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Pixel Art Fluff's Art Sanctuary


Skeletron Prime
Hey look I actually did another big thing

I've been wanting to create an art thread for a while now just to show off some stuff, so I created this. I kind of wanted more text here, but I guess that sums it up pretty well. And, of course, it wouldn't be something I created unless it had a massive amount of spoilers. I styled this like Bry's Art Space because his looked good and I don't know how to style things easily.

This will just show off most of the art I've created, such as my pixel art and drawings, and the massive amount of derplings I created. I won't put everything here, as some of my stuff is bad and I want this to be some of my better stuff. I also won't put things that have my face or name on them, for obvious reasons. I won't be taking requests here, as I already have a thread for art requests. I update this pretty frequently so you might want to check in pretty often.

There will be a few different categories of stuff, which you can find below.


Pixel Art
This has been my main focus of art, so this will probably be the biggest category.
Derpling Lazor
Fluffling Lazor
Derpling Lazor.gif
Fluffling Lazor.gif
I made this when I was talking with storm diver and he told me to make a derpling out of his cultist Lazor. I wasn't going to do it, until I remembered that he had also made a derpling animation where the derpling opens its mouth, so I kind of had to at that point.​
I made this boi for myself to put in my signature. It's a pretty simple recolor of the normal derpling, but I like it a lot better. Don't abuse Ralsei, or I wil send this boi to your house. I don't have much else to say, but this is to make the size even.​
Singing Fluffling
Derpling with a RoD
Hallowed Derpling
Alien Derpling
Nebula Derper
Derpling Boat
Rod of Derpling.png
Alien Derpling.png
Nebula Derper.png
This boi started this whole mess of derplings, and also used to be my avatar!
An alternate version of the Fluffling that I made right after the original.
A corrupted derpling variant that I decided to do on my own. I really like how it turned out.​
A pretty easily made sprite. I made this for a joke, but I really like how it looks.​
This might be my favorite derpling, just because of the colors. I'll probably update it with the updated harpy wings in the future.​
The first lunar derpling I made. The lunar derplings were really fun to make, just because of how unique I could make them.​
This is my favorite lunar derpling just because of the second eye. It worked really well.​
This is the second smallest derpling I made. I wish I had more to say about these, but they don't have much story other than "I was bored"​
You can't really see it, but I edited the top of the eye so that it looks more angry.​
This is one of the weirder derplings, but also another of my favorites. This is also the first requested derpling to be posted.​
H y d r a t e
Frozen Derpling
Derpling Mimic
Toast Derpling
S p e e d
I made this one after I kept getting told to hydrate.​
This is one of my more recent derplings, and you can see that I started to run out of ideas because it has a lot less than most of the older ones do.​
Oh cool I actually have something to put here this time. I updated this sprite because I wasn't happy with how it looked, and now it looks much better. Good luck sleeping tonight!​
This was a fun one to make, and it made me feel better about myself after creating the Frozen Derpling.​
This is another good one, but that's all I really have to say about it.​
Another request. I don't like how this one turned out as much, but that's because I had a very small color pallete and sprite, as you can tell by how tiny the tail is.​
insert something funny about toast here
I had wanted to turn a derpling green, and once I had completed it I decided to make it move fast. This is why you don't give derplings coffee.​
Oh boy a fungus. This is the last derpling I had made. There's only so many ideas I can do, and I basically used up all of them.​
I had the idea for this one a while ago, and I had tried to do it for a long time, but creating sideways pixel art things is hard. Luckily I found out that the derpling sprite had done that already, so now this exists.​
Cursed Hammerling
Crimson Axeling
Derpling Core
Derpcore Child
Boulderlight Derpling
Skelly Derper
The Lunatic Derps
Cursed Hammerling.png
Crimson Axeling.png
Derpling Core.gif
Derpcore Child.gif
Boulderlight Derpling.png
Skelly Derper.png
The Cult.png
I'm back at it again with the derplings! This might be one of my favorite derplings that i made. I love how the green I put goes with the purple of the cursed hammer. Be nice to him he struggles to stand.​
I made this to go along with the cursed one, and this boi is out for your blood. I even made the pupil darker so you can see him watching you angrily. Watch out.​
Another animation of the core of all these monstrosities. This was another request that I think turned out pretty well.​
The lore of the derpcore continues as more and more derpling abominations keep popping out. Yet another animation which I think turned out pretty well.​
A derpling based off of brimstone, but instead ending up just being a recolor. I've done worse, though.​
This was supposed to be bouldergeist, but halfway through I kind of started doing my own thing. I cannot for the love of me turn feet into hands, especially when those feet are shown from the side.​
A skeletron derpling that was also requested. I'm happy with how this turned out, and I feel like it fits what was requested pretty well.​
Someone asked for a reaper shark derpling, and I thought that meant reaver shark, but after learning that it didn't I decided to do this anyways​
I'm surprised it took me so long to get a calamity derpling requested. This one is based off of the reaper shark.​
Cultist derplings. Pretty self explanatory. Look at their big ol heads just existing there. I love how this looks, and the color I used for the robe worked really well, reminding me of a storm.​
Spooky Birbling
Acrid Derpling
Halloween Birbling.png
Acrid Derpling.png
Among Us Derpling.png
This is just a random one I decided to do on my own. I've been looking at the game "Struggling" a lot recently, and I only just realized how perfect it would be as a derpling.​
This is my first non-pixel art derpling. It's not amazing, but I'm happy to have gotten it done, and I think it looks pretty good. This is my baby.​
I used the Birbling as my avatar on discord, so I decided to spook it up for halloween.​
This derpling took a diet too seriously and died. Now it lurks around the darkness, waiting to consume your flesh.​
I had been wanting to create this derpling for a pretty long time, but had a hard time coming up with ideas. Fortunately, this turned out super well!​
This is probably my most amalgamated derpling, which I think looks really good. This one will really help set the mood in the infection once players come in.​
This was another request, and although it isn't my best work, I'm still happy with how the product turned out. I think it's safe to say that I'm able to hand-draw from here on out!​
It's about time I did something for among us. Yet another paint one, but this one seems much better than the last. I really like how it turned out.​
This one turned out pretty well, and got me some practice with turning something at an angle into a side-view.​
It's about time a meme became a derpling, and this is a pretty fitting one. The body could be a bit more sticky, though.​
Grim Reapling
Bluelight Derpling
Interstellar Derpling
Royal Derpling
Super Derpmentio
Grim Reapling.png
Bluelight Derpling.png
Interstellar Derpling.png
Royal Derpling.png
Super Derpmentio.png
This might be one of my new favorite derplings. It looks a lot like the source material, and just looks cool by itself.​
This is the biggest sprite I've ever created by hand. I'm pretty proud of it, and it does look pretty metallic too, so that's nice.​
This one is basically just Sephiroth but with a scythe. The reference picture I used had a normal scythe, but the pole was very long so I just made the scythe long.​
Oh look I did another sprite! As always, this is probably one of my new favorites. I love how it turned out, and although it deviated from the source material a bit, it still looks really good!​
I think this derpling has taken the longest to come out since it was requested. I actually edited this one after first posting it.​
This might actually be my creepiest derpling so far. It has the teeth from the mimic, a bunch of eyes just sitting around, and even a dormant derpling head just lying there, waiting to attack. It may not look the best, and although it's just recolor+, I still like it.​
This is definitely my best humanoid to derpling. I even got the arm sleeves on there as a little detail. It may look a bit weird, but I had to shorten things so the derpling wouldn't have lengthened legs.​
Let's goooo 50th derpling! This one is Dimentio from the game Super Paper mario. Along with that, it's actually my biggest sprite yet, and it even has an actual background. I will say, this is also the only one that seems to be suffereing from the way pixel art compresses.​

