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I enjoy both games, especially the music in FFXIV, so why not make a wave bank? This wave bank uses tracks from Before Meteor, A Realm Reborn, Before the Fall, Heavensward, and some other tracks not found in released albums.

Even if you've never played a Final Fantasy game, let alone FFXIV, the music is really out of this world and I highly suggest anyone who wants a fresh experience in Terraria to try it out.

  1. Head over to Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\Content in your Program Files folder.
  2. Make a back-up of Wave Bank.xwb
  3. Replace it with the new Wave Bank.xwb from the download link.
  • AFAIK this wave bank will only work with a Windows OS. Linux and Mac users can try to use it but I doubt it will work. If there's enough demand I'll try to figure it out but in the meantime, Windows users only.
  • I don't own any of the tracks used; their rights belong to their respective composers.

Track List:
  1. Sultana Dreaming (Night) Ul'dah Night Theme
  2. Answers - Reprise (Eerie)
  3. Wailers and Waterwheels (Overworld Day) Gridania Theme
  4. Revenge Twofold (Boss 1) Patch 3.4+ Boss Theme
  5. Prelude - Rebirth (Title) do do do do do do do do do...
  6. Lipflaps on Longstops (Jungle) Brayflox Longstop Theme
  7. Fealty (Corruption)
  8. Fleeting Rays (The Hallow) Floating City of Nym Theme
  9. A Thousand Screams (Underground Corruption) Thousand Maws of Totorak Theme
  10. Siren Song (Underground Hallow)
  11. Tumbling Down (Boss 2) Xande/Syrcus Tower End Boss Theme
  12. Descent (Underground)
  13. One Blood (Boss 3) Primal Theme
  14. Undying Faith (Snow) Coerthas Town Theme
  15. Missing Pages (Space) Dravanian Hinterlands Theme
  16. Roar of the Wyrm (Crimson)
  17. Brute Justice (Boss 4) A8 Theme
  18. Dance of the Fireflies (Alt Overworld Day) Gridania Theme
  19. Lost in the Clouds (Rain) Sea of Clouds Day Theme
  20. Against the Wind (Ice) Coerthas Western Highlands Theme (probably)
  21. Widdershins (Desert)
  22. A Sailor Never Sleeps (Ocean) Lisma Lominsa Theme (probably)
  23. The Dark's Embrace (Dungeon) A Realm Reborn HM Dungeon Theme
  24. Moebius (Plantera) A12 Phase 1 Theme
  25. Sevent Jesters (Boss 5/Queen Bee) Thornmarch/King Moogle Mog Phase 1 Theme
  26. Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone (Temple) Kobold Stronghold Theme
  27. Fallen Angel (Eclipse) Garuda Theme
  28. Rain SFX
  29. What is Love? (Mushrooms) Bahrr Lens Theme
  30. Edda Blackbosom (Pumpkin Moon) Palace of the Dead Floor 50 Boss Theme
  31. Ink Long Dry (Alt Underground) Great Gubal Library Theme
  32. Teardrops in the Rain (Frost Moon) Weeping City of Mhach Theme
  33. Aetherpause (Underground Crimson) Void Ark Battle Theme (probably)
  34. Steel Reason (Lunar Event) Garlean Lieutenant Battle Theme
  35. Holy Consult (Pirate Invasion) Hullbreaker Hard Theme
  36. Fog of Phantom (Hell) Palace of the Dead Floor 90-ish Theme (also yeah this is technically Tactics Ogre but w/e)
  37. Regula Van Hydrus/Aetherochemical Facility Remix (Goblin Army) Warring Triad Questline
  38. The Maker's Ruin (Moon Lord) Ultima/Ascian Prime Battle Theme
  39. Quicksand (Goblin Army) Sohm Al (Hard) Theme
  40. Smoulder (Sandstorm)
  41. Battle Theme 1.x (Old One's Army)
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