PS4 Finally made the console switch.

Discussion in 'Console Quick Hookup' started by CptAbu, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. CptAbu

    CptAbu Terrarian

    Just started my first console play through. 100% completion solo for mobile so should be an easy switch. Regardless looking for players to speed the process up a little. PSN is CptAbu add me up if you need friends or feeling like helping an old dog out.

    Still even should I receive no help I should have an easy enough time with a solo play through. I mean I am a strictly solo monster hunter player after all. Even the monster hunter tri G ranked missions (so many camp visits those bloody cats must be rich off me alone).
  2. Zaczodiac

    Zaczodiac Terrarian

    I'm down to help you out with anything when I'm on you can add me Demoniac_killa. I just started a little a few months ago but I'm pretty far.
  3. C4_and_waffles

    C4_and_waffles Terrarian

    Add me. Im at endgame and can help with anything