Green Crate
Vanity Contest Submission
Derp thing
Other Enchanted Weapons
F u n g u s
Void Reaver Pixel Art
Terraria Vanity Competition.gif
Stick Head.png
Enchanted Weapons.png
Pixel Reaver.png
This was my very first pixel art creation. (aside from some flare gun recolors) I created it in a classroom, and somehow created something that I really like!​
This stick suit was my vanity submission. I went all out and animated it, spending around 3 hours on it. I didn't expect to win, so when nothing happened I was fine with it. I'm just happy that some people saw it.​
I made this as a head for the stick suit, but decided to add a derpy face for no reason​
I made these to challenge myself after having had a long time inbetween pixel art stuff. These were fun recolors, and I like them all.​
A fungus that I made for a school project. Pretty self explanatory.​
I made this to challenge myself when I was bored. I really like Risk of Rain 2 and I wanted to do something with it, so I took an image of this thing and turned it into pixel art. I think it turned out pretty well, as you can tell what it is, but there are definitely some improvements that could be made.​
Nebula Cloud
Green King Slime
Plantera Recolor: Phase 1
Plantera Recolor: Phase 2
Plantera Recolor: Everything
Ice Eye of Cthulu: Phase 1
Nebula Cloud.png
Green King Slime.gif
Plantera Recolor Phase 1.gif
Plantera Recolor Phase 2.gif
Plantera Recolor.gif
Ice EoC Phase 2.png
I asked some people for a drawing request in a discord server, and I got a request to make a nebula cloud thing for Bry-ccentric's "The Galaxians" suggestions. I really don't like how the top turned out, but I did a lot of tweaking and saw that there wasn't really anything I could do.​
Oooooh boy. This one was a pain to create. Want to know why? Getting that ninja inside of him to look good took forever, specifically because I had to go over every. single. color. It took a very long time, but I really like how it turnet out.​
I made this sprite really recently when I looked at a green version of plantera that I had made and wanted to do more. I think this confirmed that plantera is the most fun boss to recolor, just because she works really well with it. You could say that it looks like inverted colors, but I think it looks more like a watermelon.​
Watermelon Plant got a second phase recolor right after the first. As I go over this right now, I can see a part where I didn't do the colors correctly, and I would fix it but it's already fixed in the next table square.​
I made a recolor for all of plantera (except the vines) and it turned out pretty good. I really like how the blue goes with the colors, but I wish there was more blue I could put in, just because I love the shade that I picked.​
I was talking with some people and they talked about elemental bosses, and I decided to create a sprite for it. Although the person who thought of it saw the EoC as a earth elemental (because geodes have parts that look like an eye) I saw it as an ice boi and created this. I really enjoy how it turned out, especially the eye. The colors just work.​
Ice Eye of Cthulu: Phase 2
Ice Servant
Pentagon Trophy
Ordinary rock
Ugly Arrow
Vivian and Luna
Ice EoC Phase 1.png
Pentagonia Trophy.png
Vivian and Cat.png
I created this right before posting the thread. It didn't take long because I had already created the first phase, so all I really had to do was recolor the eyes.​
I had to complete the set, so I made this boi to go along with the big eyes.​
I made this for another school project. (wow really?) I don't know why I chose a pentagon but I made the final boss of a game be a pentagon, so that happened.​
I made this as a test sprite for a terraria mod I tried to work on but eventually stopped. I got it to work in the mod, though, and even made it work as a crafting material.​
This was my first attempt at an ammo, and I tried making it go through blocks and be affected extremely heavily by gravity. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to get it to work, so although I created a unique AI for it, it still behaves just like a normal wooden arrow.​
These aren't really my sprites, but I did make them go without a background, I made the character, and I removed the cat's hat. Pretty good if I do say so myself.​
Sleepy boi
Escence Hearts
Sleepy Boi.png
Escence Hearts.png
Just a small cat slime blob thing. I wish these were real, because then I could commit a big squish on it.​
For those of you who didn't know Bry before he left the forums, this is Escence, who is one of his many characters. His profile still shows her a lot, so you can look there if you want to find him. Basically, Bry was making some art of Escence but wasn't happy with it, so I decided to give it a go, and I think it turned out pretty well!​


