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If it helps at all to have more exact distances:
I was messing around with the sensor and it looks like there can be 10 blocks of vertical space or just under 2 blocks of horizontal space between you and the sensor and it will still go off.
To be completely exact, using the ruler in-game to measure the sensor's AOE box, it's 5 blocks wide by 10 blocks in height. I found this out fooling around with a player sensor teleporter set up. The box prevents it from working because the sensor, and by extension, the teleporter, activates the moment you're in range. They're not the best sort of thing for this because of that.

For doors, it would probably be best to go back to player activated pressure switches wired to open and shut the door when run across. Not as fancy as the sensors, sure, but simpler and less likely to get triggered at the wrong time.


Duke Fishron
You should probably make a post in the tedit thread about that bug.
I've narrowed it down to just the Lamps being frozen when saving a world. The only time all elements freeze is when they are copy-pasted, otherwise they work decently.
I have not checked whether or not changing the time of day messes up the day-night detectors.

I will probably poke the TEdit thread once I have more conclusive results, I'm still running tests.




Duke Fishron
This made me smile and laugh! :D
Very nice model of the Farnsworth House (by Mies van der Rohe)
(which flooded several times, because it's built close to the water level of the Fox River:sigh:)
Congratulations! You win the internet cookie!

*opens the internet cookie jar*

*finds a fossilized stone shaped like a cookie*


Here, just have a +like.


I lied.

It doesn't use a balloon.

It uses Propellers.

Where are the propellers hidden, you ask? Inside the steampunk boiler.
Don't ask me how that works, it just does.



View attachment 79893

It's a little whirligig!

Also this month's CC entry because the Main Boat STILL isn't done. :p
what is the material of the propellers? I want to build it.
Nice constructions by the way


Is there a way to unvote? I seem to have pressed the wrong rating...

Anyways, I really love all of your builds, putting so much detail into them with some having that unique, weathered feeling always makes them eye candy. I love the floating continent the most though, Awesome job!


I would like to request a irl restaurant like McDonalds coz I made one in the 3ds version and i would like to see the guy who is my hero (you) in terraria do a better one:happy:
If you are currently accepting requests....


Duke Fishron
Stupid Skeletron, died like 7 times or something.

Just realized: In expert mode, a viable method of saving your coins, lacking a piggy bank, is literally to just place them on the ground. As blocks, enemies can't pick them up, and you can't drop them when you're dead.

You can go back for them later.


I'm out of room to store NPCs.

I guess I have to move now.

Let's see, which Biome is relatively safe during Hardmode?


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