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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 83~

Not much else exciting happened in that Tunnel once we got back. She was careful around that weird bit of Lava, and made it all the way down to the Hot Place once again. That done, back to Home-Tree for a bit~

As Maxwell chuckled at me being a very fancy hat for Selene, Sif put stuff away, then went out to grab the customary Fish o' tha day. She giggled a little at my hat impression, as it also started to rain.

Everyone bundled up in their rooms, and Sif went upstairs to the Herb Garden to strip away all the Waterleaf. Turns out it was a Full Moon too, so the Deathweed also got cleaned out as well, she got a lot this time!

Planter Boxes barren, Sif remembered to go check with Tatiana. She had new Boxes for the 2 Herbs Sif just harvested, lucky her! Something about Skele-butt's defeat? Eh, she spent the rest of the night, and most of the day too, just replacing the Boxes with fancy new ones. And replanting the Seeds, of course~

Next up was another Fish for Nathan, since the sun had done it's rounds, then off to the Jungle once more. I wish there was an easier way back and forth, we travel to the Huts quite a lot...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 84~

Down the far West Tunnel today, and lots of digging for Sif. She is determined to go all the way through those Tunnels, little Miner she is~

Not much else to say, really. She had to put down a Safe temporarily at one point, to pour in some of the stuff she found on the way down, but none of it was new. Just Potions, Metals, Mud and Stone.

She made it to the Hot Place without anything nasty, and Mirrored back to the Hut to pour more stuff in before starting the mid West Tunnel. She accidentally dropped some of her stuff down the Mid Tunnel as she tried to put it in the Piggy Bank though, which was a little embarrassing!

Still diggin' in that Tunnel. Sif's back is comfy~


Nutella Fairy

Skeletron Prime
A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 81~

Guess what we did? More Dungeon lootin'! I was almost tempted to stay back at Home-Tree...

Sif was really eager to be done with it as well. When her pockets and Safe filled up, she only popped back to the Hut to cram some stuff into the Piggy Bank.

Soon after the first time this happened, just after dawn, Sif got a weird blue thingy from one of the Skulls. She called it a Nazar, and seemed very happy she got one. Cool...? She also found another special Chest, this one was Red, like Di's hair almost.

It took 2 more cram-sessions at the Hut before Sif finally ran out of rooms to explore. With a mighty cheer, she mirrored out, and returned to Home-Tree victorious. She barely managed it, there was a lot of stuff!

She shoved what she could in the nearest Chests, before dashing out to grab Nathan a Fish. She is still sorting through her impressive piles of junk, heh.

Nazar farming. I hate it.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 85~

Sif found these pretty Boots in her extending of the mid West Tunnel. They can make Flowers appear! Lots more for me to nibble on, hehe~

Her pockets slowly filled up, and she needed to go grab Nathan his Fish before dawn, so a trip to Home-Tree interrupted her diggin'. The Fish was caught easily, and then the sun rose, calling for another. Boom, happy little Nathan!

Just as Sif made it back to the Jungle Hut, a Traveler appeared at Home-Tree. Sif hesitated, then went back to see what he had. Nothin'. She was grumbling up a storm on the second trip, hah!

Back to diggin' the mid West Tunnel again. Tum-tee-tum.



Three more days, and things will change... And how they change, is up to you guys~

More info in the SG, as usual.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 86~

She got BAMed by those burny-Bats just as she popped out in the Hot Place again. She shrugged, apparently she had done what she wanted, so all was good.

She only had the Mid Tunnel left, and that was unexciting. Done quick, it was still early in the day when she made it to the Jungle Hut, Tunnel done. She also popped over to where she got BAMed before, to grab what was left behind.

Apparently that called for a trip to Home-Tree, and a Fish for Nathan. I only got to boop Ahinadab's nose though, before we were off to the Jungle once again!

See, Sif still felt like digging, and there was only one Tunnel East of the Hut, but 2 to the West. To fix this, she hopped in to the Crater where a Meteorite had hit, and started an all-new Tunnel!

Digaholic, hehe.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 87~

A brief detour to connect the Horizontal Tunnel to the new Crater Tunnel, and it was back to business as usual. Looooots of diggin'.

We did find something new though... A big ol' Temple! Sif dug around it, apparently the Bricks are too tough for her yet. She found a tunnel inside, and had a little peek, scooping up some Traps before getting blocked by a Door. Awww, and I was curious too~

The weirdest part was when we got outside. Sif ran into some Leezurd men! They looked a bit like Abibe, but were much less friendly. Ripped right through Sif's Molten Armor, BAMing her back for a moment. Eep! No going in there again!