Other Art
All of these drawings are from my art classes. I don't usually draw on my own, mostly because I don't feel comfortable drawing in front of my family, and also because it's hard to bring myself to do it. I posted this thread to help me along with that.

Lamb Demon
Knot Thing
Slime Rain
Christmas Tree
This was my first animal drawing, and it's... uh... I don't know what word to say. I'm just happy it looks like an actual lamb, because if you remove the ears and the face it looks a whole lot worse. I'm not the happiest with how this turned out, but you can't see how much detail I had to put into this. I think my favorite part is the grass, just because it can't stare into your soul and it's easy to draw.​
I tried really hard on this knot, and it turned out really well. I wanted to color it, but that didn't happen. When I first drew this, I didn't like it. Not because it was bad, but because it didn't look like my drawing. I usually have some flaws in my drawings, and this one didn't seem to have any. I can see how, however, that it has quite a few flaws.​
The first of my 10-minute drawings. Every day in my art class I would start out with drawing something for 10 minutes, starting from a specific word and working my way through my thoughts with that word. I don't remember the word for most of these. I really like how this drawing looks, just because s l i m e. My favorite slime in this photo is the one that hit the ground a bit too hard and died.​
This was my first real attempt ad drawing good pine trees, and I really like how it looks. It looks like an actual pine tree for once, instead of those sticks with two lines on each side for each set of pines. I think this might have been a Christmas word, but I might have added baubles just because pine trees go with baubles.​
Elephant-Spider-Eagle Thing
Pose Drawing
I was tasked to draw a mixture of creatures in my art class one day, and I spent basically the whole day doing it. The three animals I got were a spider, an elephant, and an eagle. But wait! There's more! I had to also make it look alien and put it in a circus. You can see I didn't get to the circus part, but the alien part was very easy because any mixture of creatures looks alien. I added the classic alien eyes to help show it's an alien thing.​
This was drawn when I was in 7th grade. I had to draw a dummy in a pose that I got to pick, and this is what it turned out as. This is one of my darker drawings, as I pressed down with my pencil a lot harder when I was young. The shading on this isn't extraordinary, but I like the drawing so who cares.​
I tried really hard on these ones. Who doesn't love drawing hands? These may look amazing, but I used a reference just like for the lamb and the knot. My drawings are a whole lot better when I have a reference, but it doesn't feel as rewarding. If I ever draw hands again, they will have a much lower quality. It would take a while to draw these again.​
I also had to draw eyes for an assignment. The first ones turned out better, but the last one (bottom right) is the one I did the worst on. It was going alright until I realized that I didn't leave myself enough room. You can't read it, but I left a little note under that one that just says "whoops..."​
3D Drawing
Antonio Stappaerts
Landscape Drawing 1
Antonio Stappaerts.jpg
Landscape 1.png
I'm pretty good at drawing 3D things. I have no idea why, but anything 3D (except spheres) is really easy for me to draw. I like the perspective, but one of the presents has been smushed, and the table is a little warped. I can't draw straight lines that well, and instead do curved lines really well.​
I forgot which side was the top and bottom when I took this photo, so it actually ended up upside-down. You can tell it's upside-down because you can see a bit of the mind map on the bottom. I had to draw something symmetrical, so I guess I did that really well!​
Wow there's actually another one of these. I wasn't expecting that, but it came along anyways. I have another drawing class that started, and one of my first assignments was to copy another artist's work. The title of this is the artist's name, not of the thing I drew. If you want to see the original work, here's the link: A rare sight
A drawing of a landscape I was tasked to do for my art class. I'm not super happy with it, despite others telling me that it's good, but I guess that might just be a part of being an artist. This was supposed to take 30 or 40 minutes, but I spent two hours on it. I'm trying a bit too hard to do good, and need to take some time to just create my own style instead of completely copying that of others.​
Quentin Blake
Singular Blobs
Figure Drawing 1
Maurice Sendak
Quentin Blake.jpg
Singular Blobs.jpg
Figure Drawing 1.jpg
Maurice Sendak.jpg
Welcome to copying an artist #2, this time with a more quickly drawn style. This one actually took more time than the first one, because I spent more time than I should have on making it look as close to the original thing as I could. This one I should copy more, though, but pencils are just too precise to copy some art styles. You can see the original artwork here: Mouse on a tricycle
