PC Five Nights at Freddy's discussion thread

Was there really a need for a second one? I mean the first left much to be desired but still I think the first one covered enough ground. But I can sorta see why they made a second one for the sake of revamping and making the game more visually pleasing and working better and such this is more of a revision of FNAF1 more than a second installation imo. (from what ive seen on the trailer)
it seems fake and i dont really like the redesigns of the animatronics that try to kill the player. other than that yes i'd play it anytime after i play the first one
I don't think a sequel is really that necessary.

But, I'm intrigued, what are the new features?

Co-Op? Versus? Defense Mode? Attack Mode?
I guess you could say that it is.... Five Nights at Freddy's Twoo spooky for me HA HA HA Hno but really I'm not sure if a sequel was really needed.
Well.. Scott Cawthon, the person who made the game posted this. This is legitimate.

I just hope Scott tries to fill in more lore in the series. We had very little to go on last time. It would be nice if they added more.
I never really liked the over-simplicity of FNAF one, but it's an interesting concept and I am happy they are experimenting new game mechanics and such. I won't buy it, but I know people will.
I'm more into this sequel to find out about the lore. I also like the characters. Although, I do feel this game kinda gets way more credit than it deserves, most of the spooks comes from the jumpscares, which get a bit stale as time goes on. Plus, way too many gamers calling this the scariest game ever.

New animitronics look like clowns.

Also, according to rumors, the mask function in the game will protect you from the old animitronics, but the new ones (clown ones) are friendly towards humans, but try to kill the old animitronics. So obviously, if you wear the mask with the new ones, they will kill you. One thing Scarecrow pointed out, though, is that the mask function, when used, doesn't have a button to bring it down. What this means is that it will most likely be forced on you for a certain period of time, with the new animitronics being there to prevent you from mask spamming.

So yeah... all that stuff.
I must be the only one that doesn't mind the look of the new animatronics. they aren't supposed to be designed as terrifying monsters. they are designed as children entertainers. thus their silly design makes a little bit more sense.

the game itself isn't scary because of the jumpscares, it's more the feeling of dread that you get by the robots making their way towards your door, and whenever spotted, always in an unsettling position. more variety in jump scares between animatronics might spice of up the game a bit more. so even when you expect something to happen, it might not happen how you expect it to.

the element of surprise is arguably the most important element of the game, which is something that a lack of in a way killed the first one. I sure hope that the second game fixes that.
Yeah, if they were to add more variety in the way they scare you, such as Foxy one jumps straight for you, but Foxy two would fall straight from the ceiling into your face, then it would be more scary, at least for me. I also hope each animitronic has their own scream, where lets say Foxy would have a deep pirate scream, while Chica would have a lighter, chicken-sounding scream. Perhaps they could make it so the old animitronics have a broken down scream, while the new ones have much better sounding, non-robotic ones?

I'm also not too bothered by the clownish look, because, yeah, they were made to entertain children. I still feel they could of made them a little less like clowns, though.
I would actually play this one compared to FNAF1, I mean, the clown animatronics just make me feel more... safe.
Yeah, same here, I suppose for me it's because of the mask theory, where they only kill you if you have the mask on. It shows they only hate the old animitronics, and not humans, so they are better in their own ways.
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