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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 174~

I am such a doofus! Yesterday, I went on and on about weird flowers. But I forgot to mention the important one!

Y'see, I was walking around, shivery and tired even though I was wearing my swanky coat. And, pokin out of the snow, there was something blue, and it looked like shaped ice. It looked incredibly pretty, and incredibly tasty. I nibbled it right up.

Now, these other plants, I don't eat them often, and when I do, it is mostly for fun. A little mischief on my part, if you will. This new thing? It is amazing. I eat it twice a day, deliberately hunting it down.

Maxwell called it Shiverthorn.

When I eat it, my fur stands on end, as if it were coated in ice. Maxwell tried petting me right after eating some, and pricked a finger. I kissed it better~ That bit wears off after a few minutes, it's the other effect I love.

I no longer feel cold. In fact, when Max felt my temperature, I apparently was pleasantly cool, rather than being the little ball of warmth I usually am. Maxwell looked concerned, but I am sure it is fine.

Anyway, it only lasts half a day, and then I need to eat more. It sucks, but it's better than shiverin my tush off. I tried planting one of the seeds inside the burrow, to see if it grows~



A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 178~

I am bounding back and forth like the chill lil bun I am, no longer fearing the cold. So happy~

Mah Pengy has noticed me eating the Shiverthorn, and they looked at me funny. Oh well. We have been hanging out each day, and been goofing off in the caves during patrols. They know the safe paths, so it's all good.

Maxwell seems to have accepted my Shiverthorn consumption, and has planted a few nearby to help out. The one in the warren is still refusing to grow, maybe it needs the snow. Weird.



A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 185~

Today, I was introduced to "Snowball fights". See, you dig up some snow, scrunch it into a few dozen balls, and you throw them at each other!

This is how me, Maxwell, and Mah Pengy passed the time today. The downside... I have no hands for throwing! Pengy at least has those flipper-things, so they can kinda throw. Me? I can dig, or run. But at least running is fun!

Maxwell got better at aiming as we kept playing, and I didn't get better at dodging. I blame all that Bow-firing he does, his aim is getting good. The snowballs kinda sting, but the melting ice tickles afterward.

Apparently, if you pack the snowballs reeeaaally tight, and throw them reeeaaally hard, they hurt for real! You get less snowballs per bunch of snow though, and it makes them shatter. I prefer the play versions, where they just kinda go "Pomf!"



A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 188~

... Last night, I could see red light seeping in from outside. I stared at the red beams, and felt... Hungry. Still myself, but it was unsettling. I decided to keep staring at the beams, and not go outside. I don't think I can handle them full-blast.

At one point, I saw a shadow pass over the warren's entrance, and heard the flopping of finned feet. I think it was Mah Pengy... I hope he wasn't attacked by anyone. Whoever it was, they just stood there... It was creepy.

This morning, Pengy was nowhere to be seen. I really, really hope they are okay...

Oh, and Maxwell was fine. A few bruises, but he recovered from most of them by the time I left at sunset.




notifictation glitch. i just missed atleast 20 chatpers. NSUIGHDFKLGNZKDFGBK,GBKZDNL.NLZ

Keep up the good work though, its awesome!


P-p-p-PENGY! NOOOOOOOO! Oh, and BTW I forgot to tell you earlier that you never mentioned if he we a corrupt or criimtane bunny, so everything's gravy!


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 189~

I think I saw Pengy in the Ice Cave today, but when I bounded over to the spot I saw something, they were gone. I need to make up for yesterday's lack of pouncing!

Well... At least I think it was Pengy. They were a penguin, that's for sure. I swear there was a pink spot faintly visible. But they looked... Off. Unsettled. Maybe it has to do with that night... Or maybe I'm overthinking it. Maxwell is better at thinking, with that big brain of his.

Maxwell has started to run out of things to tell me about, hehe. I guess I have been too good a listener! I swear, I can list all of the things you can make out of Wood now. All. Of. Them. If only I could speak Human, I would totally quiz Maxwell on it.

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