These are the blobcats with the most personality, all of them on one page. You have the pirate, the dapper one, and the sleepy boi that I had pixel art of. Each one has their own unique design and personality, or so I tried. Very nice if I do say so myself.​
A drawing I was supposed to do for my drawing class. This is the first figure drawing we're doing, and as you can see, I'm not amazing at shading. I still think it looks pretty good, although the dark parts are a bit too dark.​
Another illustrator drawing, this time being from Maurice Sendak! This doesn't look super finished, but that's because I didn't want to risk shading it poorly, and it looks fine like this. You can find the original work here: Maurice Sendak Collection
Ninja Stars
Landscape Drawing 2
Hawley Pratt
Shawn Coss
Ninja Stars.jpg
Landscape Drawing 2.jpg
Hawley Pratt.jpg
Shawn Coss.jpg
I'm not too big of a fan of this one just because I couldn't really get all of them equal, but what can you do. I've wanted to draw a bunch of something for a while, and although this kind of fits it, I want to do one with more detail. I made each origami ninja star drawn here in person, and they obviously look more equal than those do.​
Oh cool the first one has a reason to be labeled as 1 now. This one turned out much better than the last one in my opinion, although it wouldn't be that hard to argue otherwise. I did do my shading a little better this time, though.​
I feel like I've seen this cat somewhere before I drew this, but I can't remember well. It looks incomplete, but the drawing that I was supposed to recreate for this one looked just as incomplete. I like how it turned out.​
Oh boy a good drawing that I actually like. I love how this one turned out. I've never really thought plaguebringer stuff is that cool, but after seeing this I might change my mind.​
...But Most Importantly...
Amity Blight
I don't know what this is
Landscape Drawing 4
But most Importantly.jpg
Goode Still Life.jpg
Landscape 4.jpg
Another full page of these guys! I just can't get enough of them. This is probably my favorite page of them, although there will probably be more to come. I just love how well the words worked with it.​
I got hooked on the show "The Owl House" a while ago, to the point of an obsession. Although obsessions get a bad rap for how they can turn out, this one actually proved productive because it actually not only improved my mental state, but got me to draw on my free time! It's crazy how much a fictional character can affect you. I hope to create something like that one day. Something that can influence and affect people. Something they would have fun with. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually get that done. It's only a matter of time.​
This is probably just some fancy bucket or container, but it probably has a name that I just don't know. The reason I only showed this in the image is because although there's other drawings, they kind of suck. My teacher makes us draw still lifes, but I'm not amazing at them. However, I drew this object really well, so I thought it was a good idea to show it.​
Another landscape. I actually didn't like this one when I first finished it. I don't exactly know why, especially because when I look at it now I can see that I did a really good job. Whatever the case, I really like how the old wood turned out on the barns. It's just a good feeling knowing that you can look at something and know what it is.​
Landscape 5
Pear (and co.)
Boat Trip (Without the boat)
Smug Blob
Landscape 5 .jpg
Smug Blob.PNG
This was a pretty simple landscape, as the reference picture looked just like this (but smoother and not done in 30 minutes). This gave me some good practice in drawing trees and bushes, as well as clouds. I can actually make them look accurate now, although getting the leaves on the inside is a bit more troublesome.​
Another drawing from an artist, this one being Lisa Perrin. There isn't much for me to say about the drawing, but pears are actually my favorite fruit. Especially when canned, they're just amazing. I wish I could have them more, but my family doesn't get them that often. They probably aren't in season that often.​
Back on The Owl House, this is another drawing I did, using pictures from the show as references. Although the style isn't mine, I don't call this plagiarism because I'm using my own characters, and I believe it looks like I tried to do my own thing with it (because I did). I actually entered this into an art show at my school, but the awards ceremony hasn't happened yet. All of these characters are mine, them being (from left to right) Rubi, Evvy, and Sky. I wanted to add more characters, as well as a background and colors, but I wasn't able to get it done in time. Either way, I'm very happy with how it turned out.​
I would put text here but I plan to reorganize everything here as I dislike how most of this looks, and this section is getting very full.​

