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With the start of a new modded playthrough.
And temporary NPC Box hotel.
Debating what kind of Style I want to mess with...

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Eventually, One day I am sure, perhaps in 1.4.5, I will have a concept for the Merchant's house that is more than just "Ultra-well-stocked general store". Like, I get that's his entire schtick, but one day I'm sure I can think of something different for him.

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Today, however, is not that day.
Literally all that is left is for me to reach hardmode, get the Rubblemaker, and finish the Landscaping. Combined with the rest of the interior design, this build is almost finished...

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Why is the Rubblemaker hardmode only? It doesn't affect balance or anything, does it?
I've been posting teasers of this build, I may as well finish it and post it.
Lots of Mods, of course. Been really appreciating Squintly's Furniture mod. Also props to @Sora_92 for keeping Chad's Furni sorta kinda functional and updated!

See y'all whenever 1.4.5* comes out!

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*No seriously, lets not kid ourselves here, it's 1.5.
Looking forward to making another Floating Continent.
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