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Final Fantasy 6 Mod (WIP, Currently recruiting)


Time for more updates! I've been putting in lots of work to the "leveling system". This mod won't add EXP or leveling, but rather the character equipment will get stronger as you defeat bosses! For example, say you are using Terra's set and it gives 7 DEF total, with 5% magic damage. After beating the EOC, the same set would give 11 DEF total and 7% magic damage, 3% magic crit. This would affect every character set, so as long as a boss is defeated in that world, all the sets would be improved.

Some other updates. Here's an example of Reflect in action:

Here's the Unicorn summon, which removes many different debuffs from you. (The debuff that appears after is a cooldown timer on the Esper summons)

And finally, just some sprites for spell books. These are all custom since FF6 doesn't have any spell book graphics. The ones below are for healing and effect spells, like Cure, Haste, Reflect, Shell, etc.
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