Zentangle Fruit Bowl​
Pastel Gecko Eye
Merged Paintings
I think this is the best drawing I have ever made in my life. I used a grid and a smaller version of this picture to draw it and resize it, and it turned out really well. This one took over a week to complete just because of how much detail I had to put in. I really like the colors I picked for it. I actually had to turn this from a png file to a jpg file because it was too high quality for TCF.​
This is another drawing from my 7th grade art class, just like the majority of the art in this section. The story behind this is we had to draw a fruit bowl and then put a mandala effect in the background. My teacher told me to be creative, but she meant with the background, because I ended up getting docked points because I drew an entirely different fruit bowl than the source material. My problem with that? Art is supposed to be creative, not restrictive. I lost points on it in the end.​
Once again, this is also from my 7th grade art class. This was an end of the year project, where we had to use pastels to draw something. What did I do? I decided to take a really high quality picture of a gecko eye and use that for my drawing. I luckily didn't turn that in late, but it still took a heck of a long time. I really like how it turned out, though.​
I have no idea what to put here, or why I even chose this image. It's cool, i guess, but you can't even really see what each individual drawing was.​
Christmas Card
Pumpkin Turrets
RoR2 Halloween Contest.png
Ignore me saying that the flower pot was my favorite thing I've ever made, because this is my favorite thing that I've ever made. I had to create the shapes from the picture for a lamb, and it turned out looking like this. I love it.​
One day in my drawing class we drew a snowman along with my teacher, and then this existed. I like how it looks, but some tweaking could probably happen, and some shading seems to be needed.​
The only colored drawing of my 10-minute drawings. I drew this because I hoped my teacher would use it for a drawing class, so I tried pretty hard. It didn't get used, but that means that I get to keep it for myself. Epic.​
I've done it. I've committed a fanart. This also happens to be my first big effort digital drawing, and I think it turned out very well. It's paint.net with a mouse, so you can't expect too much from me. This is fanart for the Risk of Rain 2 halloween contest, which Bry (Bry-ccentric), a person who used to be on here, showed me.​
Discord Christmas
Hey look I did another paint art thing! This one is much better than the last, as I figured out how to use some forms of shading with the thing. it's also nice to move away from pixel art every once in a while and do something with a bit more meaning or style. Pixel art is nice, but when it's the only thing you're doing it can get a bit boring or repetitive. Took me a little bit after first finishing this to realize I forgot the ears, but that's fixed now.

