Console Final Update for Old Consoles

Do you still play the old console version(s)?

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I am aware that the PS3, XBOX360, and the PSvita versions will most likely no longer recieve updates due to the presence of the next-gen consoles and PC version especially. But if there is going to be one last update (which I hope there will be), it shouldn't be anything too major. The biggest thing I want for the old consoles is to have all the current items have the new textures they get from the 1.3 update, such as the pre-hardmode ore weapons looking shinier, the new coin textures and sounds, and the dye on armors looking better. Another nice thing to have would be the event progress bars or maybe a new boss health meter (maybe add that to all versions?). Basically keep the old versions the same, but have everything look nice and updated. I've been stuck with the same-old Terraia since it was first released on the PSvita, so having these nice visual touchups would be very nice!
A chimney would be nice too, but my point is focusing on no longer adding content, instead just updating what already exists.
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