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Visual Media Favourite Youtubers?


Eater of Worlds
Stuff I watch everyday:
1. AdamChromeE
2. Chippy
Stuff I watch whenever it uploads new stuff:
1. IGoByLotsOfNames (A hypixel skyblock youtuber)
2. Dragoon
3. Wand of Sparking
4. Company Eggs
5. FitMC
6. Phoenix SC
7. Playirime
8. Crabbar
9. Mark Rober
10. Flytech Videos
11. Gungnir
Favorite youtubers: from top to bottom
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Random Fellow

I usually gravitate towards the more calm and relaxing channels, but I do enjoy more comedic based ones like Dragoon and Company Eggs. I don't watch many Terraria youtubers but their Terraria content is great. I guess I watch Chippy every now and then but I can never get hooked. Wand of Sparkling and Photon are other great choices as I come back to those often. I don't watch mainstream or popular youtubers, just ones I can find funny, Dragoon actually gets me to watch videos on games I don't like or are not interested in which says a lot. I love the first year of Game Grumps which I come back to every one or two years. Emplemon and Jontron make amazing stuff. TheRealJims is another relaxing one I come to every now and then to get a mix of Simpsons in there, I won't mention more since I don't want some getting unwanted attention. I'm not one of those people who watch a new channel every week, infact these are pretty much all the ones I watch.


3.Wand of sparking
7.Biron Gaming

Go sub to wand of sparking!
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