...aaaaaaaaaand now that the contest is over, I'm excited to say that I actually was one of the winners!​
Has anyone else heard of Zotz? They're usually found at gas stations, I don't know if they're only in America (doubt it), but they're amazing. It's like fizzy candy but good and probably not as bad for your health. They're basically a baking soda volcano in your mouth, but it doesn't taste bad and is much safer to eat. If you're able to, I would suggest trying them.​

I've spent some time coming up with characters, and although there isn't much at the moment there should be more coming along. These will probably be more interesting than the other things once I actually get more content. A story is also being formed along with these, being inspired by the story Bry has made, just like most of my art.

"HAHA! Take that hair! You can't defeat me!" - Fluff

Evvy Happy.png
Evvy Bored.png
Evvy Ignore.png
Evvy Sad.png
Evvy Angry.png
Evvy Wat.png
Evvy Sleep.png
Evvy WInk.png
A nice feeling we all have, hopefully.​
I must have started rambling again.​
Now that's kind of rude, isn't it?​
A common emotion we all feel at times.​
This is still my favorite face.​
And you should probably get some too.​
Imagine being able to talk to other people.​
Evvy Suspicious.png
Evvy Laugh.png
Evvy Smug.png
Evvy Smirk.png
Evvy Grin.png
Evvy Embarrassed.png
Evvy Depressed.png
Evvy Joy.png
Whaaaaaaat noooo I didn't do anything.​
I wonder what she's laughing at?​
Can also be seen as a tired smile.​
"I told you so"
- someone, at some point in time.
I, too, have a toothy grin. It's how you tell I'm genuinely smiling.​
I've never seen someone's face turn red from embarrassment.​
The big sad.​
The big happ.​
Checking Right
Checking Left
Sleeping Smile
Evvy Checking Right.png
Evvy Checking Left.png
Evvy Hearts.png
Evvy Confused.png
Evvy Beaming.png
Evvy Sleeping Smile.png
Evvy Smile.png
I have changed the name of this one (cont. >)​
and this one more than I'd like to admit.​
Imagine being able to build up a relationship ;v;.​
This is the standard reaction for anyone who sees my work.​
This was me after I finished these emotes.​
I think this is one of my new favorites.​
I don't know why I didn't add this one sooner​

- Currently empty, but I will draw her at some point.

"I'm in for a loooooong ride." - Fluff
Sky Happy.png
Sky Annoyed.png
Sky Ignore.png
Sky Sad.png
Sky Angry.png
Sky Wat.png
Sky Sleep.png
Sky Suspicious.png
"feel the happ" - someone, hopefully.​
Her hair says it all.​
Imagine ignoring something.​
The hair is a nice middle between depressed and normal.​
ANGERY 2: electric boogaloo.
This one's much more cursed than the last.​
Imagine being tired.​
Red Blue sus.​
Looking Right
Looking Left
Sky Laugh.png
Sky Smug.png
Sky Grin.png
Sky Embarrassed.png
Sky Depressed.png
Sky Joyful.png
Sky Looking Right.png
Sky Looking Left.png
What's so funny?​
tired smug smirk-like smile.​
Does everyone show their teeth when they grin?​
Now with slightly more face coverage!​
The hair just goes aaaaaall the way down.​
Would be beaming, but the joyful smile looks bad.​
there is no curiosity in her face.​
Literally just looking, not even checking.​
Sleeping Smile
Sky Hearts.png
Sky Confused.png
Sky Sleeping Smile.png
Sky Smile.png
I love the little heart at the end of her hair.​
Probably the worst one, but it gets the point accross.​
Her hair loses the ability to stay up while she sleeps.​
A standard, base emote for most sets.​
Sky Toppat
Sky Toppat.png
That's right! I actually drew one of them. This one is based off of the henry stickmin series, if you couldn't tell. I feel that I matched the style pretty well, and as the time of me writing this, it's becoming my new profile photo! I'm happy to have at least gotten something here besides emotes.​



  • Landscape 5 .jpg
    Landscape 5 .jpg
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Skeletron Prime
I guess it's that time of year where I go over my achievements or whatever (what why am I acting like I've done this before?).