Slightly dazed, Sif has just finished resting up, and is back in the Tunnel again. No more Leezurd for her, I hope... I might have to run away!



Important announcement... I need that tie broken in the poll! You guys have 24 hours, then I have to decide to do Option 3 or not!

Once the time is up, if Option 3 is still tied with something else... I will have to decide for you~


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 88~

It was much more peaceful outside the Temple, thankfully. Sif only dug around it, and did not go back inside again.

It took longer than expected for Sif to finish her lap around the Temple, that thing is HUGE! She also had tons of stuff from doing that, so it was back to Home-Tree for us.

Sorting of stuff, a Fish for Nathan, a quick (Unsuccessful) attempt with Dalek again as the sun rose, another Fish for Nathan, and a short break to sit down for Sif.

For me? A lengthy brushin' from Meliyah. Hnnnnnnggh~

Sif went back to the Jungle for a bit, mined out some Lead. Then she got bored, and came back... And noticed she had a giant pile of the stuff. She had been mining every nugget she saw, and it paid off!

This seemed to mean it was time to use it all. She finally repaired that beat up Minecart, it looks so much better now! She also made toooons of Minecart Track too, I have no idea what for.

Next was the Buckets. Apparently, 50 isn't enough for ol' Sif. No, she used every last remaining scrap of Lead to bring the total up to 97. When she ran out juuuust short of 99, I could see her eye twitch a little... Ooookay.

A short pop out to the fields and caves East of Home-Tree, and the Lead issue was solved. 99 Buckets now, woo? She also tried Dalek's reforging skills again. No luck.



It is decided! Option 3 is not to occur. Seeing as it will be impossible to go back and change that, Option 3 will be a fake vote, and will not be counted.

For the remaining 4 options, I have decided on a permanent deadline. You have a while... But make sure you decide by then!


A horrible day for Nightmares: Day 88.5...

... I am currently sniffling against Maxwell's chest.

As Sif was arguing with Dalek, I... Nodded off. And I had a dream. A terrible dream.

Everything seemed normal, at first. Sif packed up some Buffs, and pulled one of those Maxwell Dolls out of the Dome. And then we were off down the Mineshaft, nothing weird there.

A hearty jaunt across the Hot Place we went, all the way to the Eastern Edge. We hadn't gone that far before, so it was kinda new. She rested up, and stood next to the big pile of Lava that was the Edge.

And then she threw the Doll in.

Now, I felt that was pretty wasteful. I mean, she could have given it to me, if she didn't want it. And then... My chest twinged a little. I felt... Sad, for some reason. And then there was the scream.

I looked up, clinging to Sif's back, and saw *it*. From floor to ceiling it rose, pushing it's way closer. Now, looks-wise, it wasn't that much freakier than the Eye, the Brain, or Skele-butt.

It was how it felt.

In the instant I looked at it, I remembered back to the morning Maxwell came out of the Ice Cave, after the night of the Twin Blood Moons. It fealt like that, except... Worse. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run. But I couldn't move. There was just me, and *it*, with Sif between us.

I swear I could see it crying...

After that frozen moment, Sif charged forward. She smashed her Yoyo into the tiny mouths that Hungrilly snapped at her. And they bit and snarled right back.

It was only a few moments of frantic Yoyo-ing, and jumps back and forth, before BAM, back at Home-Tree. She chugged a Potion, and was right back down again.

Bashing. Clawing. Biting. And the Horror. BAM.


BAM. And then *it* had made it past the Shaft, and Sif ran to catch up. A giant... Tongue, I suppose, latched onto Sif, and crushed her as it pulled her into it's mouth...

And then I woke up, sobbing and shaking, as Maxwell rushed over.

Seconds had passed, and it was all a dream. And for some reason, I felt very, very happy to see Maxwell again.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 89~

Sif seemed a little dazed for a moment, which gave me time to recover from my Nightmare. She shook it off, and helped Maxwell soothe me... I calmed down quickly, once I nibbled on the Carrot.

Drama over, Sif decided to try something new: She went to the Desert, and went in to those Antlion Caves she had ignored so far. Interesting~ The new sights helped me take my mind off what I saw, which was good. Good...

Sif specifically hunted around in these Caves for a special type of stuff, Sif called them Sturdy Fossils. Whenever she saw some, she beelined for it, and dug out every scrap!

Darting too and fro, Sif explored these cool Caves with a newfound determination, breaking down walls and bashing away Antlions to get to her Fossils.

Once she had a quite ridiculous amount, it was time to head back, just as the sun was about to set. She spent almost an entire day in there!

A moment to grab Nathan a Fish, and Sif set up this weird machine in the Dome. She called it an Extractinator. It looks cool~

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