable in Expert Mode, and we did see him nearly die several times over), and employs a strategy that successfully synchronizes the True Eyes of Cthulhu. This isn't even getting into the likes of her Night One Expert Mode Wall of Flesh speedrun.

I'm still barely scratching the surface. Yrimir was certainly one of the first and biggest names in the Terraria community, but there is a limit to how well the performance in his videos has aged; beyond a certain point (and in part due to his seemingly eternal hiatus), I don't believe the title of the greatest will remain his forever. Ningishu presents a level of skill and dedication that I feel she ought to be recognized for (and preferably not just as the second coming of an older player).
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Sure, I love seeing a "good" player as much as the next guy, but what really stands out for me is how the Youtuber presents their content.

Enter, Rendog.
Rendog has also been playing Terraria since the 1.0 days, and has made plenty of videos throughout the updates. Nowadays, he's mainly a Minecraft player, but he wouldn't abandon Terraria for long.
The thing I like most about his content is that he pours all his heart and soul into it. This is his true passion, and he enjoys every minute of it; and it shows. As well, he never hesitates to tell his viewers stories from his past experiences in life, and how he has learned from them to become a better person. He always makes a life connection with the games he plays.
Sure, he plays like a noob and makes a lot of silly mistakes, but I'll be darned if he isn't one of the most inspirational people I've ever seen. As such, I see him as my favorite Youtuber in general, as opposed to just a favorite Terraria Youtuber.
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