OK SO BASICALLY I'm going to be doing something similar to ppowersteef without hopefully completely stealing it for myself altogether and instead just doing it to get me even more motivated, so I'm going to be doing monthly updates of what I've done for each month that goes by. I'm going to do a whole year summary today, though, because it's only fitting. This will be similar, but I hope to be able to branch off on my own once I get more used to this. Anyways, without further ado, here's my summary of the year!


2020 has been a mess of a year for everyone. I've only recently started to feel its effects, however, due to being in school with the ability to see most of my friends. I'm pretty introverted, so it never really affected me until a few months ago, where I really started to realize what I was missing out on. Fortunately, I got into art this year due to one of my closest friends that I've met over quarantine. That person is Bry, who left the forums a while ago. He got me inspired to start doing art, and I will be forever thankful for all of that. There is probably some credit due to ppowersteef too, which could be motivation to create this art thread in the first place. This year has been pretty good, but it wasn't the best, just like every year. I was fortunate for my life not to be affected that much during this time, but I know there were those much less fortunate than me.

Well, that went on longer than it should of. I'll be going on to my art next, first off with my highlights of each year, and then with my work for the month!


Highlights of the year
If anything else, Derpify Me has been my best feat, with it causing me to have created at least one sprite a month this year
Boop Noodling.png
Statchoo Uppercase.png
Derpcore Child.gif
The Cult.png
RoR2 Halloween Contest.png
Evvy Smile.png
Sky Toppat.png
Who needs fancy formatting?

I've definitely changed a lot this year. I've gained a new passion, for sure, and although these aren't really the best highlights of each year, I also didn't expect to keep track of everything I made over the year, so you can't blame me. I did find something for each month, though, so that's good.


A look at the month!

I've done quite a bit of work this month on art, but I've been lacking a bit on it recently.
I sprited some emotes for another one of my characters, that being sky!
Sky Smile.png
Sky Annoyed.png
Sky Wat.png
Sky Smug.png

You can find some more in her respective section of the thread

I also entered an art contest and won with this paint drawing:

I've done some derplings as well

I also drew Sky in the Henry Stickmin's games style
Sky Toppat.png

And last but not least, I created something with Bry's sprites as references to work off of!
Escence Hearts.png


And that ends it off for this year! I'm happy to have spent it with my family and friends, as well as some new online friends I met in march! My art has gotten much better this year, and I've done a lot of personal growth as well. I've also started to form my own story and world with some characters in it, which is super exciting for me.

As always, make sure to stay safe out there!

Evvy WInk.png

(I'm sorry I just really like these)
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Skeletron Prime
I would take them, but I already have a different thread which I can take requests from, although that's still on hold for me to hopefully finish up on some of the older requests without just doing new ones altogether.


Skeletron Prime
It's already time for a second one of these, huh? Fortunately, because I'm following ppowersteef's art thread, I have a reminder for when I need to do this!

What a year, huh? It's crazy to believe that it's already over, but I don't really want to stay on it for too long. I got some good art done this month, although it's a bit less than it used to be. Something good, however, is that I started drawing again due to the new semester, giving me an art class to dedicate more time into drawing. 2020 also ended, I guess, and I'm hoping for a better outlook for this year. Anyways, without further ado, here's my art for the month!


The best of the month
I've decided that this'll be a section of these, where I go over a few of my favorite artworks of the month. The amount will probably change with how many artworks I've done each month, just so that this section isn't bloated but also isn't completely empty.

A derpling mech made for my other art thread, and one of my favorite recent sprites. There's probably more that could have been done, but I'm at least really happy with how the legs look.


My first landscape drawing in a very long time, and although I might not be the happiest with it, multiple people have told me it's really good so I guess I'll put this here. It is my favorite drawing of the month, however.

Landscape 1.png

(wow that image is pretty big)

My first attempt at plagarism creating my own style of art, and my first assignment for my drawing class. This was drawn by Antonio Stappearts, and if you want to see the original artwork, it's linked with this image in the main part of the thread.

Antonio Stappaerts.jpg

Another assignment to copy an illustrator, this time being from Quentin Blake. This one actually took me more time than the first one, because I had to copy the lines with a thin pencil. As you can see, that didn't really turn out the best, but I'm still pretty happy with it.

Quentin Blake.jpg

And to end things off, here's another derpling I made. This definitely isn't one of my best derplings, but I do like the shading I pulled off, even if it could use some tweaks. The hood is also very nice.

