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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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Grand Paladin Tyrux

Duke Fishron
I don't get what everyone is spooked about... is it the resting thing?
As Sif kept hollowing out the Dome, Di finished his little tour. He popped down to the dome with Sif, and they started talkin. For some reason, the Spider-Bud nudged me out of the dome, back into the main tree. Abigail peeked down the staircase, and quickly went to her room, saying something about not wanting to interrupt. Humans are weird.

Aside from the thunking from the Dome from Sif and Di, the night was a quiet one. Everyone made an obvious effort of not looking at the entry to the dome, and didn't go near it either. Is digging that scary?

Just after dawn, Di and Sif came out, slightly out of breath. I looked into the Dome, and they didn't get as much done as I thought. Odd. Either way, they both nodded at the Tree-Dwellers, and Sif pointed to the faint blur of a Goblin Battle Standard in the distance.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 44~

After resting in bed, it was back into the dome for the two of them. Di didn't stay in there for long, and the thumping got quieter once it was just Sif inside. Probably because there is only 1 pickaxe now, instead of 2.

Now that the Spider wasn't keeping me out, I went down to watch Sif dig again. Not very interesting to watch, but I find the sound of the Dirt being scooped away soothing for some reason. Reminds me of the old Warren, from long ago... I wonder how they are doing...

Sif looked a little less neat than usual, but seemed content to just dig away at the Dirt as well. She keeps making plans for the new shelves, but I think she just like the sound of the digging as well.

The night turned into day, Di continued exploring out to the East, and Sif made brief stop in digging to fetch Nathan another fish. Compared to yesterday, it has been much quieter.

Di has popped in to say hi, but is already on the way out to explore again. Not much excitement planned for tomorrow either, from what I hear.


Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
I wonder what Di is short for....
Di isn't short for anything, but it means 501 in Roman numerals. D is also the fourth letter in the alphabet, I is the ninth, and 4+9=13, which is my favorite number, and illuminati has 1 eye and 3 sides.

It might also be short for Diavarus, but naah.


Eye of Cthulhu
Wait a minute, Deruinh didn't post anything yesterday! Good thing that was the day my brother took my laptop for a day, BUT STILL!

Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Wait a minute, Deruinh didn't post anything yesterday! Good thing that was the day my brother took my laptop for a day, BUT STILL!
Well, I think he posted two the day before, one fairly late in the day. At his timezone, though, it would have been the daily schedule still.
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