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First 25 days

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Here for now

Official Terrarian
Day 1

Just moved to a new town after Michael had killed Him… People seem nice, welcoming, friendly, I like it here. I have just shaved my beard down thanks to the stylist. I have shown myself some new clothes.I’ll like it here and my house is spacious.

Day 2

Got to talk to everyone. Colin was nice as well as Emily. Isaac was fun and Oten was pretty cool too. Moe and I shared some drinks and had some fun. I was confused when I met Faye. She didn’t talk or move her eyes were closed,but Gboto said it was normal he was even more confused. He had gone into deep detail on how the earth was created. I ended up falling asleep. He brought me to my bed. I haven't met Tony yet.

Day 3

My back hurts and I just had some drinks with Moe. Met Tony there had some fun with him.

Day 4

Back still hurts, but I went out today. There was no were to go so I just out in the back. Saw Michael building a new house. He said that he found a kid passed out by the beach and brought him back here to live with us. He says his name is Adam. He got on my nerves as well Michales, but he is just a kid.

Day 5

Got bored and went fishing with Adam. He got mad when I got the first fish. Nothing else of importance.

Day 6

I had a nightmare. Not fully sure what it could mean. It was of a blue man-shaped creature that was missing it lower half. Can’t remember much else except There were eyes, a lot of eyes some bleeding, others glowing, a few were on fire. I should tell Gboto.

Day 7

I told Gboto, but just told me to come back tomorrow. I can’t stop thinking of what it could mean. I spoke with Colin and he told me stories of monsters and demons. Michale was listening too. I had a hard night sleeping.

Day 8

I went back to Gboto and I blacked out but I had the nightmare but it spoke to me in symbols I’ll try to show it here. ✋ ♦♓︎●︎☹♓︎■︎👎 ✡□︎✞ ✌■︎👎 👎□︎■︎🕯❄ ♦♋︎❒︎☠ ✌■︎⍓︎□︎■︎☜📬︎ ⚐☼ ✋ ♦♓︎●︎☹ ❄♋︎🙵☜ 👍□︎■︎⧫︎❒︎□︎●︎☜📬︎. Don't know what it means and I’m a bit scared.
So was everyone else.

Day 9

It was a blood moon we all had to get ready to fight. I was given a pistol by Tony. I felt weak in my hands. I have no idea why. We lasted the night and the worst thing that happened was I broke the gun. I ran out of bullets and somehow snapped the gun in half just beat the monsters to death. I couldn’t sleep.

Days 10-14

Me, Michale and Tony went down mining. We were down there for days. We found a skeleton salesman. He gave us some bombs and lantourns. He was nice. We keep going and ended up meeting this red rock wall even with all of our strength together could break it. We went back to the house to talk with Colin about it.

Day 15

Even now after we know how to break the red wall and we know what awaits us. We are not prepared… yet. My main fear is not death but for me at least is losing me. I can’t handle that.

Day 16

We went down there and we set everything up and were able to get in. It was hard to make it though. We were surrounded and could only get to the heat by killing hundreds of monsters. We took camp there to heal up. We’ll fight the brian tomorrow.

Day 17

We had set up our fighting stage. Me and Michale blow up the hearts causing the earth to shake. We ran up the catacombs as Tony toasted the last bomb as these things sworded us. We know that this was going to be hard, but Michale has killed HIM….. so he was a big help. We were able to end them all. Then the brian. It was hard to hit it because it wouldn't stay still. But we did, but Tony lost his hand trying to save me.I own him that hand.We rushed back but even with the nurses help, Tony still has one hand.

Day 18

Overslept didn’t do much stuff. Started working on a crossbow hand ,working on it forT.

Day 19
I have no idea what's happening to my hands. They hurt and turn blue all the time. I talked to Gboto and he told me to keep them warm and talk to Colin for an answer. I still don’t know how this is happening.

Day 20

Got drunk with Tony.

Day 21

Almost done with Tony's hand. It is starting to get colder and as well my hands are darkening in blue shades. I must help Tony with this hand though, he saved my life.

Day 22

Michael and I went out today and said he needs to find a meteorite. We looked as far east as we could but found nothing we set camp there.

Day 23

We went west and found it. The heat was so strong it started to melt my crimson boots. But we had water and were able to collect it all. I have no idea why we needed it. We made it back home safe.

Day 24

Did just work on the hand. Maybe I can do something good for someone.

Day 25

I overheard Colin and Michael talking. Colin made Michael cry, I haven’t a clue on why. The hand is almost done. I can do it.

Day 26

We are beginning to make armor from the meteor. Whale melting I needed to touch it. I have no idea why, but The bar froze solid. My hand was still cold and I passed out. They told me that I had made my hand into weird shapes. I think it might be sign languages. Better study it.
Day 27

As I had finished the hand and given it to Tony. Michael needed to talk to me alone. I was asked if I wanted to go to the dungeon. I wanted to come, but I was also asked what I know of magic. I don’t know much and told him the same. He told me to prepare, we’re heading out tomorrow.

Day 28

As we began to come closer I had memories of the robes and masks. As we got closer I started to cry. I have endless flashbacks and we had to stop because it was becoming night. I set up my tent and couldn’t sleep with what I had brought with me and what could happen.

