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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

Pick a number. This is important, but I (Probably) won't say how!

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... Brace yourselves. There will be cuteness induced heart attacks. Oh, and trauma.
Listed by the Day preceding it
Day001: Derpo's Sprites
Day001: Update schedule
Day002: Source material
Day002: Half asleep
Day005: Day skipping
Day005: (No) External references
Day008: Focus
Day051: First Poll
Day059: Unexpected inspiration
Day094: Info on real Bunnies
Day096: Inspiration usage
Day102: Shameless cross promotion
Day161: Reddification
Day169: Mah Pengy
Day197: An observation on reactions
Day229: NPC spawns and despawns
Day235: Stat dump
Day239: Rubies
Day243: Contents revamp
Day243: Crimson Critters

Year 2
Day001: Q&A
Day005: Still 1 per day
Day010: Backlog
Day011: Pyramid Loot
Day011: Wall of speculation
Day012: Learnt
Day013: Old Man's doings
Day014: Bun's gender
Day019: On progress
Day022: Hah, mods~
Day027: World hopping
Day028: Reader's patience
Day028: Backlog
Day030: Trunk space
Day034: Rewrites
Day035: NPC Glossary, and validity
Day038: Innuendo
Day043: Thunking
Day044: Knore
Day045: Reminder: Timezones!
Day046: On Foreshadowing
Day047: Glossary update
Day049: How to GIF
Day049: Overstimulation
Day054: Turtle Mount
Day063/072: Pengy Hiatus
Day066: Bun's gender, round 2
Day067: Geekhood
Day070: Commenting resumes
Day070: Discussion thread now open
Day072: New Poll
Day074: Doublepost
Day085: Poll Deadline
Day087: Final Countdown
Day088: Change in Poll
Day090: NPC Status
Day106: Poll Hint
Day107: Ugg, grinding
Day112: Grind explanation
Day118: No more grinding/Social group?
Day126: Home-Tree!
Day155: Hatching Plots
Day160: Announcements!
Day189: Best reactions~
Day210: Poll finally revealed!
Day211: Derunih's fate
Day225: A whole old world
This story is completely unrelated to my previous work, The Lamentation of the Moon Lord. And, obviously, will have a veryslightly different writing style. But, this story would not exist without it.

The story is based off v, and a veeery specific playthrough.

Sprites supplied by @DerpoTheMagnificent (Awesome of him to do them, by the way).

Also, to @Di, for random inside jokes... And a visitor `;) Plus, being my official-ish PR manager.

So. Kudos to Re-Logic, and to the readers of tLofML for inspiring me so much. Always love feedback, but trolling and deliberately being generally unhelpful will be politely ignored.
Discussion Thread, kindly overseen by Di when I am not paying attention (As in most of the time)(Erk, abandoned)
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A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 1~

Today was super-duper amazingness! After flippity-flopping around near some trees, I found them! Oooh, trees. They are so tall, and cool to curl up under... Just wanna wriggle into a lil ball, and enjoy the shade~

Oh, right. The discovery of awesomeness! His name is Maxwell. He talked a lot, but when I came up to him, he also rubbed behind my ea-

Oops. Just remembering got my leg thumpity-thumping. It always feels amazing when people do that!

So, Maxwell! He talked a lot about stuff that someone else was meant to do. Looks like he is waiting for someone important. Since he seemed lonely, and a little sad about it, I bounced on up to his face, and gave it a little lick!

He smiled at that. And so, he sat on a stump, and I sat on his lap. And we waited, as he stroked along my back.

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((The images don't work. Not sure if that's just on my side.))

This is going to be awesome. I just hope you know when and where to balance the level of seriousness and storywriting, for something like this.


((The images don't work. Not sure if that's just on my side.))

This is going to be awesome. I just hope you know when and where to balance the level of seriousness and storywriting, for something like this.
Oh. The images not working is odd. I'll wait and see if others have the same issue, then I'll try a few little changes. I can see them fine.

And as for seriousness, well... We shall see `;) It will be interesting to see how this turns out, and I'll learn from it either way.


Alright, I think the case is that the two images were uploaded in a PM, meaning that others outside the conversation can't see it. You're going to want to reupload them on a site like Imgur or Tinypic, or upload on the forums directly for that matter.
Here's everything. Sorry for the trouble.


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Oh, thank you Derpo. For uploading them, and once again, for making them! I will fix the broken links now.

EDIT: They are all fixed! P.S. All hail @DerpoTheMagnificent and his spriting skills!
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Thank you to those who are already giving this a read! `:passionate:

Please note: This will be updated once a day. Not twice, like Lamentation was. I will also do my utmost not to delay chapters though, so it shouldn't be too bad.


Thank you to those who are already giving this a read! `:passionate:

Please note: This will be updated once a day. Not twice, like Lamentation was. I will also do my utmost not to delay chapters though, so it shouldn't be too bad.
Yeah im fine with that, because i going to my mother, over a 35th weekend.


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 2~

Last night was lonely. Maxwell pulled a weird face when the sun was setting, even though it was sooooo pretty! He put me down on the ground, and gave me a little push.

I looked up at him, eyes wide as I didn't wanna go. He was so warm, and snuggling into his shirt was the most comfortable thing I had ever felt <3 He smiled down at me, and told me he would still be there tomorrow. So I pouted at him some more, before heading off to a warren to sleep in. After all, it gets really cold at night, and there are scary sounds!

After a good night's sleep, and playing around with some of the other bunnies that stayed there, I went back to where I saw Maxwell. And he was there! I bounced RIGHT up into his lap, and nuzzled right into his tummy~

He jumped a little when I came up to him like that, but smiled when he saw it was me. And he rubber my ear aga-

Need to stop reacting just to the memory of that. But I can't help it! Anyway, I curled up on his lap, and listened as he talked some more. He seemed tired, as if he hadn't slept. That would be silly though, everyone needs sleep!

His hands were really soft, which was nice. As he talked, he picked up some wood he had put near the stump, and begin to play with it. It seemed boring, so I just listened as he described unusual things, and stroked my back some more.

I hope he lets me sleep next to him tonight, it might help him rest better.



Awesome! :joy: Cant wait for the next chapter!
(ps was this based on a playthrough like tLotML was?)

This is the Lamentation of the Moon Lord, in the perspective of this bunny.
Aaaactually... It is not based off of a playthrough, or of tLotML! `:D While this will follow how a playthrough should go, I'm going to adjust things so they better suit the story. Mostly because I don't want to go through an entirely separate playthrough for the story, in order to split the two (Unless convinced otherwise, before the PC arrives)

As for being based off tLotML, I felt that doing that wouldn't be as interesting. For one, the story never mentioned a bunny, so I can't have Fluffy Bunnikins be a part of the story after the PC comes in, and I have ideas that require the Bunny being close to what is happening.

Ahem. Enjoy the cuteness `:p
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