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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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I'll look forward to it. Also, is Di going to return to the story, or is he/she gone for good?
That is up to @Di , and if you were referring to the actual in-story Di... Not for a while, if at all. We have both been distracted with other things, I'm afraid
The chapters you have been receiving have been written well in advance, to give myself that wiggle-room. Still have a month ready, hehe~

Also, sorry for the lack of comments beyond the chapters themselves, I have had less net access the last 2 weeks. Back now, so more shenanigans cometh!


Teal shall die.

Alert derps. I havent caught up for atleast 3 weeks now. i have 3 weeks worth of writing to read. Huzzah.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 71~

With her pockets bulging with Herbs, Fish and other weird things, Sif went to the mixing Bottle and got to brewing her Potions. It took a while, as she made a lot!

Here is what she labeled the new ones, as she was putting them away: Rage, Endure, Calm, Water Walk, and Wormhole. Those last 2 types she put to the side, so I don't think she will use them as often. Then, it was up to the Herb Garden, to stock back up on what she had used.

After that, we were falling down the Mineshaft again, Buckets in tow. Time to fill that third Basin! I stuck close to Sif, for when we got to the bottom... That place is hoooot...

Turns out, she didn't go all the way down. She just wanted the Lava, so she grabbed some from one of the pools higher up!

Up and down and up and down she went, just like her Yoyo! After the 2nd trip she fetched Nathan a Fish, but other than that it was just fetching more Lava. It took ages, but Sif did not seem to mind. She has been in quite the renovating mood it seems!

It is getting late, and the Lava Basin is almost full. Sif decided to try and go all the way down this time, and grab some Hellstone, to stock up. I wonder what she has planned for tomorrow~?



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 72~

The moving of the lava is done! All three Basins are now full, and Sif poured the extra Lava onto the Pond to make Obsidian.

Then, she went to Abibe, and bought this weird machine. Sif used it to make some Green Flasks, and Red Flasks, which she put away. Apparently she can pour them on her Yoyo, for neat effects~

Next on the agenda was getting more Hellstone, because those Red Flasks took a lot of what she had left. I stuck close, not wanting to fall into any Lava!

She did not do a very good job though, and had to BAM back before the end of the night. She sighed, but seemed happy with the amount of Hellstone she got, going back down the Mineshaft to look for something else.

Whether she was looking for him or not, she found another Skeleton Merchant. I can't tell if it was the same one or not, he seemed familiar... But the name sounded different... Maybe he was messing with us. Sif didn't want anything he had on him, so continued on past, through the Marble and Granite caves before.

She stopped before reaching the Ice caves though, and dug downwards. I could hear skittering... And so could Sif. She readied her Yoyo, before breaking through the last layer of Marble.

SUDDENLY SPIDERS ON YO FACE! Sif was prepared, but I wasn't! I fell off her back, and flailed around as skittery legs went everywhere. Sif held them off easily, so all was good... But eep!

She went inside, and explored the Cobweb-filled cave, Yoyo smacking down Web and Webslinger alike. She put up more Torches than usual, the Webs kept getting in the way, making it darker.

After exploring what looked like all of the cave, Sif heard a muffled groan. She went to a thin crack in the Stone, and chipped through, revealing another part to the Spider Cave.

Inside was another spider (Surprise~), but also a lady! Sif dealt with the Spider first, which only made sense. It had teeth, after all. Then she freed the lady, who introduced herself as Meliyah. Sif sent her to the Home-Tree, promising to visit her for a... Haircut? But you need that to keep warm, and snuggly!

After clearing the rest of that part of the Spider Cave, Sif returned home after opening a sticky Chest. Just as she did, Slime started falling again! Welp. No rest for her today, it seems!

She put stuff away first, then went out West to deal with the Slimes. I stayed inside, and got groomed by Meliyah with a brush.

Feels soooooo much better than a normal ear-rub. I like her!

The Slimes offered no trouble, so I just enjoyed mah brushin' till the Big Guy came. Then I went out to watch~ Sif was much, much better at dodging now, and the Pond was mostly covered, so it went smoothly. Just dodge, whack, whack, dodge, whack, whack.

She came inside and sat down, clutching her Gooey Bag as a prize. She put it away without opening it though, and rested some more.



Everybody's favourite time... Poll change! Now, I need as many votes as I can in the next 2 weeks, so by the 20th. You will one day see why. These votes will change how I write BD!

Now, don't discuss the options here, that will get messy... Instead, take the speculation and other such to the seperate discussion thread, found here, at my new Social Group. You may need to join Oddball Alley to see it.

Have fun, and play nice!
And as always, chapter in a few hours (Not now


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 73~

As if to celebrate her victory over the Noblest of Jigglehs, Sif ran out aaaall the way to the East, past even the Dungeon. She stopped at the Ocean, and quickly fished up another weird thing for Nathan.

That was not all though, no bun-ee. Fish safely pocketed away, it was time to hunt. She stood in the shallows, Yoyo a whirlin' away as she waited for her prey.

In this case, that meant a ton of Pink Jellyfish, and the occasional Shark. I think she was mostly aiming for the Sharks, but she got rid of the Jellyfish as well anyway.

The night was spent mostly just doing that, whackin' down any poor creature to come close to shore. Crabs and Squid even joined in, and fell to the Amazon all the same.

Sif glanced up near dawn, and Mirrored back to Home-Tree to deliver Nathan his prize. Then, of course, the sun rose and it was time for another. Sif was back in mere moments, Fish dangling frantically from her hands. She got a better Line for her Fishing Pole, which she immediately put on.

Morning off to a good start, apparently Sif was in the mood to dig. She set off East again, and would flatten out random bits of hill and lake here and there on the way. As delayed as she was, she still reached the Dungeon with time to spare... And glared at the uneven and rugged Sand Dunes that stretched from it's entrance.

I am now sitting in the Dungeon Hut, watching as Sif digs away at the Sand. She has made some good progress, and I would watch up closer... But that Old Man still really creeps me out. Especially since night is coming...



Eye of Cthulhu
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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 74~

She managed to finish flattening out the Desert in front of the Dungeon before dawn, and set down some Torches to help her see. Then she grinned, and made sure the Mirror was set to the Dungeon Hut... And started going back on foot?


Once she made it back to Home-Tree, it was time to catch little Nathan another Fish. Nothing exciting in return this time. Then it was apparently time to mess around, as Sif had little to do for a bit.

First off, she decided to fulfill her promise to Meliyah, and get that Hair Cut thingy. Weird humans. She handed Sif some pieces of paper with some images on them, and Sif hmmmed and oooohed at some of the things she saw.

Aaaaages later, like, whole years, she finally made her decision. She sat down, and Meliyah helped coil her hair out into a spiral, hanging elegantly down her shoulder.

... Fiiine, it actually looks rather pretty. But humans are still silly!

Still having time left, Sif went out to the Pond, and used a Potion labeled "Crate". She didn't become a Crate, but she did start fishing more of the things up. Potions are weird.

The potion has worn off now, and Sif has taken out a menagerie of Buffs out again. She is waiting up at the Herb Garden again, apparently it will be a full moon.

Still don't know why we walked back, she has that Mirror...



Wait, are you doing expert mode yoyo - only? You must be very pro.
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