Day 29

As Michael awok he saw me already packed up and awake. We had finished the trip there and I waited as Michael went down to plant the dynamite. I had to go down deeper than what I had ever gone. Nothing to Important except we found a mechanic(Ella). I can’t remember the name at this time but I will put it in later. I waited for them to get out and as they got far enough to not get hurt I knew what I was going to do.

Day 30


Day 31

Hunger and darkness consume me.

Day 31

My pen is running out I will try to keep writing.

Day 32
My back hurts and I can smell and see something small, most likely rats. Pen is almost dead.

Day 3…

Day ???

Rat has found me, I have used their blood as ink and water. I have lost track of time and might be going insane. I don't know when I can die or if I can?

I think day 40

I have broken out of the rock kacun I was stuck in and now escaped. I found a quil and altho it can help me keep track It doesn't have much ink. I have to finish this and Only write down the days to keep me on track.

Day 41

Found some more ink,

Day 42

This fighting is making me lose my mind.

Day 43

Looking for a way out

Day 44

I want to die.

Day 45

I found a hole out of here. I will get out.

Day 46

My hands are bloody and I haven't slept. My eyes are flaming blue. I have only tried to break the wall open for the whole day.

Day 47

It’s getting bigger. Power rushing through my veins.

Day 48

I’m almost done. And my arms are numb.

Day 49

The air is like finding gold and it keeps me sain. I will make it out of here.

Day 50


Day 51

It’s cold and barren. I have not gotten frost burn even though there are lakes that are completely frozen. I have also gotten pains in my jaw, I want to rip it out.

Day 52

I feel like my back is holding a monster that is trying to rip it self out. I’m almost home. I need to get there.

Day 53

I made a mistake. I forgot to close the hole I made. I rushed back and managed to seal it up. I have to make that trip again.

Days 53-55

Walking and walking with nothing in between. I wish for nothing but the smallest amount of heat. Just to keep going.

Day 56

Michael found me and I had lost most of my hair and sanity but I was found. I blacked out on the way back but when I was home. I saw everyone waiting for me. I was so happy to see everyone. They were my family. I was so overcome with joy I cried.

Day 57

I asked when they came looking for me. They initially thought I was dead, so did I so they got more metirales. Like hellstone. Is there something wrong with me because I hear it, like it’s talking to me. It makes me see visions of the monster and the men in robes around him summoning him. I was scared.

Day 58

Michael told me what the plan was for us in the “Next step”. Hell, we were going to hell to fight a wall of flesh. He broke the news to everyone about what would happen to Colin. Mosted cried, as well as I. We will be heading there in the next couple days. I and Tony would come too, because we were some of the best fighters. Ella and I would work on Tony's hand.

Day 59

Kept working.

Day 60

Head is pounding and I’m still working.

Day 61

We are heading down. As we dug deeper and deeper I had a ceiling and awful feeling. I know that this might be the end for us. Micael had enough skill that his survival was higher than mine and Tony’s put together. But fate is always unpredictable.

Day 62

Still digging.

Day 63

We’re here and we set up camp to fight It.

Day 64

As we set ourselves to do this we shared some memories. I didn’t have much since me and Colin rarely talked, but we did have a good time. As Michael was about to throw the doll in he cried. But when he threw it in the ground shock as we stumble to keep our balance. It erupted from the ground. The beast had a gaping mouth and two bloody eyes. We took no time to start to unload. We were able to blast open one of the eyes, before one of its many tendrils had grabbed me. I was a bit unsure of what happened but Tony told me that my left arm became blue and burned a heat so strong that the were nearly blinded. I was slunge into the beast and punched a hole though it knocked it down. They had also mentioned that balls of light flow out of it and had changed the earth. Colins death will be burned into the walls.

Day 65

As I sat in my bed I think of what happened to me I won't share it because thinking about it would most likely take hours to rite down. And having stronger and more monsters came at me would not be a good idea.

Day 66

My arm is blue, not just my hand and it’s the same one that killed the wall. I need to talk to someone about this. I have the night shift today so it might be handy no pun intended.

Day 67

Me, Tony and Michael went underground to find anything of us. We found this truffle mud and brought some of it back home. We have set it up and it is growing but slowly. Might take a couple days. Nothing else of importance.

Day 68

I stayed up all night and didn't get much sleep. I was able to at least find out that I like frozen ham. Man I need some sleep I try to keep you up to date.

Day 69

Nothing I sleep through the day.

Day 70

I went back to the dungeon. It was much warmer so I got there in much less time. Tony had also come with me. I had thought of doing it again but decided not to at this time. We found a godam wizard. His name is Xanadu. He helped us get back with magic. Thinking about it now he is not the weirdest thing I have seen. He’s helping me with my arm.

Day 71

Practicing with Xanadu.

Days 71-78

I have learned to summon fire and use it as a projectile. With this my powers have grown. Xanadu has also taught me to levata which I don’t think is from the hand. It has been a good week.
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Here for now

Official Terrarian
I know people have read this and would like to say thank you. I have been working on this for a while and I think that knowing people have read it and found it good truly warms my heart. I would just like to thank you all again.

Here for now

Official Terrarian
Update I have started working on days 26-50, but I might post them when the poll is done.
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Here for now

Official Terrarian
Hey I have some cross bow blueprints and don't be mad if there a bit sloppy I have very little drawing skills.
download (1).png
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