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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 190~

Day three of no Pengy. Even Maxwell is showing concern, and he mumbled something about crim- Penguins. Maybe there is something to do with the red light after all...

Today, through the morning and afternoon, all we did was look for Pengy. Maxwell would have looked during the evening as well, but I growled and tugged him to where he normally sleeps. I don't think he even heard the growl, but I got through anyway.

We better find him tomorrow... Maxwell promised to keep an eye out even at night, but I don't think he will be able to see well enough.


Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Heh, Fluffikins falls into crushing deppression after losing his penguin buddy. Along with that shiverthorn addiction, things aren't looking good for him. At least he still has Maxwell. For now.


I see a combination of sadistic pleasure in recent events, and heartfelt grief.

This will be an interesting ride `:naughty:
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