Grim Reapling.png

And with that, January is almost over. A lot of stuff has happened this month, such as the end of the semester and a bunch of other stuff that I really don't want to get into. Hopefully the rest of the year will be better than this month, because I don't believe anyone can stand another 2020 (or worse), especially after we just got one. However, this year has also looked to have a positive outlook, at least for me, so hopefully it's better for everyone.

Stay safe!


Skeletron Prime
Well, just like that February has come and gone. It went much faster than I expected it to, but what can you do with the shortest month of the year >.>

Anyways, this month has been great for me artistically, even if only through the last week of it. I actually got up and did my own art in my own time, instead of just doing it for my class! Pixel art has always been the alternative for me because I suck at digital and I have a lot of anxiety with physical drawings, so this is a really big step for me. As well as that, my mental health has gotten better over the month, as well as that of one of my friends.

Anyways, without further ado, let's get to the a r t e


Favorites from the month
Yeaaaaaaah I still don't have much idea what I'm doing with this. Expect the name to change quite a bit throughout these.

Bluelight Derpling.png

This boi exists now, and is probably my favorite derpling so far.

But most Importantly.jpg

And of course, why wouldn't I put this image here? I only drew this two days ago, but it deserves to be here for sure. Not only did I do it in my free time, this drawing has actual personality!

I'm going to seperate these specifically because the drawings are very big.

Oh boy a derpling that's been bugging me for a while got completed! Might not be the best, but I would say it's adequate. At least the hat and umbrella look good.
Singular Blobs.jpg

Blobcats but with personality. Not much else to say, but I might give each of them names later on.
Figure Drawing 1.jpg

I don't draw humans well, but this one worked out pretty good. Might be the only figure I post here, though. The rest aren't really that great.
Maurice Sendak.jpg

These guys are pretty cool. I didn't get time to finish the fur, but I think it turned out better because of that.
Ninja Stars.jpg

A bunch of inadequately proportioned origami ninja stars.
Landscape Drawing 2.jpg

Another landscape, worse than the first one because I wanted to have time to work on other assignments.
Hawley Pratt.jpg

This reminds me of something but I don't really remember what.
Shawn Coss.jpg

Probably my best drawing yet. I love how this turned out.


And with that, we end off February! This current quarter of school is also ending soon, so that's something to worry about. I'm excited to see what I do next month, especially saying that I've finally gotten the motivation to do art on my own. I might actually pick up digital! Who knows, maybe I'll even get to creating a banner for my profile.

With that all taken care of, good luck to everyone next month! Hopefully this pandemic ends soon.



Skeletron Prime
I guess it's time for this again. I would have posted it sooner but I had a drawing I was hoping to finish so I could put it here. Although that won't happen, I know it will be ready for next month. This month has a lot less than previous months, but that's more because I haven't taken photos of that stuff. I want to get this out before the month ends, though, and since I have other things I need to do I won't be putting those here. I'll either not put them in altogether, or put them in next month's batch.


I would title this, but it's just going to be everything from the month due to there only being 3 items.
Everything from the month (wow it doesn't even get a spoiler)
Interstellar Derpling:
Interstellar Derpling.png

Royal Derpling:
Royal Derpling.png

Amity Blight:


Sorry for the lackluster post, but I don't have much else to say. I got into two TV shows this month, though, those being The Owl House and Amphibia. Both are good shows that I'd suggest. I can't wait for april to be over. Time is moving so fast this year. I mean, how is it already April? I've been having some mental struggles that I don't need to get into, and I hope to get into therapy soon, but you never know. In the time being, I'll just be trying to hold on.


Skeletron Prime
Oh shoot it's already the end of the month? I know I've been counting down the days but this still took me by surprise. I completely forgot about this, as I do every month

This month has been fairly big for me, mostly because I drew some of my characters (finally!). I entered it into an art show, and despite it not placing, it did get an honorable mention. I'm currently sick right now, which gives me even less of an excuse to be updating this so late. The next month has already started for a few people. I'm currently having a mental breakdown about that due to the fact that I'm going to be 16 in 16 days (that's right, my birthday happens to be on the same day as Terraria's anniversary!). I can keep rambling on, but I should really just get to the art now.


Monthly Favorites

Super Derpmentio.png




Goode Still Life.jpg

Landscape 5 .jpg
And that about wraps up my month. I'm fairly excited for May, both because of my birthday and the end of school, as well as a few other major things such as Terraria's 10th anniversary (imagine if 1.4 had come out then) and a collaboration project happening between quite a few terraria youtubers. I have some big plans for next month that I hope to bring into fruition, so all we can do is wait.

All we can do is wait, but I expect for them to begin after my birthday. Until then, friends.
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