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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

Pick a number. This is important, but I (Probably) won't say how!

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When is Maxwell gonna tell a creepy bedtime story about the moon lord? I don't think bunny would want to look at the stars then...

*cough* Stardust Pillar *cough*
inb4 Derunih Brothers
What? You've never heard of the original Grimm Brothers stories?
Hmmm... That is a cool idea~

Oh, poor fluffy bunnykins... Pengy is evilified!
(That is definitely a word!)
Not sure about it, but my theory is that when Max said the eyes are an ill omen, that be referring to the player finally arriving. Just a thought.
Frog's guess is closer~ `:p


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 238~

Secondary nightime expedition~!

So, most of what we saw was boring. Same as daytime, but darker. Don't care about that. There was one thing though... But I'm not sure if I was imagining things.

First off, the leadup... I decided to look in the Ice Cave, for whatever reason. Dark cave is a dark cave, right? Wrong. There was something unexpected. Maybe two things, even. And the location, the thin, pure ice.

The first thing I noticed, was that a hole in the top if the cave let in light. I hadn't really thought about it during the day, as it floods the cave, but at night... It comes down, in one pure beam. It was beautiful, even moreso than the ice formations during the day. Flecks of snow drifting through it, it looked like a massive column of flowing ice, as the pale moonlight drifted down.

And as it drifted down, so did my gaze. And my breath caught. It was the thin ice.

The light shone through it as if it were water... And it bent, and it widened. Then it hit the first lump of precious metals, scattering dazzling beams of light through the ice, each seemingly frozen in the cold itself. But the light did not stop there, reaching down further, bouncing around the precious metals. It was a kaleidoscope of light, each glimmer pure and stunning.

Then it hit a rare vein of Ruby. and that light, in the very bottom, shone a red that I had only seen twice before, in a very different situation. It was if the Blood Moon hovered in a sea of stars, perfectly replicating the night sky during those ghastly nights.

The sight had me enraptured. Thankfully, Maxwell was distracting Zombies at the cave entrance, even if it meant he couldn't see this. And also thankfully, as much as it resembles the Blood Moon, I felt fine looking at it.

Under all that, I swear I could see a cave below. I will have to take Maxwell tomorrow, to explore. And Pengy, once we see that it's safe.



Peggy's heart pulses strong, hidden below layers of ice.
I refer to it as the Fake Blood Moon... Not a beating heart ':eek: Sounded kinda cool though!
As I'm to lazy to figure out how to watch this thread, I'm gonna comment here. Fun to read story! :redmunch:
Thank you for coming! As for watching, there is a button on the right, between the top post and the poll. For when you don't want to comment `:p


I would draw it, but im lazy. and i dont have good pensils. and i dont have too much paper, and i use the paper for my writing.
and im busy. and ill stop throwing excueses now.

Awesome chapter!


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 239~

Oh, right. Last night, I forgot about the second thing, I was so distracted!

Well, as I looked up from the Fake Blood Moon, I thought I saw something blocking out the Moon. An island in the sky, unmoving. I passed it off as a cloud. As we came down to explore though, Maxwell saw it too, and told me it really was a Floating Island. Cool!

The more important news- after we both admired the spectacle below, we went around the thin ice, and explored the cave deeper. We went slowly, Maxwell plucking a single Torch from a Pot we passed. He put it back on the way out, if you care. Anywho, exploration!

We got fairly deep. Maxwell also spotted a crack in the wall deeper in, as he shooed away a distracted Spiked Ice Slime. Through it, I could see a room, lit with the red light. There was a cave after all! We couldn't reach it though. Maxwell saw a tunnel that would probably lead us there for tomorrow night, but it was getting late, and I was sleepy. So, we returned.

So totally going to bring Pengy next time. And, Maxwell promised to sleep earlier, so we can get a head start during the day.



inb4 gravitation potion
... Interesting idea. `:naughty:

I would think that it was crimtane ore
But it's not in a crimson biome, so you can scratch those blood heart things off the list
*cough cough* life heart *cough cough*

EDIT: Or rubies, but that's so anticlimactic, really.
Ahem. May I have your attention please...

(...)Then it hit a rare vein of Ruby, and that light, in the very bottom, shone a red (...)
It is stated in the chapter `:p
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